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Annabel Karmel’s Organic Baby Purees

Based on some of her most popular recipes from her books, Annabel’s organic purees are made from natural, tasty ingredients and taste just like homemade! These pouches are perfect for busy mums and dads who don’t always have time to cook from scratch or for those that feel unsure of how to start introducing meat to their baby’s diet. This range is packed full of flavour and the important sources of iron and essential fatty acids babies can’t get from just fruit and vegetable purees. "Parents often think that the blander the better for babies, but you will be surprised by what they enjoy!” says Annabel Karmel. Tested extensively on babies (and their parents!), the taste of natural, home cooked food, allow babies to develop healthy eating habits early in life and helps them make the transition to family food and avoid fussy eaters. Suitable from six months

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£1.49 per 30g pack - Available in Sainsburys and Tesco’s or click online to find local stockist.

Annabel Karmel’s Organic Baby Purees Reviews

Product Tested by: Jen Birch – Abi 9 Months

Product Tested By Jen Birch – Abi 9 Months

Jen Awarded The Annabel Karmel Baby Purées (savoury) 4/5

Looks like a good quality product.  I anticipated some degree of messiness due to no spout on pouch.  The taste was fantastic and Abi loved the purees very much.  The nutritional benefits of this product are excellent. The packaging was ok and they are convenient packs to have but I would have preferred a spout so that product can be squeezed straight onto a spoon. The quality of the food itself is fantastic.  They are more expensive than the brand I currently use and packaging is a lot more user friendly on those too. Therefore, I would probably stick to those.  The taste was good and my daughter enjoyed all the flavours she tried. However the non-spout packaging would stop me from buying this as it is messy when out and about.  Also I can buy ones with a spout for much cheaper. Jen Birch – Abi 9 Months

Product Tested By Jo Dyson – Thomas 9 Months

Jo Awarded The Annabel Karmel Baby Purées (savoury) 4.7/5

I thought this was a lovely packaging when I first saw it. Not so convenient to take out and about as need to be poured into a container and reheated.  The taste was nearly as good as homemade meals.  Thomas loved the purees.  The nutritional benefits are excellent; good quality well-made food. The packaging was very pleasing to the eye.  They are very compact and easy to store in the cupboard.  They are not very easy to take out and about as need to be served in another container and must be reheated but they are great for a quick meal at home though when you don’t have time to cook yourself.  The quality of this product is excellent; very good quality.  I think they offer fantastic value for money.  I would certainly consider buying these now and I would recommend them to others.  This product only loses marks for not being so easy to take out and about.  The purees are very good.  I will definitely buy these for quick and easy meals for Thomas at home.  Jo Dyson – Thomas 9 Months


Product Tested By AlisonB ritton – Lily 7 Months

Alison Awarded The Annabel Karmel Baby Purées (savoury) 4.6/5

I’m initially surprised that Annabel has created prepared food as I believe she is an advocate for homemade foods.  The packaging is different to other baby food products that I have previously tried.  The different sachets were very varied and there was only one that Lily did not like which was the salmon one.  The nutritional benefits were excellent.  It was as good as making the meals yourself.  The pouches are easy to use and store. Plus the white packaging makes it very clean looking.  They were also very convenient.  A home cooked meal without all the mess and washing up!  I think the quality is exceptional and really liked that it was pureed but not completely smooth so it was as real to home-made food as possible.  They offer great value for money because of all the goodness and variety but they are too expensive for my budget.  I will definitely purchase a couple of sachets in the future as an excellent stand-by to home cooked food.  But they are too expensive to use as the basis for Lily’s diet.  I would recommend them to others definitely for the nutrition and goodness.  This product is an excellent substitute for home cooked food for babies.  I felt no guilt giving it to Lily as I would with other jars as it was more nutritional and the texture was like I’d made it myself so it didn’t confuse Lily with different textures and consistencies as other bland baby food would. Alison Britton – Lily 7 Months


The nutritional benefits of this product are excellent.     


 Jen Awarded The Annabel Karmel Baby Purées (savoury) 4/5

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