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Angelina Baby Girls Black Patent Diamanté Bow T-Bar
Black Patent: Baby Girls T-Bar Shoe  with Diamante Bow Material: 100% Leather Upper and Leather LiningSole: Leather with non slip inserts 

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£30.00 Available to purchase online

Angelina Shoes from Babyshoes Reviews

Product Tested by: Emily L'Estrange – Isla 2 Years

Product Tested By Emily L’Estrange – Isla 2 Years

Emily Awarded The Baby Shoes Angelina shoe 4.9/5

Very nice looking shoes look very sturdy and pretty. They fit and support little feet very well, and Isla was able to walk in them perfectly from the very beginning. Packaging basic bit boring. Excellent quality, well-made shoes would last a decent amount of time. Practical for little feet to run around but also very attractive pretty girls shoes. Perfect sizing. Easy for me to put on, however Isla would not be able to do the buckle herself. Look very comfortable, left no marks on her feet and she wanted to wear them everyday. Stayed on perfectly. They are lovely shoes however I’m not sure I would pay £30 when children’s feet grow so quickly. I would consider purchasing these for a special occasion as they are so lovely. I would recommend as a lovely pair of shoes. When purchasing shoes I look for quality first and then price. Overall, these shoes have been brilliant. They are able to be worn with many different outfits and style, but most importantly offer comfort and security to little children’s feet. Emily L’Estrange – Isla 2 years


Product Tested by Natalie Roberts – Ava Grace 2 years

Natalie Awarded The Baby Shoes Angelina Shoe 5/5

These looked beautiful when they arrived. Very pleasant to the eye and looked very stylish and expensive. Good packaging. Excellent good quality, the shoes are not marked in any way and have been well worn. Lovely, firm shoes and love the jewel on the front, Ava refers to them as her ‘favourite shoe. Perfect fitting for 5.5 if not a little bigger. Very easy to put on and Ava can put them on herself ( she can’t with any other shoe). On first site I thought the shoes looked very hard and firm and expected them to rub her feet at the back, but they haven’t at all. Once on the stay on – don’t easily pull off. These are gorgeous shoes and good value for money. I would purchase more shoes from this company. Have recommended! And have been asked where they were from by a number of people.When looking for shoes for my daughter I look at design first, then comfort and price.The shoes are gorgeous and definitely commented on by other parents. They have been comfortable and do not have a mark on them.  Definite value formoney. Thank you. Natalie Roberts – Ava Grace2 Years


Product Tested By Eliza Edwards – Jennifer 2 Years

Eliza Awarded The Baby Shoes Angelina Shoe 4.9/5

These looked amazing, so beautiful and a lovely pair of shoes for Jennifer. Packaging was good and kept these safe in the post. The fit was perfect for Jennifer. She said they felt comfortable to wear and they looked lovely on her. She enjoyed wearing them and now one of her favourite pair of shoes. They also are good quality as have been worn a lot and still look great. Quality is superb and they will last. They are also a good fit, do not rub or hurt her feet and well-made and comfortable, so I am confident caring for her feet too. They stay on well and I have to help Jennifer take them off as she cannot do this on her own just yet.  Sizing was perfect for Jennifer. I love these and good value for money as you are paying for good quality shoes. I have had a look online and they have a lovely selection so will be purchasing more in the future. So many friendsloved these when they saw Jennifer wearing them and I have told everyone where to buy these. when looking for shoes for my daughter I look for Quality and fit to ensure they care for her feet and are good for her feet, then look at price and style. 
Very stylish, gorgeous shoes which we loved and Jennifer’s favourites now. Eliza Edwards – Jennifer 2 years


Overall, these shoes have been brilliant. They are able to be worn with many different outfits and style, but most importantly offer comfort and security to little children’s feet.                 


Emily Awarded The Baby Shoes Angelina shoe 4.9/5     

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