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Aeroplane Spoons

Every mum knows that sometimes, getting their baby to eat up can be a challenge. By introducing an element of fun and interaction babies learn that new foods and full tummies not only make them happy but make mummy happy too. So zoom in with the aeroplane spoon, swoop down on the broccoli and head in for the perfect landing.

Shallow tip so food easy to ‘take off’ – First Class fun – Great for In flight feeding

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Aeroplane Spoons Reviews

Product Tested by: Liam Weir – Samuel 8 Months

Product Tested By Liam Weir – Samuel 8 Months

Liam Awarded The Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Spoons 4.2/5

A cute addition to mealtimes.  Excellent packaging and a good quality novelty spoon.  I found the size of this spoon slightly big and bulky – better suited to 1yr plus.  Liked the shape of the spoon as it was fun shape ideal for a boy.  Good that they come in packs of 2 as always loosing spoons.  I liked this spoon but more of a novelty and would not purchase any other shaped spoons.  This is good value for money. I would recommend for older babies.   It was a fun addition to mealtimes. The only negative is that it’s an awkward shape for the dishwasher.  Liam Weir – Samuel 8 Months

Product Tested By Victoria Ricketts – Leo 8 Months

Victoria Awarded The Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Spoons 3/5

Looked fun and appealing.  Very strong packaging as difficult to open the packet.  The plastic is stiff and inflexible and the spoon dyes with certain food types.  The spoon was a good size and ideal for Leo.  Fun shape BUT quite pointy so for an 8 month old that likes to grab, not the best.  The aeroplane shape has a novelty factor but I think my 8 month old has as much fun when I make the noise with a normal spoon, that is more flexible and soft, something he much prefers.  Pack supplied is a set of 2 spoons which is good.  These are fun to look at but not functional as weaning spoons.  Personally I do not think these are value for money as know they will end up at the back of the cutlery draw.  Not ideal as a weaning tool which is surely what it has been designed for, it should be aimed at older children.  It’s a novelty item, not a good spoon.  I thought it looked fun and helpful in encouraging my little one to eat but I soon realised the spoons were poorly made out of stiff plastic, not ideal for baby weaning at all, we much prefer softer rubbery tipped spoons. The design was lost on my 8 month old who enjoys my aeroplane noises much more when accompanied by softer baby friendly spoons. They also dyed very quickly when dealing with tomato/carrot based foods, a general issue I find with the Tommee Tippee spoons but have not found with others. Victoria Ricketts – Leo 8 Months

Product Tested By Anna White – Tommy 9 Months

Anna Awarded the Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Spoons 4/5

Looked a fun item and loved the Aeroplane shape.  Packaging eye catching and would stand out in the shops.  The size of this spoon was good for our needs. The shape is more of a novelty and although Tommy had fun using this spoon, it is really a novelty item. I want my son to get used to using cutlery in the correct way and prefer to make fun noises to get him to feed.  These are good quality spoons, sturdy and will last but they are really a novelty. Good to have around, but I would prefer to stick to normal spoons and forks when feeding.  If you have a baby who really is having difficulty feeding these might help, but really not for us.  Nice packaging, good quality, durable but really just a novelty and will not be used all the time.  They are good value for money as you do get 2 in a pack.  Just not for us, but might be ideal for others.  Anna White – Tommy 9 Months

It was a fun addition to mealtimes.    


Liam Awarded The Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Spoons 4.2/5 

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