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Amiya Peachy Baby Massage Oil

This beautiful baby oil is based on peach kernel oil with a blend of rosehip, calendula and vitamin E oils. Peach kernel and rosehip oils are both classic oils for sensitive or delicate skin Peach kernel oil is also used in preparations for treating itchy skin and eczema. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Rosehip oil is also used to aid the repair of skin damage. Calendula is well known for its healing properties and is often used in skin preparations to aid healing. Vitamin E is well known as an anti-oxidant combatting the damaging effects of free radicals.

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£8.00 for 250ml - Available to purchase online

Amiya Peachy Baby Massage Oil Reviews

Product Tested by: Katy – Boy 5 Months

Product Tested By Katy – Baby Boy 5 Months

Katy Awarded the Amiya Peachy Oil 4.2/5

Smell seems soothing and relaxing, but I thought the lid could have been improved. It was very basic, did not trust the lid to pop open when it was placed in a bag for example. The oil squeezed out of the bottle at the right consistency, never too much. The consistency of the liquid is ideal for soft baby’s skin. It absorbed quite quickly without having to wait too long to get baby dressed! A lovely aroma, very soothing and calming, Baby Ben was fully aware of when I was applying the oil and seemed content! Ben loved the massage, became quite excited as though he knew I was applying the oil. Falling to sleep was much swifter and much more relaxed! Fantastic quality, effort taken in blending the right ingredients, packaging a let down though for me. But it’s perfect to calm & soothe an over-tired baby! Katy – Baby Boy 5 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Palfreeman – Baby Keira 19 Weeks

Sarah Awarded the Amiya Peachy Oil 4/5

It is fantastic smelling oil, but has fairly basic packaging. The oil is easy to dispense, it pours out well and does not leak from the lid. It is easy to apply and not a lot of oil is needed, it goes a long way. It took a while to absorb into the skin, but left the skin feeling very soft, but felt fairly oily for a good 5-10 minutes after application. The aroma was lovely the lavender fragrance was relaxing and is suitable for both mother and baby. We did not experience any allergic reaction to the oil. Keira loved the massages and it helped with the bonding process, she seemed to look forward to our massages. We used the oil 3 times a week for 4 weeks. It is a very good quality product the oil was not too runny and felt lovely on my hands for a long time after applying it to Keira’s skin. I felt it was good value for money, only a small amount of oil was needed so it will last for a long time and the bottle was a good size. I liked the oil and would probably try a different product in the range as well. I have already recommended it to friends and let them try my sample. I was very impressed with the product itself but think the package could be improved slightly to make it stand out better and be more striking.  It is a good product, it is kind to baby’s skin, it smells lovely and relaxing, I would buy it again and recommend it to others, and it’s a very good buy. Sarah Palfreeman – Baby Keira 19 Weeks

Product Tested By Jane Samuel – Baby Lydia 5 Months

Jane Awarded the Amiya Peachy Oil 3/5

An expensive looking product but I was not impressed with the packaging. Would recommend a pump action as the mother could use one hand to dispense it. It is applied in the same way as olive oil which I have used on my baby since birth due to dry skin. Baby enjoys massage with all oils used but this particular product did not seem to have any amazing effects. I would not consider buying it because of this; I would much prefer to buy cheaper oil that has more suitable packaging for my needs. Jane Samuel – Baby Lydia 5 Months

it’s perfect to calm & soothe an over-tired baby!


Katy Awarded the Amiya Peachy Oil 4.2/5

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