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Alberto Balsam limited edition mandarin shampoo

Alberto Balsam limited edition mandarin shampoo, for a lasting sensation and fruity scent to your hair, whilst keeping it nourished.

 Also available in Sunkissed Raspberry, Teatree Tingle, With Pomegranate & Grapeseed and Pomegranate Shampoo.


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£1.07 each - Available from all good supermarkets and chemists nationwide

Alberto Balsam limited edition mandarin shampoo Reviews

Product Tested by: Lizzie Edge

Product Tested By Lizzie Edge

Lizzie Awarded The Alberto Balsam Mandarin Shampoo 4/5

Looked good quality and presented well.  Although the bottle looked nice the liquid inside was too easy flowing which led to me having to try to scoop excess back into the bottle.  Fairly easy to apply but I would have preferred a slightly thicker liquid as I often used too much. Left my hair feeling super clean after only one application and smelt lovely. I would have liked my hair to be shinier after using the products though. During the trial the condition of my hair remained the same as before.   While using this shampoo I found it gave a good clean and hair felt lovely and fresh and clean.  The bottle was very basic looking, like a "value” product. The bottle and lid seemed ok, although I would be paranoid that the lids would come open if there was a lot of jiggling of theluggage.  Certainly good value for money. One design suggestion would be to put a valve or something so there’s not such a rush of the liquid coming out.  I will finish the bottle but because my hair did not shine as I would have liked it will not be one I would purchase again.  However, I loved the fresh smell so would try some others in the range.  The shampoo really cleaned my hair with only one application which adds to the value for money and it smelt lovely. I would recommend this to other people that also use a lot of hair products.  Really cleans, smells lovely, and lacks shine.  Lizzie Edge


Product Tested By Christine Mannings

Christine Awarded The Alberto Balsam Mandarin Shampoo 4.5/5

Looked nice bottle, nice design and loved the aroma.  The consistency is not as thick as my present shampoo so I felt I needed to use more than normal.  The bottle dispenser is easy to use and was easy to apply.  I used this continually for a few weeks and it did make my hair feel soft and smelling gorgeous.  Over time the shine did improve.  This is a good quality shampoo which is reasonably priced and is effective. Cleaned well and improved quality of my hair slightly.  Bottle is bit too large to take on your travels, but if they had this in travel size would take on holiday.  Ideal for home and also have other fragrances in the range.  I have purchased more and would recommend.  A good shampoo that works and cleans well.  Christine Mannings.




Product Tested By Annie Brown

Annie Awarded The Alberto Balsam Mandarin Shampoo 4.2/5

Liked the shape and design of the bottle.  Also must admit I really liked the smell lovely and fresh.  Consistency is a bit runny compared to my regular shampoo. The bottle design is easy to store at home and easy to dispense right amount of shampoo when required.  Lathers well and gives a very good clean.  I would not say it made any difference to the condition of my hair as remained the same as normal.  I would use this again as nice to have a change every so often and loved the aroma.  Very reasonable price and well presented.  Well it is a well-known brand.  Would not purchase regularly, but would purchase every so often just for a change.  Have recommended.  A nice shampoo, works well and gives you rhair a nice clean and leaves hair feeling refreshed and looking good.  Annie Brown

Really cleans, smells lovely.


Lizzie Awarded The Alberto Balsam Mandarin Shampoo 4/5

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