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Alpha Egg Bath

Beautifully moulded contemporary bath designed to fit in with your lifestyle.  This product has been ergonomically designed to make your baby feel safe and secure.  The shape is comfortably rounded to allow you to easily hold and support your baby whilst the bath tray and easy draining plug make it a practical and easy product to use.

Easy pour rinse scoop – hook for easy storage – recessed silicone plug – removable bath tray – non slip ridge prevents baby slipping inside the bath.

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£18.99 Available in all leading nursery stores or check online for local stockists

Alpha Egg Bath Reviews

Product Tested by: Maria Norris – Baby William Aged 3 Weeks & 3 Days

Product Tested By Maria Norris – Baby William Aged 3 Weeks & 3 Days

Maria Awarded The Alpha Egg Bath 4/5

I thought the bath was very modern and contemporary but still appealing to look at. It was also larger than your average baby bath and I loved that you get a water pourer and an attachable bath dish included with it. There were not a lot of other products on website; however they did have some links to some other suppliers so you can still buy plenty while being on there. The products that they do have are just as stylish in design, and a lot of what I saw I have not seen any where else on the popular parent and baby websites. It arrived in a big cardboard box, with just a transparent bag around the bath, appropriate for what was being sent.  There were no instructions supplied with this product, as really not required.  It is a very good size bath, however it is thought that you can use it right up to the age of 1, and I would think that they could get themselves out and would be a bit squashed in there by then. I found it very easy to fill, although I did need a large jug to do so, but that’s all! I do have to use the jug to empty the bath half way first as it is quite heavy to lift. There is a very handy plug in the base of the bath, but unless you put the bath inside your regular bath you can’t really use it except for very strong people who can lift it when it’s full. As for storing I have had no problem with the size as I keep it in my bath when we aren’t using it! I did not find the non slip feature helpful as my son is still very tiny and needs me to carry him in the water, but I can rest him on the base of the bath when I am not washing him, and using both hands to support him, he doesn’t slide forward.  I absolutely loved the rinsing scoop! I use it when i’m not even using the bath! it is so easy to rinse soap out of his hair with the handy shape suited to you. I haven’t used the soap dish as I need extra hands to use anything that would be in it, until my son gets a little bigger and easier to support, but it fits really well on the bath, and looks great.  it looks like it has had a lot of thought into the design of this product, and it is really nice to use. my son loves it too!   I would definitely buy this product with what is included. just to look at it you can see it is value for money especially when you compare it to your average price of a baby bath, there isn’t much in the difference and I would choose this over any other.  I am very pleased with this product. I would have given it a 5 if my son was a bit easier to handle while having a bath! I would choose this over any other.  I have already recommended it to all my mother friends.  Maria Norris – Baby William Aged 3 Weeks & 3 Days

Product Tested By Gemma Deering – Baby Archie 3 weeks

Gemma Awarded the The Alpha Egg Bath 4/5

It looks great, very modern and a bit ‘space-age!’ I like the added extras, and the way they attach to the ends of the bath. Felt snug enough for newborn Archie, but plenty of room for growth! Didn’t quite fit under both bath taps at the same time so we had to run the cold tap, then the hot. Easy to empty due to plug feature on bottom of bath, which is great (I wouldn’t have been able to lift the bath when full, due to c-section, so the plug was ideal) Quite large in terms of finding space to store it in our small bathroom, so it’s kept in the spare bedroom once cleaned and dried. Didn’t really make much difference to us, as Archie needs to be held and supported throughout bath time anyway as he’s so young. Really handy – the soap dish is actually ideal for putting cotton wool balls etc in – as we’re not using soap yet. The rinsing scoop is great, but I am left-handed, which means the spout/lip is on the wrong side of the scoop for me! Very good, well made and good looking. Looking at other baths available on the market, I think I think this product is good value. I have already recommended to one pregnant friend! Thanks for letting us test he product, it was an enjoyable experience, and we will continue to use the bath now the test is over! Archie isn’t a fan of bath time, but having tried him in the big bath, the kitchen sink and the Alpha bath, this seemed to be the most pleasant experience for him! Gemma Deering – Archie 3 weeks

Product Tested By Fiona Stratton – Baby Davin 11 Weeks

Fiona Awarded The Alpha Egg Bath 4.5/5

Lovely, attractively designed bath, clear fill line level, anti-slip feature, and lovely shaped scoop & soap holder.  Good website with many useful looking products.  Large plastic bag & brown box – product sturdy so no other packaging needed.  Useful safety label on side.  No instructions given, but pretty obvious how to use.  It was a bit big for my baby to start with, but he is expanding into it rapidly!  This was quite easy to fill – just a few jugs to fill it.  I had a c-section, so bath was too heavy to lift for emptying, and I had to empty it with a jug.  If I had placed it in the bath it would not have been a problem as there was a handy recessed plug.  It is a little bulky, but I tipped it upright onto its side for storage.  Perhaps I need some storage hooks on the wall, or to store it in the bath when not in use.  The non-slip feature was good for helping to keep Davin in place whilst I washed him, but would have liked to have more non-slip sections to allow more positions to be supported.  I loved the scoop, and even used it on my pregnant bump.  Davin loves having the water scooped over him. The soap dish is also useful for holding sponges etc.  This is a high quality product that looks and feels nice.  The amount of pleasure that the scoop has given Davin & I is probably worth the money on its own!  Would certainly recommend and suggest purchasing pre birth and use the scoop in your bath!  This product is a joy to use.  Fiona Stratton – Baby Davin 11 Weeks

I would definitely buy this product with what is included. just to look at it you can see it is value for money.



Maria Awarded The Alpha Egg Bath 4/5

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