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Animatazz by Drumond Park (age 8+) – this cool kit provides everything needed for kids to make their own impressive animated films. A winner on Dragon’s Den in Ireland, this innovative new product is now taking the UK by storm.  Kids create their own ‘stars’ by covering the poseable figures with modelling clay, photograph their individual movements with a digital camera – then upload the results onto their PC or laptop using Movie Maker or similar.  The film can be edited and sound added – then it’s ready to email to friends, or posted on YouTube, Facebook etc. A truly amazing and totally unique new concept which will keep everyone enthralled for hours and hours!

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£24.99 Available Toys R Us, Tescos, WH Smith or For stockists visit or call 01506 855577

Animatazz Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma-Marie Riddell - Harry 8 Years

Product Tested By Emma-Marie Riddell – Harry 8 Years

Emma-Marie Awarded the Drumond Park Animatazz 5/5

I thought this looked like a fabulous product, I hadnt seen anything like this on the market before. I was very excited to see what my son made of it! Very well packed, couldn’t find fault with it, great idea to put a camera tripod in the box too! I think its a great concept, it does what it says on the box! The idea is brilliant, I have a son who has a brilliant imagination but hate putting down on paper so for him this product is ideal. He loved the concept too and had a great time making his own movies. Animatazz is very good and it did keep his attention for alot longer than any game he’s played before, he has a great imagination and loves making up stories, but has always struggled writing his ideas down, he’s having great fun putting he’s ideas into animation! It’s become a firm favorite! I think the quality os good overall, however I think it might have been better to have several backdrops included. I think it is value for money, we have had hours of fun here!  I would buy this product. Asked Harry the same question and he too would save his pocket money to buy this product…. so its a big yes from us! Very pleased, We really enjoyed playing and making movies using this product, its a great way to see your imagination come to life! Emma-Marie Riddell – Harry 8 Years


Product Tested By Emma Marshall – Jamie-Leigh 11 Years

Emma Awarded the Drumond Park Animatazz 4/5

This is a very different product, very original when compared to other games out there although I would not class this as a board game. The packaging is good for the product and I feel that the age is appropriately directed. This definitely kept my daughters attention for a good few hours! I think it also helps with using a computer and developing skills because you learn how to upload things onto the relevant website. Im not sure if I think this is good value for money, it does seem a little pricey, so I wouldn’t consider purchasing it. I would however, recommend it to friends and family that like making things. Overall, it’s not everyones taste of a game but my daughter really enjoyed it. Emma Marshall – Jamie-Leigh 11 Years


Product Tested By Hannah Marleigh – Jason 11 Years

Hannah Awarded the Drumond Park Animatazz 4.8/5

I was really impressed when I first saw this, I thought it looked like great fun and so did Jason. He enjoys being creative but not for long periods of time, he gets a little frustrated with drawing and prefers to model things much more. This was perfect for him! He played with it for hours and really enjoyed making his own little movies. it’s also good because he got on the computer and learnt a few new things on there too! I think it’s great value for money for the hours of entertainment it’s provided him with so I would have considered purchasing it! I highly recommend for all creative kids. Hannah Marleigh – Jason 11 Years

Very pleased, We really enjoyed playing and making movies using this product, its a great way to see your imagination come to life!


Emma-Marie Awarded the Drumond Park Animatazz 5/5

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