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All About Me Feelings Activity Set

Spot the face and spot the emotion! With 6 fun faces and 6 unique shapes, the all about me activities in this set help young children learn how facial expressions and body language show what people are feeling. This All About Me Feelings Activity Set includes a social-emotional learning (SEL) activity guide with ideas on how to get talking and learning about themselves and others through play.

Help children as young as age 3 learn more about themselves and others through fun, playful activities.

Ready for use at home or in the classroom, the All About Me Feelings Activity Set comes with an SEL activity guide with ideas on how to use this emotion toy to get kids talking and learning.
When they’re not talking about feelings, kids can use the set’s built-on sorting set to sort and match the counters by shape, colour, and emotion.
Specially designed with little ones in mind, this feeling toy for kids helps little ones as young as 3 build school-ready SEL and problem-solving skills.
Includes 36 counters featuring 6 emotions in 6 bright colours, and 18 activity cards.

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All About Me Feelings Activity Set Reviews

Product Tested By Christina Coaker – Lucas 4 Years

Christina Awarded The All About Me Feelings Activity Set 5/5

Nice design on the box, bright, good storage box. Cards and figures are a good size and bright so they appeal to the children. Love this idea.. Great way to teach feelings to children, especially from a young ages when they cannot control/understand how they feel. Instructions clear, in different languages and like that there are different words to describe that one emotion. Good size figures, so they are easy to hold. He enjoyed using them and was able to talk about times he felt that emotion. This game was good as it has more than one function. He seemed to like learning about feelings and identifying what face may look like when experiencing that feeling. He definitely learnt more about emotions and nice that he could learn through a game. He was able to relate the expression and feeling for times when he felt that emotion and talk about what makes him feel happy and sad etc. This would be ideal for nursery schools. It’s a simple game and the figures are very child friendly and appealing. The cards are clear with their pictures and it’s a very good starting point for children to talk about how they feel and when they have experienced different emotions and feelings. This did keep him entertained Not only did he play the game but loved played with the figures. This game has been played with quite a few times. He would always play with this in his toy room. He liked how bright and colourful it was and being with an adult to play the game. The appearance but the way it can teach and show children feelings so they are learning about them through play. My child is an able 4 year old and is about right. Ideal for early schools as children need to know about their feelings from an early age. Reasonable value for money. Dolls are strong and robust, good storage box, cards in a bag. I would buy this if my children needed to work and understand emotions. He won’t read books on emotions so playing this game was fun and a great way for him to learn. I would recommend for all the reasons above. Great robust and bright product that is children appealing and friendly. A great game to help children learn about facial expressions and feelings. Christina Coaker – Lucas 4 Years

Product Tested By Rafia Mohammed – Halima – 3 Years

Rafia Awarded The All About Me Feelings Activity Set 5/5

I was interested in how the game would work and the activities involved. It was a good concept and helpful in getting young children aware of different feelings and their individual expressions. Instructions very clear and informative. My daughter absolutely loved to play and hold the figurines. She would even play with them without the actual cards. Her use of imagination was quite impressive. She has jus turned 3 so a bit young to be able to play by herself. She did enjoy matching the counters by shape, colour and emotion and it helped her. She found it quite amusing using the different expressions. I do believe it did help her build school-ready SEL and problem solving skills. The social-emotional activity guide was good and helped me explain to her how to understand emotions and the way people are feeling. 100% this would be ideal to have in nursery schools. In the day of technology this is extremely helpful for young children to develop this caring and affectionate mindset and also being able to recognise different emotions. This did keep her entertained. She plays with this figurines daily. But as a whole with the game she will play a couple of times a week. This was played with at home with her family. She also enjoyed playing this with her cousins. She absolutely adored the figures and their sizes as well as Their individual expressions. I liked that it is an interactive game that can be played nicely with the family. As my daughter has just turned 3 I feel she was a bit young to fully understand the game, but will help her more as she grows and develops. This is great value for money. Amazing quality, nice and sturdy and great for little fingers and hands. I would buy this. I would even give this away as a gift for it’s great purposes and uses. I would recommend this to family and friends. Overall mark is 5/5 it’s a great and engaging game. I think it’s brilliant. Rafia Mohammed – Halima – 3 Years

Product Tested By Katherine Pierson – Olly 4 Years

Katherine Awarded The All About Me Feelings Activity Set 4.7/5

Fun colourful box and looked an interesting concept. Great way to design a toy and make it a game to help children understand people’s emotions and expressions. Instructions very informative and easy to follow. The figures were the ideal size to hold with ease. My son did understand the concept of the game and sparked a lot of discussions about emotions people feel. He did enjoy sorting and matching the counters by shape, colour and emotion. Another aspect to the game which he had fun with. He was very interested in how facial expressions can show him what others are feeling and made him think more about how people looked and were acting. I think he understood more about how happy, sad etc., people can feel and related to that. Would not say helped him with problem solving skills. He certainly did learn how to understand his feelings and why he was reacting in a certain way, and now has more empathy with others. This would be such a great toy to have in Nursery schools as difficult to relay to children about feelings and emotions and this is a lovely way to teach them. Yes this did keep Olly entertained. He has played with this game a lot and enjoys playing with us and his siblings. He loved the colourful figures and their emotions. I liked how much it helped him relate to others feelings. Age suitability was ideal for Olly. For what it teaches a child superb value for money. Great quality. I would buy this game and I have already recommended to his nursery school. A lovely game that makes it easier for a child to understand facial expressions and how people are feeling. A skill that they will use throughout their lives. My son loved it. Katherine Pierson – Olly 4 Years

Great robust and bright product that is children appealing and friendly. A great game to help children learn about facial expressions and feelings.


Christina Awarded The All About Me Feelings Activity Set 5/5

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