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Alpha egg Potty with footplates

Alpha egg potty with footplates – The footplates provide not only important stability but also a fun place for children to place their feet and provide an entertaining distraction whilst they are potty training.  The splash guard has been specially shaped to give a good fit around your child’s legs and prevent any unpleasant spills.  The wide supports under the thighs have been moulded to ensure maximum comfort as has the back support.  This potty will take you all through the years of potty training.  Suitable 6 Months Plus – Raised backrest for extra support – ergonomically shaped splash guard – funny feet icons teach children where to put their feet!

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£8.99 Available in all leading nursery stores or check online for local stockists

Alpha egg Potty with footplates Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Lightburn – Bradley Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Claire Lightburn – Bradley Aged 2 Years

Claire Awarded The Alpha Egg Potty with footplate Top Marks 5/5

BRILLIANT – Bradley took to it straight away.  Website is nicely laid out and easy to navigate. Packaging very plain.  The shape of this potty is brilliant – unusual, made to mould for comfort.  Potty size is superb as nice and big.  Certainly comfortable for Bradley – preferred it to his old one every time.  Bradley loves this potty and we use it all the time.  Also this is so easy to empty and clean.  Quality is fantastic and certainly designed and made with care.   I would certainly purchase this product and have been recommending to everyone. It has made potty training so much easier.  Claire Lightburn – Bradley Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Hana Kostrunkova – Ben Aged 2 Years 7 Months

Hana Awarded The Alpha Egg Potty with footplate 4.9/5

Very sleek looking potty. It looked like a great product and I was not disappointed. The website is in colours of their products, looks great and is easy to navigate. Products look very sleek, stylish and functional; they have very elaborated design and variety of colurs. If you are after something just a little bit different these products would be it. Also they have new products coming up this autumn.  Potty arrived in a plastic bag which I think was no need. They had information about their other products stuck to the bottom of the potty. I like the shape of the potty. It is ergonomically shaped and my son looked very comfortable sitting on it. The footplate gives the extra stability to the potty so we had no falls or spillages when getting off the potty. My son loves to put his feet on the footplates or counting thumbs on the footprint imprints. I think the size is good. Ben didn’t have any problems with getting on or off the potty. It is slightly bigger then the potty we had previously. This was a bonus as my son is very tall for his age.  Potty does look very comfortable to sit on. The sitting rim is wide and well moulded and gives my son a good support.  My son loves this potty from the moment it arrived; he himself commented that the potty is very nice.  To empty the potty is easy; just pour out into the toilet. But you need to wipe nearly half of the potty as it leaves the potty wet on the side where you were emptying it. I used toilet paper and antibacterial wipes. It can be messy.  I think this is a very high quality product with elaborate design. Yes this product offers value for money. It is a quality and functional product.  Yes I would definitely consider buying this product.  I will be recommending this product to my friends and family most definitely.   I love this potty, is functional, it looks great and my son loves using it..  Hana Kostrunkova – Ben Aged 2 Years 7 Months

Product Tested By Samantha Harrison – Christopher Aged 2 Years 5 Months

Samantha Awarded The Alpha Egg Potty with footplate 3.5/5

Stylish and modern looking, basic potty.  Website is clear and simple to navigate.  Almost no packaging so very environmentally friendly.  The shape of this potty is very stylish.  My son fitted on the potty with room for him to grow, so it should last until he is going to the toilet.  The potty seemed comfy for Christopher to sit on; he didn’t complain or try to get up. The back support isn’t really high enough to provide any real support. The foot plates are too small and too far back so Christopher’s feet weren’t actually on them when he was sat on the potty correctly. Christopher was very happy to use the potty, no complaints.  The curved edges of the potty made it messy to empty as the contents dripped over the sides instead of straight down the toilet.  The potty is very good quality, it didn’t scratch or mark when Christopher was playing with it and throwing it around.  The price is higher than I would pay for a basic potty of this kind.  Personally I feel this is expensive and too messy to empty.  It’s not as good as the potty we already had which cost much less.   Does what it is supposed to but doesn’t stand out as exceptional in any areas of use.  No major problems with the potty, Christopher enjoyed using it and found it comfortable to sit on. Although it was messy to empty we will probably continue to use it at Grandma’s house.  Samantha Harrison – Christopher Aged 2 Years 5 Months

It has made potty training so much easier. 


Claire Awarded The Alpha egg Potty with footplate Top Marks 5/5

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