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ALKIMI Shiny Surface Cleaner

ALKIMI Shiny Surface Cleaner with Bergamot Oil and Lemongrass Extract, 500 ml.

Leaves stainless steel, white goods, and ceramic hobs gleaming.

Dynamic cleaning on all shiny surfaces including stainless steel, appliance and ceramic hobs.

Naturally fast-acting.

Non-toxic formulations that powerfully target dirt and grime whilst being safe for you and those around you.

Made with natural ingredients derived from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly alternatives to petrochemical solvents.

Made without parabens, phthalates, MEA, DEA, Glycol solvents and ethers, chlorine, formaldehyde, artificial dyes or colours.


Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2018 Household Cleaning Category.

£3.00 Available at Sainsbury’s,, Ocado and Booths or click online to find local stockist

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ALKIMI Shiny Surface Cleaner Reviews

Product Tested By Rachel Kendall – Jacob 4 Months

Rachel Awarded The ALKIMI Shiny Surface Cleaner 5/5

The product arrived very well packaged indeed. It was sealed inside a plastic bag to prevent leaks, inside a brown cardboard box filled with Styrofoam peanuts. The bottle looked snazzy and well presented. I was impressed! The bottle looked snazzy, trendy & up to date. It was eye catching! The wording was simple and easy to comprehend, overall a very nice, professional and expensive looking product!Instructions and ingredients were simple, easy to read and comprehend.I was sceptical prior to use having tried several of the market leader’s versions of “shiny surface cleaner” only to have been left disappointed. This product did not disappoint. The concept is fantastic if in fact the product lives up to the name.I initially used the product with a cloth and didn’t get great results but soon switched to using a lesser amount with a piece of kitchen roll and the results were amazing. You don’t need much of the product to obtain perfect shiny streak free surfaces! The product was very effective!! Super shiny surfaces with very little effort! The product worked fantastically on all of my surfaces – draining board, sink / taps / cooker top / fridge the list goes on! The design of the bottle is great! So simple, spray works perfectly, no leaks from the nozzle or neck and no leaks when knocked over!! I’m not normally a fan of lemongrass but this product was surprisingly pleasant. The aroma was nice, not chemically at all. With asthmatics in the house I tend to opt for products with little or no scent due to the chemicals however with this product I can obtain a lovely smelling area without the chemical smell in the air! The product was used several times daily in the kitchen and once every day or 2 in the bathrooms. I will be ditching my regular brand for this product! There is no need to have half a dozen different bottles for different jobs as I found this did them all with ease and no harsh chemicals which is a winner in my books! Overall quality was superb. Did exactly what is says on the tin, so to speak. Great looking product and worked fantastically. Although it does seem slightly pricey for a brand that isn’t well known once trying the product I’d say it’s great value for money. I would be ditching 3 or 4 other products and replacing with this single product so in the long run it’s a money saver and an overall better product! Probably the best thing for me was that it had no chemically lingering scent so I could use as often as required despite asthmatics being in the room. I often have to clean in an empty room with open windows to vent the room! Winner, especially in winter! I’m not sure I’d have purchased on first impression due to the fact one of the main scents in lemongrass and I normally hate the smell.I will absolutely be purchasing the product again! As mentioned above, it did exactly what it is supposed to, sparkling shiny surfaces with Minimal effort and using very little product (it will last ages!)And secondly the smell – no chemicals lingering in the air! I would absolutely recommend the product to friends and family for the reasons stipulated above. It really has been a great product in our home!Shipping Packaging was great- very secure, no leaks or spillages. Product packaging- eye catching, snazzy and simple but informative. Product – FAB!! Does what is intended, pleasant scent and natural non chemical after smell.I used this product everywhere and tried on virtually every surface. It left no marks or residue, needed minimal effort to obtain great results left a lovely scent and remained clean & streak free! Worked better with less product and with a sheet of dry kitchen roll as opposed to a cloth. The product will last for ages and in my opinion can be used in virtually any room on most surfaces. Really has been a great product for me. We moved home in the middle of testing this product, I used it to clean down my old home prior to handing over keys – left it looking brand new! I also used it when we got the keys to our new build home, worked fantastically despite the bits of dust and residue left over from builders etc. tidying up little jobs all over the home! Rachel Kendall – Jacob 4 Months

Product Tested By Sally Eves

Sally Awarded The ALKIMI Shiny Surface Cleaner 4.4/5

Attractive packaging that looked great. Instructions were pretty clear and easily to follow. Everyone in the house really liked it and the fact that it is chemical free is a massive bonus especially with small children and animals. Very easy to use, just like most cleaners a handy spray bottle. It was very effective on my shiny surfaces. It cleaned surfaces well, but came into its own on more shiny surfaces in the kitchen. We liked the design of the bottle and was simple to use. This was our favourite but the smell was amazing. It lasted well and it was really attractive. I would use this a few times a week. I think it was as effective as our usual brand but the aroma meant I preferred it. I liked the quality of the product as the chemical free formula. This most definitely was good value for money given the cost. I loved how effective this was, the aroma and the fact it was chemical free. This looked great and really professional so might have persuaded me to purchase on first impression. I will purchase this as liked the fact it was a good price and chemical free. Without a doubt I will be recommend it other parents. Great, if it was more effective it would be a 5. Great product, that was effective, looked great and was great to safely use with my children and pets. Sally Eves

Product Tested ByJanka Miklankova

Janka Awarded The ALKIMI Shiny Surface Cleaner 5/5

Very impressed with the design and style of the packaging. Instructions are good, but I feel you do need a bit more information about this product and how to use. It was very easy to use this product. I did find cleaned all my household surfaces well and cleaned with ease. I really like the design of the bottle and made it very easy to use. I loved the fragrance and it smelt like Lemongrass and left a lovely refreshing aroma.I used this every day mainly in the kitchen. The performance was the same as my usual brand. Excellent quality very impressed. It’s not too expensive so I think is good price for this product. I loved how well it cleaned and left a lovely fresh smell in the house. I would buy this in first impression. Now I have tested this I will buy again. It’s good to change cleaning stuff sometimes. I like this product so will use all the time in my house. I would definitely recommend. A brilliant product that worked really well. Janka Miklankova


Rachel Awarded The ALKIMI Shiny Surface Cleaner 5/5

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