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Aqua Gelz – Aqua Park Playset

The amazing liquid that transforms like magic

Aqua Gelz are magical liquid that transforms into colourful, fun, squishy creations. Mix the special powder with water. Squeeze the Aqua Gelz into the supplied moulds, then place them into the solution tank and watch as it sets in seconds.

The Aqua Park Playset includes everything you need to make over 18 Aqua Gelz creations, then play and display in the Aqua Park tankAqua Gelz are magical liquid that transforms into colourful, fun, squishy creationsSets in seconds
Contents: 3x30ml coloured gelz, 2 different characters, 2 packets of solution mix and reusable solution tank

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Aqua Gelz – Aqua Park Playset Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Rawcliffe – Adalynn 5 Years

Sarah Awarded The Aqua Gelz Aqua Park Playset 4/5

Lovely idea for being creative. Instructions very easy to follow. My child found this very easy to use. They found it easy enough to play the Aqua Gelz into the moulds supplied. Very easy to place moulds into the solution tank. She did enjoy making the different designs. Once she had created her own designs she did enjoy playing with them. This did keep her entertained and she enjoyed being creative. She played with this set ¾ days until the designs shrunk. She enjoyed being creative with the designs. I liked that the set helped them to enjoy getting creative. This is good value as my daughter loved getting creative. The models didn’t last long enough, they started to shrink after 2 days. I would look at the Aqua Gelz range and consider purchasing other items. I would buy this as my daughter really enjoyed getting creative. I would recommend due to the creative element. Not full marks as the designs did not last long enough. A good idea to spark interest in creativity and experimenting with your own designs. Sarah Rawcliffe – Adalynn 5 Years

Product Tested By Jennifer Derry – Chelsea 6 Years

Jennifer Awarded The Aqua Gelz Aqua Park Playset 4/5

The box is very colourful and appealing and looked inviting. The concept is good 3D gel for children. The instructions are very easy to follow when a child is supervised. Chelsea found the solution easy to mix with the powder and really enjoyed mixing and stirring the colours. The gel is quite thin when mixed and is very easy to pour into the moulds supplied. It was really easy for Chelsea to put the moulds into the tank of water and the gel did set very quickly .they looked really good. Chelsea loved making her own designs she made lots of different animals and fish. Chelsea did like playing with them .they are a little bit flimsy however after a while. The aqua gelz did keep Chelsea entertained and it still does as she has lots left and I would purchase replacement supplies to carry on playing. Chelsea has played with this set around 8 times at the moment. She will get lots of use out of the set during the holidays. Chelsea loved making the moulds and the colours are bright ,she also liked making them in different colours making stripes etc. I liked ease of use and the colours available. I love the set and concept however I think it’s a little over priced unfortunately. The quality is very good. The items are well made. I would purchase more products from the aqua gelz collection. I would consider purchasing the product if it were a little cheaper as it has kept my daughter entertained for hours at a time and helps her imagination and artistic skills. I would recommend this product to friends and family as it’s really good at keeping children entertained. It kept my daughter entertained and is a really good concept. I’d give it a 5 but the instructions don’t mention that the creations have to be kept in water and over time they break down otherwise they dry out. The aqua gelz is great it’s colourful well made. Keeps children entertained for hours and is a lot of fun. Our overall experience has been a very positive one and we are really thankful that we were chosen to test. Jennifer Derry – Chelsea 6 Years

Product Tested By Laura White – Charlie 7 Years

Laura Awarded The Aqua Gelz Aqua Park Playset 4/5

I have seen these before but never tried them and I wasn’t convinced that they gels would truly set. My son was super excited to try it! We loved that it came with a good variety of coloured gels. I thought it was a lovely idea, although potentially messy! The instructions were super easy for my son to understand, and there were helpful pictures too. The powder mixed really easily with the water and he loved stirring it until it dissolved. It was also a good teaching moment, to reinforce his learning about millilitres. He did struggle with squeezing the gels into the moulds. They had a tendency to splodge if he squeezed the tubes too hard, which made it difficult for him to do much detail. It did make his creations look more realistic though as the colours blended. He particularly enjoyed submersing the moulds and jiggling them, trying not to splash the water everywhere! It was a competition between his creations to see which could set the quickest and release from the moulds. Once he realised that it didn’t matter if his colours splodged, he loved making them and kept asking to make more. The only one he hasn’t tried yet is the mermaid, because he thinks the pattern is a bit too complicated and needs too many colours. He preferred creating his animals to playing with them afterwards. He was hoping they would float in the jar we put them in, but they are too heavy and sink! He is also a little scared that he might ruin his creations if he plays with them for too long out of water, as the instructions don’t state how long they can be left out of water before they start to dry out and shrink. The set definitely kept him entertained, and really helps to bring out his creative side. A bit more practise and he will be making intricate designs in no time! He happily made animals 4 times and he’s examined his creations a few times too, with more gels left, and him still asking when he can make more. Now that the summer holidays are coming up, we will definitely be making more. He loved making his creations the most, trying to follow the patterns in the moulds and freestyling when he wasn’t quite neat enough! I liked the variety of colours provided with the set, although i did think it was really missing having black in there for the eyes and a few patterns on the animals. It is very good for helping with fine motor control and my son loved playing with it. I do think my son got a lot out of it, although once his creations were made, he wasn’t really sure what to do with them as he didn’t want to risk ruining them by keeping them out of water for too long. Maybe some guidance on this in the instructions would be helpful, particularly for children like my son who need definitive answers – if he knew what the time limit was without ruining them, he would be much more likely to play with them. I think the quality of the gels and the moulds was great. It even comes with a tray you can make your creations in rather than desperately trying to find a bowl big enough, so definitely a good toy for parents as well as kids! I would consider purchasing more Aqua Gelz, particularly to get other colours which my son would like. I think he’d also like some extra moulds to try out once he’s more confident at making them. I would consider buying it as it’s a good product for creative children. It’s also something a little different and can be done as a family activity. Plus it is something else instead of screen time which is always appreciated. I would recommend this for artistic children, as they could make a lovely little aquarium if they could get the animals to stay upright and they are lovely and colourful. Also anything which helps fine motor skills is always a plus. This was a great little product. Although it may not have had the greatest playability for my child as he preferred not to play with the creations afterwards, he had great fun making them and wants to continue making them until the gels are gone. I will certainly look at buying more gels if his interest continues, as it’s a fairly tidy arts and crafts activity and he likes to experiment with different colours and patterns. I think the suggested age is perhaps a little young – my son wouldn’t have been able to make the animals at age 5. He’s at a better age at the moment where he has more fine motor control (age 7). Laura White – Charlie 7 Years

