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Adult Snuggle Sac

Looking for a Longer length sleeping bag?
These adult size Snuggle Sacs are just as cosy as the smaller sizes, just as practical and just as wonderful. It is simply they now fit up to 6ft 5! We added them to the range as so many of our original customers from 1999 were growing taller and taller, and could see the benefit of using these for University, Glamping, Sleepovers or just cosying in front of the TV!What are they made of?
As with all the smaller Snuggle Sacs, these are made with soft 100% cotton linings, have a polyester wadding and then a really cosy coral fleece outer. So, they are much more like sleeping in conventional bedding than a standard sleeping bag.How can l clean it?
Just turn the Snuggle Sac inside out and chuck it in a washing machine – it really is as simple as that! The 100% cotton lining will take a bit longer to dry than the outside but you can put the whole thing in a tumble dryer at low temp too.Where can l use it?
Why not be the perfect house guest and take your own bedding when you go to stay with friends. They will be delighted not to have to wash the sheets! Plus you will be super cosy sleeping in something which is yours! Did we mention, you can also pop your own pillow into the space at the top.This isn’t all – why not use them at home on the sofa, in a holiday home, in a caravan, on a boat, in a motor home, at University, on a long coach journey…. really the list is endless!

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2018 Adult Bedding Category
£60.00 Available to buy online

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Adult Snuggle Sac Reviews

Product Tested By Laura Corrigan

Laura Awarded The Adult Snuggle Sac 5/5

Absolutely love it. It’s amazing. Hasn’t been left alone since arrived. Love the fact it comes in own carry case which is perfect. I have clipped it onto the pushchair to take to a friend’s, and then become a play mat. Really easy to follow instructions and loads of information I never would have thought of. It’s perfect for babies to adults. Loads of uses. Best thing I could of asked for. My little girl took it for a sleep over an already all my friends, family want one. This has so many uses and would definitely be something I would take on holiday. A friend has already asked to borrow it for camping as saves space in the car instead of pillows, blankets, sleeping bags. It has been used 24/7. I have to wait till kids are in bed to steal it. I have fell asleep on the sofa a lot since having this Snuggle Sac. So easy to use. Lay flat to play, pop a pillow & zip to get cosy. Simple as that. It has the WOW factor. It’s just so soft & warm. Space to wriggle as well as feeling wrapped up.It certainly keeps you warm as so comfy.The quality of the material used is beautiful, reversible, fluffy or soft. When getting ready to wash I did panic it would go funny. But pop in the machine and hang to dry.My little ones used this, niece, nephew, and friends. They all want one. Some tried to steal mine. Mainly used this at home and on play dates. Quality and design is brilliant just love it and gender neutral. So much better than a throw or sleeping bag. Would gladly buy another. I loved literally everything. There is nothing to fault at all. Most definitely a Yes will be purchasing as perfect for everyone and has loads of uses. Have already recommended to loads of people. Loved the product design, comfort, multi use, great for all ages, space saving, ease for travel. This product has become an everyday use in the house. From play mat for the babies, den for my daughter. Sleep over accessory. Camping in style and a cosy film and wine night on the sofa. Laura Corrigan

Product Tested By Gillian Trickett

Gillian Awarded The Adult Snuggle Sac 4.2/5

Looked lovely in a nice strong bag. This comes with a lovely quality bag for taking this with you when going away or storing. Instructions not really required but do have lots of information on multi uses for this snuggle sac. Great idea however plenty of similar products on the market for less money. This is a great idea as it’s a lot of work changing bedding all the time especially if it’s only to be used for one night so this is ideal to use on bed at home or take with you. Also it’s nice to use your own. Perhaps if I was going away somewhere in winter I would take it to snuggle in on the sofa but not really thick enough to sleep in unless its summer. This could be good though for places you get charged extra for using their bedding. If it’s going to be warm then yes but I do not think it is warm enough to use on its own when camping, even in summer it can drop cold on a night. We have thick sleeping bags we would use instead but I plan on taking this as an extra blanket or just to snuggle in. My kids think it is brilliant for snuggling in front of the television. Simple design and functional, I like that you can place your pillow inside the top to keep it in place. Lovely materials, feels soft & looks great. Keeps warm in the house, not sure how warm it would keep you when used outdoors especially at this time of year.~Quality of material used is very good and lovely attractive designs which are also soft and cosy. Not tried to wash yet but small enough to go in the machine. My kids used it and loved it and I think it will stay in the living room for the winter. We mainly used this in the living room on the sofa. Quality and design is brilliant. Lovely design and storage bag. However our higher tog sleeping bags were quite a bit cheaper and are warmer. I really loved the lovely patter and the fact it is just so cosy. I would not consider buying one as we already have lost of sleeping bags. I would recommend if they needed something for going places that regularly charge for use of their bedding, providing they don’t need thicker sheets. Lovely product but a bit overpriced at £60. Lovely cosy design that looks nice in your home. Needs to be thicker if going to be used for camping throughout Spring & Summer. Gillian Trickett

Product Tested By Lucy Hilton

Lucy Awarded The Adult Snuggle Sac 5/5

I was very excited! As soon as it arrived, I opened it and got straight in to it. “It’s huge” I thought. It so comfy and the right amount of movement. Instructions easy to follow and helped a lot. I think it was really good purposes, especially if children go for sleepovers. It’s less hassle and easy to travel with. I don’t really think this is a good idea to take on holiday, if you were going to a hotel or stay at a villa. But if you were to go backpacking, this would be genius! And so easy and light to travel with. I totally agree this would be ideal to take with you to festivals or on long coach journeys. It would be perfect! I would definitely do this! I use the snuggle sac all the time watching TV and having a nap in on the sofa. I love it. I would say it’s easy to use but the packaging wasn’t the best. The zip is very weak to hold an item so big. I feel very comfortable and relaxed, when I’m in the snuggle sac. It is very warm. And it was just the correct temperature to sleep in. I only wore my pjs and it felt like I was in my bed. I thought the inside of the snuggle sac was very warm and soft. But the outside of the snuggle felt very cheap for the price it is marketed at! It is easy enough to clean bit it was a bit big for my washing machine. My partner uses it all the time, and really enjoys using the snuggle sac. I use my snuggle sac mostly on the sofa to watch films and relax at night time before I go to sleep. I get my use out of it for the price of the sac. I love the design, and colour of my snuggle sac. I have the grey with white stars adult size. It also goes with my front room, grey. The price of the snuggle sac is a little overpriced. But I would 100 percent get the children’s one for one my little girl, when she is a little older. I love that it makes me feel relaxed! And that I’m in my own duvet! Also that it’s very easy to travel with and light to travel with. I would buy the children’s for my daughter for when she is older. I think it’s great for sleepovers with family or friends.I would recommend to friends and family with children to have a snuggle sac. As I stated above its fab for sleepovers. The Snuggle sac overall is a great product, its offers multiple ways to use the snuggle sac. Such as; relaxing on the sofa, going to stay over at family or friends, great for children would want to have sleepovers. Also light to travel with, lastly very clever to take camping or festivals. The price is a little overpriced, but I would buy it. Very happy with the product!! Lucy Hilton

Have already recommended to loads of people. Loved the product design, comfort, multi use, great for all ages, space saving, ease for travel.


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