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Annabel Karmel Organic Baby Purees Stage 1

Annabel is proud to unveil her brand new range of delicious Organic Baby Purees which are inspired by her favourite home-cooked recipes. With over 20 years of weaning experience under her apron, Annabel’s scrumptious flavour combinations contain nothing but pure, wholesome goodness and taste just like homemade – perfect for tiny tums. Look out for our Organic Sauces too!
These purees stage 1 are available in:

Delicious Banana, Pear &
Peach, Awesome Apple, Banana & Mango, Fruity Apple, Blueberry &
Vanilla, Lovely Carrot, Apple & Parsnip,  


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Prices start from £0.99 - £1.19 Available Ocado and at Co-op or click online to find local stockist

Annabel Karmel Organic Baby Purees Stage 1 Reviews

Product Tested by: Gemma Zawadzka – Chase 6 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Zawadzka – Chase 6 Months

Gemma Awarded The Annabel Karmel Organic Baby Purees Stage 1 4.4/5

My initial impression is it is similar to the product I already buy regularly, but with a more up market branding strategy. Had I not known the price, I would have thought it to be more expensive than my existing brand. I like the packaging, and I like the convenience of baby food in pouches as they are lighter, easier to store and dispose of. It looks like a product similar to the main brand I buy. I do think it is a little bit on the feminine side though. I was not previously aware of this brand. I had no problems using the products and like the flexibility of having those that were entire meals as well as those that could be added as sauces to other dishes. As there were no additives, I had no concerns and liked the variety of ingredients used. My son did not initially like the texture of the food and it took a few attempts for him to accept more than a few mouthfuls in one sitting, we did continue to try and he gradually overcame this and seemed to enjoy the taste of most of the foods. My partner tried the food and said that he found it interesting, but he wouldn’t go so far as to say he liked it. Needless to say I don’t think the baby has competition for his left over dinner from his Dad just yet. He enjoyed the Moroccan chicken the most, followed by the blueberry. I would suggest creating a spoon that attaches to the nozzle. Happy this is available online as this is how I do most of my food shopping. It is sold on Ocado’s website which is where I do my shopping. I like being able to offer my son a wide range of flavours early on to develop his taste buds. I am concerned about the amount of additives/salt/ fat/ fibre etc. in some of the foods that we might eat that would notbe healthy for him and am happier knowing that prepared food is made with these considerations in mind. These do represent good value for money. I really like the meal combinations and would like to see some of the more unusual options as I think this is a great way of introducing babies to food at an early age. Perhaps along the lines of the Moroccan Chicken. I think it iscomparable to the brand I was using before, and I like the range of meal flavours and sauce options for creating different meals. I would recommend these. Easy to prepare, healthy meals with exciting, enjoyable and engaging flavours that make a happy baby and therefore a happy mummy and daddy. Gemma Zawadzka – Chase 6 Months


Product Tested By Amy Rowe – Ashlee-Rose 6 Months

Amy Awarded The Annabel Karmel Organic Bay Purees Stage 1 3.8/5

I thought it looked good and the flavours seemed different and interesting and I hoped that my daughter would enjoy them. Packaging was bright and colourful. Has all the info you could want. I have not heard of this brand before. I have not seen it in shops either. Very easy to prepare. Just screw off the lid and squeeze into a tub to warm or eat as it is. Only 1 down side, I have some universal spoons that screw onto other pouch foods I have bought for easy feeding on the go, the spoons did not fit onto this one. I had no concerns regarding the ingredientsas all natural. My 6 month old daughter ate every pouch with no problems at all. She seemed to really enjoy them all. I did have a taste of the food when I heated it up to test the temperature; it was ok for baby food. Was quite tangy with the fruit, and did not taste powdery and dry like some foods do. My daughter likes banana flavoured foods, so the one that had banana in was her favourite I think. Although she did seem to like them all. I would suggest make a spoon to fit the end or change the end to make the universal ones fit for feeding on the go. It’s good that it’s available online but it’s so much easier for me and many other mums to just be able to go into a shop and buy it. I mainly shop in Asda so probably supermarkets such as that would be good. While first weaning my daughter I use prepared baby food as its easier, quicker, plus I don’t always cook things I could use for my baby. I feel I could buy other brands of baby food and get more value for money. But I buy baby jars which tend to be cheaper and have just as much in them. I occasionally buy pouches if I plan a day out. Pouches all tend to be around about the same price though. My daughter seems to like things with cheese in them, so some cheesy ones would be good. And Sunday lunch she also likes. If I was to buy this product it would only be if I was going out and needed food to take along with me. Pouches are ideal for this. If I had a friend or family member who asked me about a good baby food especially when out and about I would recommend. As I said about the spoon attachment and also the price for pouches is all around the same price, so has lots of competition. And the fact that it’s only online at the moment. My daughter seemed to really enjoy this baby food, probably more so than some of the other branded food I have given her. I would purchase this if I saw it in my local supermarket. Amy Rowe – Ashlee-Rose 6 Months

Product Tested By Fariba Mansouri-Johnson – Jude 7 Months

Fariba Awarded The Annabel Karmel Organic Bay Purees Stage 1 4.7/5

Fun design and useful pouch packaging. I love the front and back baby photo and the different colours are helpful. Never had any AK food before, just a few of her books. These pouches were quick and easy to open and prepare.They are organic and AK is like an unofficial ambassador for quality baby food so I trust it is all of a good quality. He loved every pouch and wolfed them down. I did not taste it – baby’s reaction told me everything I needed to know. My baby loved all of them – honestly! I would like to see more choice in the range of savoury [i.e. vegetable] ones. Not everyone has online access so it should be made available in a variety of outlets.Supermarkets, cafes, independent outlets. It is easier for having as an emergency stash, if time is short and to give variety to baby. It is also easier if someone else is feeding him. No more costly than any other brand and these are organic too. Would like to see some more exciting fruits and veg – butternut squash, papaya, pumpkin etc. I would purchase these and definitely recommend. Nothing is perfect and making it myself would probably be that tinier bit healthier for baby. Fun food for starting the food journey! Fariba Mansouri-Johnson – Jude 7 Months











Easy to prepare, healthy meals with exciting, enjoyable and engaging flavours that make a happy baby and therefore a happy mummy and daddy.      


Gemma AwardedThe Annabel Karmel Organic Baby Purees Stage 1 4.4/5     

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