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Air Hogs: RC Jackal

RC Air Hogs (R) Jackal. 3 channel helicopter with full function 6 way IR control – can fly up, down, left, right, forward and reverse! Ultimate accuracy, even in the smallest spaces. Super stable flyer. Size (L)13cm. 38Mhz frequency.Includes 1 Jackal helicopter, 1 controller/charger and LiPo battery. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). Styles vary. For ages 8 years and over.

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£19.99 Available in all leading Toy Stores and also online

Air Hogs: RC Jackal Reviews

Product Tested by: Stephanie Smith – Jake 10 Years

Product Tested By Stephanie Smith – Jake 10 Years

Stephanie Awarded the Air Hogs: RC Jackal 4.5/5

The RC Jackal is a brightly coloured helicopter with an unusual double-rotor design. It is sturdy and easy to maneuver, making it a fun toy for all the family. The website appears to be aimed at a younger market with lots of interactive elements. There is a good choice of products for all ages and lots of detail and animation to clearly show what each toy does. The website has a filtering system where you can put in the age and gender of your child and it suggests suitable toys. This seems like an excellent feature, however, I brought up the list for a 10 year old and I could not find the Jackal. But all in all, an excellent website. The packaging for the Jackal was sturdy and allowed full-view of the product; we couldn’t wait to get it open and charged up. The Jackal was of a comparable size to other indoor helicopter-type products. I wouldn’t want a larger toy to be flown indoors. The double-rotor attracted attention straight away and we were all eager to see what difference it would make in the handling of this over other models which Jake has. Excellent entertainment value, the whole family had a go. It flies much better than other similar toys that we have tried and it held Jake’s attention for much longer. The Jackal improves concentration and hand-eye co-ordination.  Fantastic quality – despite many nose-dives in the hands of mum the Jackal is still going strong. At £19.99 the Jackal is significantly more expensive than other products on the market. I think that the quality of the product does warrant a higher price than its competitors but I am not sure I would buy one at this price without knowing how good it will be. I know of several children and adults who would love to receive this as a gift…I would buy one but would be much more tempted if the price were slightly lower. We loved testing the Jackal and will continue to play with it regularly. An excellent toy for all the family!


Product Tested By Melissa Molloy – Luca 9 Years

Melissa Awarded the Air Hogs: RC Jackal 4.2/5

Looks like great fun, nice size and colours too. The products on the website all look great and Luca keeps enquiring as to which ones we can play with next. Website was nice and easy to navigate. It’s also very appealing to my son with the moving images. We found the packaging made the product look even more expensive, it was very easy to access and being mainly cardboard meant it was easy to recycle. Nice size toy, although my son did ask if there were bigger versions. The style of the helicopter is brilliant, very realistic. This has excellent entertainment value as the whole family were enthralled by it and wanted to play with it or watch it whilst others played with it. it does keep my childs attention and he aimed to master his control over the helicopter. This is good for teaching control. The quality is good; the helicopter had been crashed many times and didn’t break. The rotary blades stayed fully intact too. It is a reasonable price and would make a lovely gift for a child or the young at heart. I would consider buying this as a nice gift for a birthday present or Christmas, I think it would be well received. I would recommend this as a novelty toy to friends and family, and I’m sure they would enjoy playing with it. I think this is a great toy and would have given it top marks if only for one little minor setback, it doesn’t hold the charge for very long and as my son loved playing with it he was inevitably disappointed that it had to be charged so often. Our overall experience with the jackal helicopter is excellent, we all had a great time using it and found it really fun to use. Melissa Molloy – Luca 9 Years


Product Tested By Stephanie Colvin – Connor, Morgan, Maddison & Baby Millie Ages 13, 11, 8 & 7 Months

Stephanie Awarded the Air Hogs: RC Jackal 3/5

My children were very excited when they saw it and couldn’t wait to play with it. Very good website with a range of products that we will be using this for Christmas presents. The product was easy to see in the packaging and wasn’t difficult to open as these toys usually are. The toy was surprisingly strong considering the size and the crash landing it sustained. At first this toy kept the children entertained but after a few hours playing with it the battery took a long time to charge for only a few minutes play which was a little disappointing. This also meant that it only kept their attention for a short period of time. This toy is of good quality because of the look of it and when it did fly it was fun for the children to play with. Due to the battery life however, I would be a little reluctant to buy it. But if it lasted longer then I undoubtedly would. Overall, great expectations when first played with and lived up to them but as we were just getting good at flying the toy it needed to be charged quite often. Stephanie Colvin – Connor, Morgan, Maddison & Baby Millie Ages 13, 11, 8 & 7 Months

We loved testing the Jackal and will continue to play with it regularly. An excellent toy for all the family!


Stephanie Awarded the Air Hogs: RC Jackal 4.5/5

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