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Advanced Comfort™ Baby Bottle

Colic in infants may be caused by a combination of influences including ingesting air during feeding. The new advanced comfort™ range from Closer to Nature is specially designed to help reduce air bubbles in the milk and to encourage a good latch-on to help reduce the risk of baby ingesting air during feeding. The air vents down through the tube and into the air-space at the base of the bottle, completely bypassing the milk.

Sizes: Available in 150ml and 260ml sizesPackaging: 150ml available in packs of 2, 260ml available in packs of 2 and 4Compatibility: Compatible with all Closer to Nature advanced comfort™ teats

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£13.29 Twin Pack Available Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Sainbsurys, Boots or click online to find local stockist

Advanced Comfort™ Baby Bottle Reviews

Product Tested by: Angel Bailey – Lilly 5 Months

Tested By
Angel Bailey – Lilly 5 Months

Awarded The Tommee Tippee Advanced
Comfort Bottles 4.7/5

like the purple colouring. The instructions where easy to understand however
whilst checking the valve (as instructed) I found that only one of my bottles
had a slit to allow the air though the second one is faulty. All the
relevant information is easy to spot on the box, makes for easy shopping. The
only improvement I think that could be made to the packaging is a list of colic
symptoms. For me personally if I was to purchase this product then the
option of buying 6bottles works as this is the amount my Tommee Tippee
steriliser holds. I liked this bottle,
it is easy to hold, cleaned up easily, markings haven’t scratched off, and milk
flows easily. Very good quality.
The measuring gauge is really easy to read. This is comfortable to use and I am used to Tommee
Tippee bottles and they are my favourite anyway. I was sent 2 additional
teats for an older age this benefited my 5month old girl as the teats in the
original pack was only 0+. I like that
it is easy to twist the bottle open even with the cap on. Saves time and dirt
from going on the teat while I’m making the feed up. I cannot do this
with my current bottles as there isn’t anything to grip. Easy to clean,
but is a little fiddly with the brush but fine as long as rinsed straight away.
This bottle never leaked at home or when
travelling. This is good value for money
in comparison with normal Tommee Tippee bottles without the anti-colic. I
will continue to use these bottles. However
I am lucky that’s my daughter doesn’t suffer from colic. I don’t really have
any complaints therefore if I feel it will benefit their child then I would
recommend. In fact I did already to my brother as he has a newborn girl. Durable and easy to use. Angel Bailey – Lilly 5 Months

Product Tested By Samantha Fenn –
Korey 7 Months

Samantha Awarded The Tommee Tippee
Advanced Comfort Bottles 4/5

quality, looks like there could be lots of fiddling to do when assembling,
usual nice looking Tommee Tippee Standard.
Packaging good and lots of information on the packaging and you can see
exactly what you are getting. I think if
you had a colicky baby you would definitely be wanting more than two of these
bottles. Considering how often a baby feeds. But a two pack is a good starting
point for those wanting to try them. The
quality of these bottles is very good, very well made. Measuring gauge easy to read as clearly
marked in both ml and Oz’s. Nice wide neck means that the likely hood of
spilling whilst making up the bottle is reduced. Shape of the bottles fits into the hand
perfectly. These are anti-colic bottles
with an insert inside the bottle. As I don’t have a colicky baby I can’t say
whether this is useful or not. For me it meant that my baby found it more
difficult to suck the milk out of the teat as the teat collapsed in on itself
when he was sucking more vigorously during his main hungry parts of the day. Lots
of bits to put together but not overly difficult to put together, however my
grandma could put the extra pieces together.
The pipe inside the bottle isn’t the easiest of things to clean but you
do receive a very small brush to fit inside it. It just means you have to pay
extra attention to ensure any milk residue has been removed. The first time we
used it we didn’t attach the round plastic insert properly which did result in
a small leak. As I don’t have a colicky
baby I can’t say whether or not these bottles are worth the extra money to
relieve that but for me £13.29 is expensive for two bottles considering I paid
£9.99 for 6 ordinary bottles. Also you can’t use the bottle without the
anti-colic insert which is a shame. I
will continue to use these as a backup bottle.
If I knew a parent who had a baby suffering from colic I would recommend
it as something to try and relieve it because the quality of the bottle is very
good. A good quality bottle which is
easy to use and fairly user friendly.Samantha Fenn – Korey 7 Months

Tested By
Lauren Bowler – Angelique 6 Months

Awarded The Tommee Tippee Advanced Comfort Bottles 4.6/5

good quality when arrived and I am a fan of Tommee Tippee. The packaging has all the information you
need and shows item clearly.
Instructions were clear and precise. I would normally purchase 4 or 8
bottles as I use so many during the day and prepare them for night feed
too. However, it was good to try these
as a twin pack to see how they worked. This
bottle is really comfortable to hold.
The quality is very good and they will last. It was very easy to read the measuring gauge. Also worked really well for Angelique and she
was a little colicky so this really helped her.
I found this fairly easy to clean but the pipe inside the bottle was a
little tricky. Easy to put together and
take apart when you needed to clean. We
used these bottles a lot as they eased the colic symptoms. We used these when out travelling and they
never leaked. I would say these are good
value for money and if you have a baby suffering from colic then definitely a
good investment. I will continue to use
these bottles and have already recommended.
A really good quality bottle, easy to hold and use and helps with colic symptoms. Lauren Bowler – Angelique 6 Months

These bottles are durable and easy to use. 


Angel Awarded The Tommee Tippee Advanced Comfort Bottles 4.7/5

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