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All Surface Swingball

The base is filled with water or sand, or another available ballast to anchor the pole during play and afterwards transforms into a sturdy carry case for maximum convenience. All the components fit easily into the base, you really can take and use this Swingball set anywhere, even indoors. All surface means it can stand on just about anything except water and thin air, but who would want to when you can have this much fun on dry land? All surface Swingball is a high-energy game that will keep you on your toes wherever you choose to play it. Exciting, tough and versatile, looks like it’s game, set and match to Swingball.

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All Surface Swingball Reviews

Product Tested by: ElaineDe Klerk– Taylor 9 Years

Product Tested By ElaineDe Klerk– Taylor9Years

Elaine Awarded The Mookie All Surface Swingball 5/5

My initial impression of this product was very good and the packaging was excellent.  It was very easy to assemble and the instructions were also very easy to follow.  I had no concerns at all about my child playing with this toy. The playable context of this product is excellent. It’sa very good toy to play alone or with friends and its great to keep their attention. The quality of it is very good and offers great value for money too.  I would definitely consider buying it now and would also recommend it to family and friends.  This is a very good entertaining toy which helped my child enjoy exercise. ElaineDe Klerk– Taylor 9 Years

Product Tested By Nicci Place – Olivia 7  Years

Nicci Awarded The Mookie All Surface Swingball 4.7/5

The product and the packaging were clear, bright, and well designed.  It was fairly easy to assemble but make sure there are no small children around!  The instructions were very easy to follow.  I had no concerns at all with my child playing with this toy. It kept her attention for quite a while.  It’s the type of toy that she will play with for a while then keep coming back to.  Very good for keep a child entertained and exercised in a small garden and on trips with outdoor space. It’s also very good for practising hand/eye coordination, good exercise, and good for stamina too.  It was really good with keeping her attention. The quality of this toy is very good and it definitely offers great value for money.  Now that I have tested this out I would certainly buy it and recommend it to others, I have done so already.  It’s fantastic for keeping children and adults fit, active and stimulated. Nicci Place –Olivia 7 Years

Product Tested By Gemma Chesney – Liam 11 Years and Lewis 9 Years

Gemma Awarded The Mookie All Surface Swingball 5/5

My first impression of this product was that it was compact and easy to use.  The packaging was great.  It was brightly coloured and attractive to children.  It was really easy to assemble as I have older boys I let them take it into the garden to assemble it under supervision, it took them around 15 minutes in all. The instructions are very simple and easy to follow too. I have no concerns for my children what so ever using this toy. There was a slight mishap when my younger nieces and nephew played with it, as one got bumped on the head with the bat but that’s more to do with space awareness as she is just 3 years old.  This product definitely keeps our children’s attention, with a large extended family it has been played with well and many a competition so far. It really does help with co ordination and sharing too.  It did keep our children’s attention.  With our large family they are all eager to play and win children and adults alike.  It is intended for one use only but my little nephew found it amusing when we dismantled it and used the bottom half with the water in as his personal paddlepool, he is just over 1.  The quality was very durable, easy to assemble and dissemble and great for travel, we will be taking it down the caravan this summer and has been to family bbq’s already.  I would definitely invest in one again if this one was ever to break.  I have already recommended to others and one friend has already bought it.  My family, young and old alike, have had agreat time playing with this product, as it is made for travel it has been ideal for family bbq’s and picnics; the age group in our family get together’s have been between 1 and 87.  Competition is high.  Gemma Chesney – Liam 11 Yearsand Lewis 9 Years

This is a very good entertaining toy which helped my child enjoy exercise.


Elaine Awarded The Mookie All Surface Swingball 5/5

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