Product Tested By Sally Eves-Dann – Alexander 8 Years

Sally Awarded The Aqua Gelz Aqua Park Playset 3.5/5

I had a very excited 8 year old when it arrived. The box was really clever as it folded out to be part of the play area. The concept is good and helped to develop his creativity with animal and colour choice. The instructions were easy enough to follow as in clear steps. Mixing the solution was fine, if you can follow a recipe then this is similar. The moulds were easy to use as you could just squeeze the colours into it and this gave more creativity of coloured. The plastic container made this easier to do. He found this easy and enjoyed watching them set. He loved creating his own designs. My older daughter got in on the action too and she enjoyed herself as well. Alexander did enjoy playing with them but. Once he had made them we found that they became fragile and so the only way for them to stay intact was to place them back in the solution for storage. He was very entertained by this for a good few hours but the playability after making them was less. He doesn’t play as often with them now that they have been made and for him the best bit was the creating them. My son loved the creativity and the reactions to get them to set. I liked the clever design and the creativity. Personally I think it’s a little pricey. With the fact that it isn’t as structurally sound once created. Unless we did something wrong. Also my real frustration is that you cannot buy refills for any of the colours or solutions. So Alexander used it all in one afternoon, loved it, but now cannot get refills to use it again. The only way to do it again is to buy a whole new kit. This is annoying. Making it is great, the creativity is great, but the creations are not as strong as I had hoped. If they introduced a refill set yes I would buy, but it’s a lot of money for a whole new kit each time and also a lot of plastic. Potentially Yes I would recommend but it depends on the age of their children, younger children might get more continuous use out of it. So many good ideas, a great design and packaging , but the frustrations around it becoming sticky once made and the lack of refills really bring the score down for me. Alexander loved it, it gave a good few hours of creative play. But after this it became frustrating with the need to store in the solution due to becoming sticky and the lack of refills which leaves me the packaging and nothing to do with it afterwards. Sally Eves-Dann – Alexander 8 Years

Product Tested By Caroline Duncan – Lily & Poppy 9 & 6 Years

Caroline Awarded The Aqua Gelz Aqua Park Playset 3.6/5

Fun looking box and looked new and exciting. Great that the kids could make their own play models and have fun in the process. The instructions were very clear and following them meant that the models worked. They did find it easy to mix the special powder. We put in the powder then poured in the 600ml of cold water. Most of the granules dissolved straight away, the rest dissolved with some gentle movement of the container. They were both able to fill the moulds fairly easily and build up the colours, but the 6 year old was a bit heavy handed. She occasionally over filled slightly, however, it didn’t stop the figures leaving the moulds so wasn’t really a problem, it just meant she didn’t get the exact result she wanted. They did find it easy to place the moulds in the solution tank. They just had to shake them at the bottom until they shrunk away from the edges and float to the top. Occasionally they tried to use colours and patterns they thought they should use and other times they wanted to be more creative building up lots of colours on top of each other. They did enjoy playing with their creations but they are quite delicate, so they spent more time in the water. They enjoyed the process of making them a lot more than playing with them after. As it made so many figures they got to make them more than once. The figures once made they were interested in but only now and then. They liked filling the moulds with different colours then seeing them set. I liked the fact the flat moulds puffed out to become more 3D. Not really good value. The figures don’t last for ever. The first set were stored in clean water after they were made. For a while they could be played with. However, 4 weeks later they disintegrated breaking up in the water and were too soft to hold. The bottles worked well with the safety caps and nozzles. The card box with the pictures for storing the models is also a great touch. I would not purchase more Aqua Gelz products as it is pretty wasteful. The figures and plastic didn’t last long enough to justify the environmental impact. Possibly buy as a birthday present for someone else as a present that is a bit different. However, I wouldn’t buy it again for my kids. I would recommend it this was the type of toy they were looking for. Viewed as a science experiment type of toy it was great for the kids and they had lots of fun making the figures. However, the price is too expensive and the model figures don’t last long enough afterwards. The instructions are really clear and it was really easy to make the figures. The different colours blend and join really easily. The kids had lots of fun choosing moulds and colouring them as they wanted. The figures looked great initially when made but don’t last for ages, even when kept in water as they go soft and mushy. The box is a great touch making it look like a display tank with spectators around. Caroline Duncan – Lily & Poppy 9 & 6 Years

I would look at the Aqua Gelz range and consider purchasing other items. I would buy this as my daughter really enjoyed getting creative. I would recommend due to the creative element. Not full marks as the designs did not last long enough. A good idea to spark interest in creativity and experimenting with your own designs.


Sarah Awarded The Aqua Gelz Aqua Park Playset 4/5

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