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ALKIMI Multi-purpose Cleaner

ALKIMI Multi-purpose Cleaner with Orange Oil and Ginger Root, 500ml

Bleach-free cleaning for all your home surfaces.

Powerful, non-toxic multi-surface cleaner for use on all household surfaces. Cleans and shines.

Naturally fast-acting.

Non-toxic formulations that powerfully target dirt and grime whilst being safe for you and those around you.

Made with natural ingredients derived from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly alternatives to petrochemical solvents.

Made without parabens, phthalates, MEA, DEA, glycol solvents and ethers, chlorine, formaldehyde, artificial dyes or colours.


Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2018 Household Cleaning Category

£3.00 Available at Sainsbury’s,, Ocado and Booths or click online to find local stockist


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ALKIMI Multi-purpose Cleaner Reviews

Product Tested By Claire Sweter-Millar – Natalie 5 Years

Claire Awarded The ALKIMI Multi Purpose Cleaner 5/5

Great looking bottle very vibrant. Just a normal spray nozzle bottle. Just normal instructions for cleaning products. I was very excited to use it as a non bleach product. It is reasonable priced as well. Spray nozzle very easy to use no mess. Found this cleaner really good not much effort required to remove stubborn stains. I used this on Wash basins, Bath. Shower cubicle. Kitchen work surfaces, Bathroom tiles. I used it as my regular cleaner every day. I find I have to really scrub certain surfaces i.e. Bath. This cleaner was fantastic not much effort required to remove stains. I did like the design of the bottle and it tells you what it is and was easy to use. The smell was really nice no horrible bleach smell. The aroma hung around and was very pleasant. One of the best cleaners I’ve used. Excellent only about £1 more expensive than a regular bleach brand. I loved the cleaning ability my bath is gleaming. This is so much better than my normal brand, no horrible bleach smell and better cleaning ability. I would buy this as natural product with great cleaning ability I would recommend as environmental friendly and excellent cleaning ability. Probably the best multipurpose cleaner I’ve ever used. A great product, environmentally friendly great smell. Excellent cleaning ability. Excellent value for money. Definitely my new cleaner of choice. Claire Sweter-Millar – Natalie 5 Years

Product Tested By Sam Davies

Sam Awarded The ALKIMI Multi Purpose Cleaner 4.4/5

I really like the look of the product, not too fussy and eye catching. I really like the packaging. It’s simple yet bold. There’s no ‘faff’ on it, it clearly shows that it’s a multi-purpose cleaner, the fragrance and that it is nature friendly. The instructions are very clear and don’t try to bamboozle with technical rubbish. I really like that it is made from all natural products. Having small children and animals in the house I like to know that there aren’t any harmful/toxic ingredients. The product was as easy as any other spray product I’ve used. It cleaned as good as other cleaners I have used and I liked that the smell was nice but not overbearing. I used it on all my kitchen tops, the sink, worktops, the hob. I also used it to clean the floors in my kitchen and batch room (tiled) and my dining room floor (wooden) I also used it in my bathroom on the sinks, toilet and bath and shower. I used this every day. I was really pleased with the performance, though I didn’t find it a ‘hard’ cleaner if that makes sense. It was more of a wipe down and freshen up cleaner. The bottle design is eye catching and very easy to use. I liked the smell as nice and not over powering. It is a nice wipe down cleaner but not a strong cleaner. As I found it more of a freshen up cleaner it was quite expensive at £3.00. I liked that the product is made completely of natural ingredients and is safe to use around my children and animals. It wasn’t too bad but I was able to use it as a strong cleaning product for stubborn stains and marks. I personally would not buy this as feel too expensive for what I would use it for. I would recommend if they don’t mind spending the extra money onthe product. The product was nice and easy to use and smelt really nice too. It just wasn’t quite strong enough for all of the things I needed it to do. The product was easy to use and left a nice refreshing smell. It didn’t leave any smears on my surfaces and was overall a good cleaner. As the label on the front of the packaging says it ‘cleans and shines’ which it’s what it did. Sam Davies.

Product Tested By Catia Coiaxo – Sophie 15 Months

Catia Awarded The ALKIMI Multi Purpose Cleaner 5/5

My first impressions of this product were really good. The shape of the bottle is very cool and uncommon when compared to other cleaner bottles, I would say even trendy for a cleaner. The colours are catchy. The smell is amazing. The design is really top, very uncommon shape and it looks expensive. Clear instructions. This is an amazing concept. At first I was slightly sceptical about it but it really works against dirt and grime. Extremely easy to use. It was effective. And not only does its job it also leaves a really good and pleasant fragrance in the air. I used it mainly in the kitchen on worktops and cooker but also used it to clean my kitchen cabinet doors. I used this every day, at least 3 times a day. Anything I do in the kitchen I tend to clean straightaway afterwards. This did clean all surfaces well. I loved the bottle design and it was perfect to use. I liked the aroma of the cleaner, very pleasant. Very good quality, it does the job perfectly. Is slightly expensive but is of really good quality. What I liked the most is that it does the job that promises in the bottle and that it leaves a very pleasant aroma in the air. When compared to my usual brand (method) the performance is very similar. I would consider buying it because it uses naturally ingredients to produce nontoxic formulations that target dirt and grime and at the same time is safe for the user and the environment. I would recommend it because is environment friendly and it is a very good cleaner. I am giving total marks to this product because it is a very good and effective cleaning product that does the job perfectly.Great and powerful product that targets dirt and grime really well and at the same time is safe for the user and environment. Catia Coiaxo – Sophie 15 Months


Claire Awarded The ALKIMI Multi Purpose Cleaner 5/5

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