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Ahava Mens Mineral Shower Gel

This moisturizing shower gel will help to hydrate and tone your body.

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£13 for 200ml available to purchase online

Ahava Mens Mineral Shower Gel Reviews

Product Tested by: Jon Moate

Product Tested By Jon Moate

Jon Awarded The Ahava Mens Mineral Shower Gel 4.8/5

Looks like an expensive shower gel. This certainly cleaned my skin well. Very easy to use and dispense quantity required. Shower gel easy to apply and lathered well. Certainly left my skin feeling good. Liked the smell and was not too over powering. A classic look shower gel and good quality. This is a bit too large to take on your travels, if have in small travel size would be ideal. It is a very high quality product but feel too pricey for what it is. I like it, good quality, feels and smells nice. Price just needs to come down a bit. This is a really good shower gel for men. Jon Moate


Product Tested By James Rowley-Hill

James AwardedThe Ahava Mens Mineral Shower Gel 4.6/5

Loved the smell of this shower gel and it lathered up really well. It was a really effective cleaner. I am a car mechanic and get pretty oily and it had no problem removing the oil and getting me clean. The squeezy tube allowed you to dispense just the right amount. It was not too thick or too runny so was very easy to apply. My skin felt very soft after use and it didn’t dry my skin out at all. I thought the fragrance was really nice.  It didn’t have an over powering smell but was strong enough to linger after having a shower. The design of the bottle wa spretty non-descript but it was easy to use and dispense the shower gel. Good to take on holiday providing you didn’t take it in your hand luggage on a flight as you are only allowed 100ml! It is a far more expensive shower gel than I would normally buy and although it was a very nice gel I didn’t feel it really offered much more than my usual shower gel. I like shower gels which you can hang in the shower as water can collect in the bottom of the bottle of this gel. I would recommend this as a luxury product not as an everyday shower gel. Nice to receive as a present. Loved this shower gel but felt that it was quite expensive for what it was. A lovely luxury shower gel which would make a great present. James Rowley-Hill


Product Tested By Mr. Dey

Mr. Dey Awarded The Ahava Mens Mineral Shower Gel 3.9/5

Product looked impressive; packaging gives the impression of a very high value product. Nice clean feeling and smell after usage. Easy squeeze tube allows quick application, though would suggest they attach a hook or suction pad for easy placement in the shower. No difficulty in applying the product, neither too thick nor runny. After use this did leave my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Aroma is mild and refreshing, though I personally prefer the stronger fragranced brands. Design was standard yet effective, perhaps a shower hook for ease of access. Good size and shape to take travelling. Very pricey for a shower gel, especially as it’s not unique. Shower gels are used in the shower so why not have a hook or suction pad to help fix it to a user friendly height.  A pleasant experience and would continue to use though a little out of the everyday price range. Mr. Dey


This is a really good shower gel for men. 


Jon Awarded The Ahava Mens Mineral Shower Gel 4.8/5  

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