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Amiya Calendula Shampoo

Amiya Calendula Shampoo 250ml – Herbal shampoo for babies or sensitive skin. An especially mild formulation with herbal extract of calendula for its healing properties, this product has been handcrafted with love and care for your enjoyment. Let the gentle, calming qualities of calendula delicately scented with lavender transport you to a herbal haven of tranquillity and nourishment. Massage gently into hair and scalp and rinse away thoroughly.

No SLS or Parabens ~ No synthetic colours or fragrances ~ Not tested on animals ~ Some organic ingredients ~ pH balanced

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£6.95 250ml Available to purchase online

Amiya Calendula Shampoo Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachel Collier - Baby Robyn 9 Months

Product Tested By Rachel Collier – Baby Robyn 9 Months

Rachel Awarded the Amiya Calendula Shampoo 4/5

I liked the look of the shampoo, it has an attractive and informative label. The product is easy to apply to baby if you remember to undo the bottle lid before putting baby in the bath. The product was very effective, it’s left babys hair very clean and smelling nice. I found it to be better than most shampoos but it did leave Robyn with slightly red eyes. For the sized bottle I think its a bit expensive but if it were cheaper then I would purchase it again. The plus for me was that the shampoo didn’t irritate Robyns eczema and also left her hair lovely. Overall, I think we both enjoyed using the shampoo! Rachel Collier – Baby Robyn 9 Months

Product Tested By Sophie Hannaford – Eliana 2 Years

Sophie Awarded the Amiya Calendula Shampoo 4/5

The packaging looked simple and basic but I really liked the fragrance of the shampoo. It’s simple to use from the bottle, gave baby no tears and i’m very pleased with it. After using the smell was lovely and baby’s hair was left feeling soft and looking clean and shiny. I found the bottle to be very similar to use as other products on the market. Didn’t think the packaging (label) design was very impressive. I would say I prefer pump action bottles as they are much easier to use, one handed. I am not sure if it’s value for money, it seems a little pricey but it is very nice. But I was impressed with the product itself and the condition of my daughters hair. Gives excellent results! Sophie Hannaford – Eliana 2 Years

Product Tested By Mandy Lee – Joy 2 Years

Mandy Awarded the Amiya Calendula Shampoo 4/5

The packaging was impressive and simple and I loved the smell of the shampoo, couldn’t wait to use it. The bottle is simple to use and is not slippery when wet which was a plus for me. I was worried about whether the product would irritate Joys sensitive skin but it left her hair feeling lovely, clean and soft with no irritation! I think it’s reasonably priced and I would consider buying it as it gives lovely clean results and is safe and soft on babys skin.  Mandy Lee – Joy 2 Years


Rachel Awarded the Amiya Calendula Shampoo 4/5

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