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Ahava Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF 50

Protect your skin from the damages of the sun with this quality blend of highly effective sunscreens, Dead Sea minerals, essential vitamins and moisturizing agents, all proven to be efficient in fighting premature aging. The product provides regulatory UVA and UVB protection, complies with FDA, EC and Australian standards. Contains AHAVA Mineral Skin Osmoter™ – A unique mineral blend proven to reduce the damage of sun radiation and slow down skin aging. It also increases the skin’s natural moisture.


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Ahava Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF 50 Reviews

Product Tested By Gail Town – Lucas 3 Years

Gail Awarded the Ahava’s Mineral Sun Care SPF50 4.1/5

A very nice product but I can’t help feeling it is too expensive for me to buy separately as I only have one income due to my sons disability. I loved how easy the sun lotion was to apply to the skin; it also soaked in really well also leaving my skin very soft. From what I can see from testing the product the high protection factor would definitely help in preventing skin damage but the lotion is only tested in the UK so I am not sure if it will provide the same protection abroad. I loved the design of the bottle and found it really easy to use. Generally speaking, I do think the product offers value for money. But for me independently with only one income, it doesn’t. I will definitely continue to use the sun cream throughout the British summer weather! Would also recommend to friends and relatives as it is a great product. Gail Town – Lucas 3 Years

Product Tested By Abigail Sawkins – Amelia & Eloise 2 & 4 Years

Abigail Awarded Ahava’s Mineral Sun Care SPF50 4/5

At first I was unsure on my thoughts of the product because I was unfamiliar with the brand and the idea of mineral sun cream. The lotion was really easy to apply to the skin and it absorbed very well, much better than my usual brand. The lotion also left my skin feeling very soft and it did not cause any reaction on my daughters, both of them have eczema. Some high street brands of sun care have caused them irritation in the past. Whilst testing this product we did not have really hot days or trips to the beach etc where water resistance could be tested, but me and my younger child are very fair skinned and when we did use the lotion we were both fine. The lotion was lovely to use and it seems to last for ages! It would take a bit of effort to persuade me to spend this much money on sun cream however. I would possibly consider purchasing it, I was not too keen on the fragrance but I appreciate that adding perfumes etc might not be suitable for the product. I would also recommend for children who have skin problems/reactions to cheaper brands of sun lotion. Overall, I was surprisingly impressed with the product. When I first saw the sun cream I couldn’t imagine it being worth the price tag but it absorbed really well, applied very easily and I felt like it was offering great protection. Although thanks to the UK summer we were unable to test this products efficiency fully. Abigail Sawkins – Amelia & Eloise 2 & 4 Years

Product Tested By Shalini Arrowsmith – Joshua 21 Months

Shalini Awarded The Ahava’s Mineral Suncare SPF 50  4.4/5

Fairly ordinary looking bottle of sun tan lotion. Smells very nice. Sinks into the skin very easily.  Very impressed as this is not my usual experience of sunscreen lotions.  Does leave the skin feeling reasonably soft, but a decent moisturiser would probably do similar job.   Sinks into the skin very easily. Has a light consistency which means it is easily absorbed.  This certainly should help prevent skin damage as it is SPF50! Not waterproof so you do need to make sure that you re-apply when necessary.  Design of the bottle is okay. The shape of it makes it fairly easy to hold. Would probably be easier to use if it had a pump dispenser.  It is quite expensive but I think it is worth the money as it is much easier to apply than many other sun tan lotions so you would be more inclined to use it. It is also paraben free which is a plus.  Will definitely continue to use this.  Really like the fragrance and it is very easy to use.  I would recommend this product as it is a good quality sun tan lotion which is easy to apply and paraben free. However it is quite expensive and the fragrance is quite strong which might not be to everyone’s taste, but I liked it. Good sun tan lotion but could be more moisturising.  Also, the fragrance is quite strong which might not appeal to everyone.  A good quality high SPF sun tan lotion – worth the money if you can stretch to it.  Shalini Arrowsmith – Joshua 21 months

from testing the product the high protection factor would definitely help in preventing skin damage


Gail Awarded the Ahava’s Mineral Sun Care SPF50 4.1/5

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