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Alteya Organic Baby Balm

USDA Certified Organic by Ceres GmbHMade with Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil and other gentle Organic OilsGentle care for baby’s bottom – a natural scent and free of dyes, chemicals, artificial preservatives and pesticide residuesHelps to heal and protect sensitive, irritated skin where needed – a true multi-tasking skin balm for the entire family!100% Natural, 99% Certified Organic, 100% Vegan, Paraben-free, GMO-free

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Alteya Organic Baby Balm Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Wainwright – Eira 8 Months

Tested By Laura Wainwright – Eira 8 Months

Laura Awarded
The Alteya Organic Baby Balm 5/5

Liked the Tin
the balm came into looked nice and smelt really lovely. Packaging Lovely and looked appealing looked
organic style. Excellent instructions.
Lovely quality and a great smell. I like natural organic products for my
baby it’s very important to me. You don’t need a huge amount of the balm so I
definitely think its value for money. Really liked the results and the smell of
the product. I would recommend as a great product. Very nice product you don’t have to use a huge
amount of the product to get good results value for money nice packaging. Laura
Wainwright – Eira 8 Months

Tested By Kim Hall – Josh 6 Months

Kim Awarded
The Alteya Organic Baby Balm 4.4/5

Looks quite
natural – homemade looking. Looking forward to testing. Packaging is cute. I
quite like that it’s in a tin. Handy to throw in a bag. Instructions pretty
simple and straight forward. I’m curious as to whether it will help with his
eczema/dry skin as well as a nappy protector. Quality is nice. Feels soft and
smooth. It’s a bit hard…you have to work it a bit to get enough out to apply. I
don’t usually insist on organic, but it is extra reassuring that what I’m
putting on my babies’ skin won’t contain anything potentially harmful or harsh.
I don’t usually buy organic baby products. But I will say that I don’t think
this product is extortionately priced. I still have some left and have used it
at least once a day. I would not purchase again and this is purely because my son’s
skin is very sensitive and didn’t always agree with it. It was no good for his
eczema. But I could imagine that for a baby that has normal baby sensitive skin
that this would be a lovely gentle product to use. As long as there is no hyper
sensitivity I would recommend. Has a
lovely quality to it, it smells pleasant and provides a really good barrier. It
was pleasant! It was nice using a
product that didn’t smell overpowering and a treat to be using organic. The
only negative I would add is that the product can make you fingers quite
slippery- the tin can be a bit awkward to open again if you decide you need
more – I was having to go and wash my hand. But on the flip side that is
because the product is quite oily and rich which of course is perfect to create
that barrier in a nappy. I wish it was
slightly easy to get out as I would have liked to have slathered it in HAHA but
a little does go a long way, so maybe for the best! Kim Hall – Josh 6 Months

Tested By Louise McIntosh – Emily & Conan – 20 Months & 8 Months

Louise Awarded
The Alteya Organic Baby Balm 5/5

Looked great
product and always happy to use organic products rather than chemical
ones. Packaging is cute and obvious it
is for children. Instructions clear and
concise. This product feels nice to use
and smells nice too. It is important for
me to use organic products as too many chemical based products around and I
like organic for my family. The price is
about the same compared to other organic products I have seen. Now I have used
this would certainly buy again smooth bums all round. I would definitely recommend for keeping
bottoms nappy rash free. I really enjoyed trying this product and will continue
to use. Will definitely keep eyes peeled
for this product as works. Louise
McIntosh – Emily & Conan – 20 Months & 8 Months

Product Tested By Jenny Bray – Seth 13 Months

Awarded The Alteya Organic Baby Balm 5/5

I like the tin the product came in. I love
natural products for my children and this has no dyes, chemicals, artificial
preservatives or pesticides nor has it been tested on animals. I also like that
the item has natural and organic ingredients and is pH balanced. It looked like
a nice, quality product for my baby. This balm comes in a small metal tin, a
bit like a giant lip balm. There is a monkey picture on the front that looks
very cute. The instructions are minimal but that’s all that’s required as it’s
fairly self-explanatory. I like the quality of the product. I like that it is a
gentle and natural product. I avoid using anything with harsh chemicals
wherever possible on my children so like anything organic as this generally
means fewer chemicals. Although this is more expensive than your standard
bottom creams it provides good value for money compared to other organic bottom
creams. One tin will last a long time as you only use a little bit at a time. as you only need to use a little of the product each time
and my son only requires it when he has a sore bottom, such as when teething,
the tin will last a long time so I’m not sure I’ll need to buy anymore! This is
the kind of natural product that I would use and recommend. I would also
include it in a starter kit of natural products that I would put together for a
friend expecting a baby. Although
this product reminds me of a large lip balm and melted on my fingers in the
same way, it felt nice going on my son’s bottom and worked when he had a sore
bottom. It has a light; natural fragrance so doesn’t have an overpowering scent.
I like this product and will be recommending it to friends with babies. Jenny
Bray – Seth 13 Months

Product Tested By Sally Cowling
Martha 11 Weeks

Sally Awarded The Alteya Organic
Baby Balm 4.5/5

tin and cute design. Packaging compact, lightweight tin, great for change bags.
Cute monkey design on lid. Clear instructions on back of tin. Suggests use for
sunburn as well as nappy rash. Looks and feels like good quality. Non-greasy
and easy to apply. I must admit that I don’t usually worry about whether a
product is organic but it is good to know that the product only uses natural
ingredients as so many products contain chemicals which could have adverse
effects on babies’ skin. Even though the tin is small you only need to use a
tiny bit with each use so is very good value for money. It is nice to use a
nappy rash product which is clear and doesn’t leave white marks on everything.
It is not greasy and easy to apply. The size of the tin is also handy for
change bags, which are often limited for space, especially when you have more
than one child! It is a refreshing alternative to the other products available.
I think this is a good quality product.
It comes in a compact lightweight tin which is handy for change bags.
You don’t need to use very much of the product for each application so is good
value for money. I used this product on my two month old and worked well as a
barrier balm for nappy rash and was not greasy. It is nice to have a balm that
does not leave white marks on everything, especially when you are in a rush! (Very
important with two other children five and under!) It is nice to know that the product only
contains natural ingredients and it has an inoffensive smell. I would
definitely consider buying this product again. Sally
Cowling Martha 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Frances Elwell –
Oliver 11 Months

Frances Awarded The Alteya Organic
Baby Balm 5/5

Nice compact size, lovely
smell – positive impression. Lovely small tin, great size for in the nappy bag
– so was perfect for on the go. Nice clear design of company logo and product
forward easy to use product – clear guidance was available. This is lovely
quality. Our first time using any organic products with our son, and now very
much encouraged to continue use. I’ve never had any preference, moral or
otherwise regarding organic products, however, this product was really good
quality and did the job. Compared against other organic products this is value
for money. Only been using it for a month and there is plenty left for such a
small size tin. Compact, long lasting and effective product. Perfect soothing baby balm, especially during times of teething, where
son has been in some discomfort, this very quickly cleared any irritation. Pleasantly
surprised to try our first organic product – I was concerned that it wouldn’t
compare to other leading non-organic products. However, I have been proven
wrong and have seen a positive improvement of my son’s skin in areas it has
been used on. Would highly recommend. Frances
Elwell – Oliver 11 Months


I would recommend as a great product. Very nice product you don’t have to use a huge amount of the product to get good results value for money nice packaging.


Laura Awarded The Alteya Organic Baby Balm 5/5

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