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ALKIMI Glass/Window Cleaner

ALKIMI Glass/Window Cleaner with Mint Extract and Aniseed, 500 ml

Non-toxic, streak free clean on glass and windows.

Naturally fast acting window and glass cleaner. Spray on and wipe off for a streak-free shine.

Naturally fast-acting.

Non-toxic formulations that powerfully target dirt and grime whilst being safe for you and those around you.

Made with natural ingredients derived from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly alternatives to petrochemical solvents.

Made without parabens, phthalates, MEA, DEA, Glycol solvents and ethers, chlorine, formaldehyde, artificial dyes or colours.


Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2018 Household Cleaning Category

£3.00 Available at Sainsbury’s,, Ocado and Booths or click online to find local stockist


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ALKIMI Glass/Window Cleaner Reviews

Product Tested by: Davina Awarded The ALKIMI Glass/Window Cleaner 5/5

Product Tested By Davina Fox – Chloe, Abbie & Aaron – 16, 13 & 8 years

Davina Awarded The ALKIMI Glass/Window Cleaner 5/5

It arrived well packed; it has a lovely bright white and green bottle. I like the fact that the bottle looks clean and fresh and pure. Instructions good, not that it needs any! Spray on and wipe clean. I love this window/glass cleaner as it smells very nice and doesn’t have chemicals to be harmful to your hands. I really hate using the usual window cleaners as I hate the smell of them. Very easy to use as the bottle says spray on and wipe the windows clean. It did a fantastic job of cleaning my windows and it left no streaks. It cleaned my windows really easily and left them looking really clean and a lovely fresh scent in my home too. It did a brilliant job I also used it on the upcv window frames and got all the dirt out of the corners and off of the frames. I also used it on my mirrors and usually need an on and off cloth to stop it streaking but with this product just one cloth is needed. The design is great and the bottle is easy to use, it sprays lovely and each spray covers a large area so fewer sprays are needed. I just loved the aroma as it is not over powering as it has a subtle smell. I used this every week. This is much better than my usual brand. It cleaned first time and didn’t need to be going over it again and again. It is of a great value and is of natural ingredients. It has mint and aniseed in it. even though this product is about double the price of my usual window cleaner it is worth it in my opinion as it cleans first time, is streak-free, smells great and doesn’t leave no horrible after smell. There was not anything I didn’t like, but if I would say the smell of it if I had to choose just one thing. I have to say that the product doesn’t draw attention just by looking at it. Maybe a picture of someone cleaning windows on it or a cartoon character cleaning windows? I will be using this product from now on. I certainly will recommend. All natural ingredients are a good thing, plus it does a great job, no nasty smells. I think I can’t rate this product enough it is just fantastic all round. I am so glad I got the opportunity to open my eyes to this product now cleaning windows/mirrors is fun rather then a chore hated due to the smell, and it’s much quicker as windows/mirrors don’t need to be gone over again and again. Davina Fox – Chloe, Abbie & Aaron – 16, 13 & 8 years.

Product Tested By Laura Rigby

Laura Awarded The ALKIMI Glass/Window Cleaner 4/5

The product came well packaged in a safe and secure packaging. Packaging is bright and appealing. Very clear and easy to understand instructions. The idea of having a product that works just as well as other product on the market but with no toxins is fantastic.Very easy and straight forward to use. It was as effective as other cleaning products I have used but found you had to use a bit more elbow grease. My windows where left streak free which was fantastic but as previous just took a bit of extra work. This removed dirt and grime well. Bottle was easy to use but found the nozzle could do with a little improvement just to cover a wider area. The smell was nice and inoffensive. I used it once on the car windscreen and a couple of times around the house.No better or worse than my usual brand. Quality was really good. This product is a little more expensive than my usual product. I really lived the non toxins.It wouldn’t scream out to me on the supermarket shelf but if I was reading each product it definitely would. I would buy this as the concept is really good. I would recommend but would advise that it takes a little bit more work for the same results. Couldn’t give it a five as it does take longer to get the same result as a cheaper brand. The overall design and concept is fantastic only down side is it takes a little more effort but I believe that it’s worth it for the fact that it contains no toxins which in turn is better for us and the environment. Laura Rigby.

Product Tested By Phillipa Hunt – Lizzie & Zoe 4 & 1 Year

Phillipa Awarded The ALKIMI Glass/Window Cleaner 4/5

I liked the design and thought it looked fresh. I was keen to give it a Try! I liked that it was quite a simple design, not too in your face and nice bottle shape. I thought the brand name was a bit large and dominated – I would have made the product type font larger, I.e. to more easily show ‘glass/ window cleaner’ . It bothered me that the instructions weren’t very specific. I didn’t know what was best to wipe with, a dry cloth, damp, kitchen towel, micro fibre cloth – there are a lot of options. Environmentally friendly cleaners are welcomed and it feels that it will be better for around my children. Easy to use spray – the on/off position was very simple, the spray worked well and sprayed the right amount of the cleaner. I found the cleaner very effective. It dried streak free and cleaned my windows beautifully. My windows were left really clean. Also worked very well on mirrored furniture. This removed fingerprints and dust, dirt, all wiped away easily and left streak free.The bottle shape is attractive and easy to hold, the spray works well and the product worked really well. I actually don’t think the cleaner smelled very strong, which I liked, it was just a fresh clean smell which was nice. I used on three occasions on different surfaces. It works better than window cleaning wipes by far. I think the end product is good and would buy. I think £3 can be expensive for a cleaner however I think it is a very effective cleaner and therefore you wouldn’t use too much, so it would be good value for money. I liked the streak free finish as it made my windows look great. I would buy on first impression, I think it looks good! I would buy this and I would recommend due to the effectiveness of the cleaner. I really like the cleaner and would have rated it a ‘5’ if the instructions had been a bit more detailed! I thought overall the cleaner was very effective and left my windows and glass furniture clean and fresh, and without streaks. I would buy and recommend. Phillipa Hunt – Lizzie & Zoe 4 & 1 Year


Davina Awarded The ALKIMI Glass/Window Cleaner 5/5

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