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Adventure Box Magazine

68 pages to enjoy every month! AGES 6-9
An exciting 44-page illustrated story, divided into manageable chapters for newly independent readers. Action, suspense, drama, adventure, humour: children will discover different genres and develop their literary taste. Colourful illustrations on every page engage kids’ interest and ensure they will enjoy the challenge of reading on their own.NatureBox with great photographs and fascinating scientific information help children discover the natural world.Puzzles and games stimulate children’s literacy, observation and reasoning skills in a fun way.A hilarious comic-strip with funny and mischievous characters will take readers on all sorts of escapades.

In each CD, talented British actors bring AdventureBox’s exciting stories and characters to life! The audio recordings will gently accompany your child as s/he becomes an independent reader. Comprehension and pronunciation are made easier for children as they develop their reading skills at their own pace

Ideal for Children 6-9 Years – Monthly Publication

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Winner Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2011/12,  Winner Bizziebaby Gold Award 2013/14 and Winner Bizziebaby Gold Award 2014/15


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Adventure Box Magazine Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Zoe Bagott – Abigail 9 Years

Awarded The Adventure Box Magazine 5/5

It’s a nice pocket size and has plenty pages
so it gives value for money. Quality is a lot better than a normal magazine. This looked very inviting and Abigail wanted
to read it straight away. I like the
fact it does not have adverts in the magazine. Most magazines these days are
half filled with adverts so you don’t get value for money. My daughter enjoyed reading this
magazine. The stories and activities in
this magazine are a good combination which the children enjoyed. My daughter loves reading books and
magazines. She loved the stories
best. This is a high quality well-presented
and interactive magazine for children. Others
have adverts and are thin and flimsy so they rip and get damaged more than
this. This is just great as it is. This
magazine offers a nice variety for children.
I wouldn’t buy every issue as I don’t now but I would buy it if they
wanted that magazine. I would consider monthly subscription but I have 3
children so the cost would put me off. I
would certainly recommend this magazine. It’s a nice compact size and different
things to do in it. Ideal to put in a bag and take away i.e. on a plane on
holiday. Zoe
Bagott – Abigail 9 Years

Product Tested By Anita
Smith – Ariel 8 Years

Anita Awarded The Adventure Box Magazine 5/5

Looked good quality and front
cover appealing. High quality
paper. Quality is superior to many other
magazines. The cover was appealing and
Ariel wanted to read it when it arrived.
I like to see a children’s magazine with no adverts as so many other
magazines are full of them and many not relevant. My daughter enjoyed reading this
magazine. She enjoyed the stories,
competitions and activities. The stories
are well written and fun and we both enjoyed the activities. This is stimulating as full of good stories,
activities and interesting facts. My
daughter liked the stories and the activities best of all. This is a high quality magazine compared to
others we have purchased in the past.
This is a great magazine just as it is.
A really good magazine that offers value for money. I will be purchasing this again and will look
into the subscription too as you get so much in this magazine. I have already recommended. A great magazine full of stories,
competitions, facts and much more and keeps children entertained. Anita
Smith – Ariel 8 Years

Product Tested
Elaine Hamberton – Douglas 8 Years

Elaine Awarded The Adventure Box Magazine 4.6/5

Looked a good magazine and caught Douglas’s attention and he wanted to
see what was inside. This is made of
high quality paper, feels strong and durable and well presented. I like the fact this magazine has no ads as
more room for things for my son to read and do.
My son really did enjoy reading this magazine. He enjoyed the stories and activities and
everything about this magazine is stimulating for any child. He loved the stories best of all as he loves
to read books. Compared to other
magazines this is much higher quality. I
do think this is slightly expensive for a magazine but these are the sort of
magazines you can keep and go back to. I
have a large family so the monthly subscription would be too costly for
us. But I would purchase every so often
as was a great magazine and my son enjoyed reading it. I would highly recommend as an entertaining,
fun packed magazine which kept my son’s interest. A highly enjoyable magazine which we will be
purchasing again in the future. Elaine
Hamberton – Douglas 8 Years


I would certainly recommend this magazine. It’s a nice compact size and different things to do in it. Ideal to put in a bag and take away i.e. on a plane on holiday. 


Zoe Awarded The Adventure Box Magazine 5/5

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