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Alfred is a bull and bulls are reliable and dependable. When his best friend Tom wants to bring home a new adorable pet, Alfred realises he may need to change if he wants to stay number one in Tom’s heart. But can bulls be adorable too?AdoraBULL is the hilarious third book by whizz writer Alison Donald and second collaboration with The New LiBEARian illustrator, Alex Willmore. The story is brimming with Alfred’s can-do attitude and the importance to recognising the beauty that lies beneath us all.

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AdoraBULL Book Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Gemma Lewis Evans – Charlie & Connor 4 & 2 Years

Gemma Awarded
The AdoraBull book 5/5

Very good, well-illustrated and a good length story perfect for bedtimes.
Good for a soft back book. The quality feels good and it feels like it
will withstand wear.My 4 year old loves stories about animals he was
super excited to read it at bedtime when we opened the package. He thought the
title was clever and funny.We thought the book was well illustrated and
had lots of detail for little ones to look at and I thought as a parent it was
fab to ask them questions and for them to explain what they thought was
happening in the picture. We also thought that the pictures were done well and
they were cute looking animals. They
both loved this as a bedtime story and it was asked for again which means that
they thought it was interesting. It was also a good length for bedtimes not too
long but then long enough for them to settle down.My little boy thought
it was a great story and loved to see all the different animals that Tom was
taking home and he loved Alfred.we have a bedtime story
every night and I can tell straight away if it has caught my little boy’s
attention as he will ask questions and he likes to look at the pictures and guess
what’s going on if he doesn’t like a book and loses interest he tends to get
very distracted and says that it’s not good. I thought the story was really good and it teaches children that they
don’t have to change the way they are to be loved and that everyone has
different qualities and no matter what they will be loved for it. It also
engaged my little boy as he felt sad for Alfred and then happy when he realised
that Tom still loved him. I would definitely
buy more books by this author. We have
already been online to look at other titles and we have added some to our
birthday list which is in July (the new liBEARian and the pirates in classroom). Good quality for a soft back we usually
buy hard back books so if I was to have purchased it myself and it was
available I would have gone for the hard back however it seems a good hard
wearing book.The price is good and seems to match other items in the same
category. I would definitely purchase this product at this price. I liked that it engaged my little boy and he
had plenty of questions and it engaged his emotions. I would
buy this book as it is fantastic and well-illustrated. My little boy told his
cousin about it and we lent it to them for a night we often exchange books. Excellent
book that is well illustrated and has a fantastic story that gets children
interacting with you and asking questions. It also teaches them to not forget
about someone and that no matter what everyone is loved for different
things. Gemma Lewis Evans – Charlie & Connor 4 & 2 Years

Tested By
Nikki Fear – Cody & Brook 6 & 3 Years

Nikki Awarded
The AdoraBull Book 5/5

Lovely big book, clear writing and nice picture on front page. Nice and big pictures and writing, not too many pages init. They
both love books so when they saw it they couldn’t wait for bed time to read it,
Cody even read it to himself afterwards. We thought they were lovely big, clear and colourful, a few even
made the kids laugh. They enjoyed this
book and had to read over again over a couple of day to my youngest and Cody
enjoyed reading this himself. When they finished they book they
thought it was sweet that the boy thought about his friend. This was a stimulating book for both of
them. They loved it and it had to be re-read over days and I feel it made them
think about being kind as well. Myself
and the kids found this book really good, easy to read and lovely to look at. We would certainly look to buy more books by
this author. Good quality book. I think
this is good value for money but I feel others may say the price may be a bit
high. I loved the picture and story line as it made
the kids laugh but also made them think about others. I would buy this as we
loved this book and feel others may like to read it as well. I would recommend
if they have children in the same age group. Kids
said it’s one of the best books they have read. Lovely big colourful fun book to read, a bedtime read together that was
not just fun but made us think about others as well. Nikki Fear
– Cody & Brook 6 & 3 Years

Tested By
Alice Hall

Alice Awarded
The AdoraBull Book 4/5

Good quality,
nice sized book for younger children. It was obvious from the title and
illustrations what the book was going to be about. The quality of the paper was really nice.It’s one of those books
that you really want to take good care of.My children have so many
books I don’t really think it inspired them to want to look at the book.
Although I think perhaps, if this was given as a present or special occasion
they may have been more inquisitive about it. The illustrations were good but I don’t think my children were blow away, comparing this to other books they have recently read. They did enjoy the book, however as I’ve said
above, compared to other books they haven’t really asked for me to read the
book again unless I suggest. I think it was a clever story line and easy to
follow for young ones which is important. My children love animals, so I’d say
yes stimulating book for that reason. But again, they haven’t gone back to the
book since. I’d definitely buy this for other children. I’d also be interested
in buying other books from this author. The illustrations were well thought out
and the quality of the paper. Probably
on the High side especially when some stores offer similar books which are
included in offers. But I would buy for a gift. The title is catchy and easy to remember. The
illustrations also stood out for me. It would make a nice gift. I would
recommend for pre-school children. A nice addition to our book collection.
Although the children weren’t blown away, I feel they will go back to it and
probably enjoy it more the second time. Good quality and nice length. Alice

Excellent book that is well illustrated and has a fantastic story that gets children interacting with you and asking questions. It also teaches them to not forget about someone and that no matter what everyone is loved for different things.


Gemma Awarded The AdoraBull book 5/5

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