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Aqua Wipes Value Pack

Aqua Wipes are a natural, dermatologically tested, 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable, 100% plastic free water wipe for babies.


  • 100% biodegradable & plastic free wipes.
  • Free from alcohol, chlorine, phthalate, lanolin, parabens, perfume, SLS & SLES.
  • Developed for the NHS and supplied to neonatal, maternity and special care baby units.
  • Paediatrician tested and pH balanced.
  • Soft, thick and strong.
  • Contain 99.6% Purified Water, Organic Aloe Vera and a mild coconut derived cleansing agent.
  • Never tested on animals, Aqua Wipes are Vegan Society registered.


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single pack £2.89 Value bag £10.99 - Available Ocado, Amazon, Boots, Day Lewis Pharmacy or find local stockists here

Aqua Wipes Value Pack Reviews

Product Tested by: Alice Hobbs – Alfie 13 Months

Tested By Alice Hobbs – Alfie 13 Months

Awarded The Aqua Wipes Value Pack 4.7/5

was impressed when these first arrived. Easy to open, but I like the popper type lids
which I think keeps them moist for longer, I like the natural/simple look of
the design. Easy to follow instructions. These are very easy to use. These were
ideal for my needs and they did not rip at all. Very strong wipes and ideal for
nappy changes. They were great to wipe face and hands as there’s a lot of
moisture in them so they cleaned better than my usual wipes. I used these every day. I
mainly used these to wipe Alfie’s face and bottom. It’s important to know what
I am using on my babies skin is natural and won’t harm him in any
way. Great quality and lots of
moisture to clean. Really good value as I didn’t have to
use as many wipes when cleaning baby. I really liked that they made changes easy especially very dirty bottoms only needed a couple of
wipes! I would definitely buy more. I would recommend as they make changing nappies quicker as
don’t need to get loads of wipes out usually just the one!I’d just like a lid on the wipes but
love them otherwise! Nice simple design of the packaging which makes them look natural.Loads of moisture in each wipe which
makes nappy changes easier. They are very cold though due to all the
moisture which did give my baby a fright on occasions so had to hold them in my
hand for a bit first! I’d definitely buy them in the future as I like how kind
to babies’ skin they are. Thanks for letting me try them! Alice Hobbs –
Alfie 13 Months

Tested By Amanda Dickerson – Frankie & Charlie 2 & 1 Year

Awarded The Aqua Wipes Value Pack 4.7/5

Lovely they
looked great quality and they were very nicely packaged. Frankie and
Charlie particularly liked the little duck!The design of the packaging is
nice and all the content is clear and easy to read. The opening to the
wipes was particularly good, and I thought strong and durable. Instructions were
clear and easy to understand. They were very easy to dispense from the packet
and came out one at a time, not all stuck together like can happen with some
wipes. They also felt like very nice quality. They didn’t rip or tear and
because they are quite wet I didn’t need to use as many. They are very strong and Charlie had a few
teething nappies in our testing time. They did a great job. These are ideal to use to clean face and
hand. They are gentle they didn’t leave
my children’s mouths sore at all. The fact they are quite wet in
comparison to other wipes I’ve used made them very easy to clean faces and
hands with. I used them in place of my usual brand on a daily basis. I used these for both nappy changes and for
wiping faces and hands.It’s nice to use wipes that are so gentle and kind
to their skin as it is important to me they are natural. As I’ve previously said Charlie had some
teething nappies during our testing and these can usually leave him quite sore
but we didn’t experience this with these wipes at all. Great quality, nice
texture and nice packaging. Whilst I love these wipes I do think they are quite
expensive and it’s something that I use an awful lot of. The value pack
however is a good idea. They are gentle on skin and they are easy to dispense
from the packaging. I would consider buying them for teething times as they
were so gentle – however, as I use so many I probably wouldn’t use them for everyday
just due to the cost of them in comparison to other brands. I would recommend as they are a lovely
product and reading about the benefits makes them appealing. They are lovey wipes and very easy to use.
The fact they are full of natural ingredients is a huge plus and they are
super gentle on sensitive skin. We really
enjoyed testing the wipes and whilst I probably wouldn’t purchase them to use every
day I would definitely consider them it for any reason (I.e. teething nappies)
I wanted to prevent my children’s skin from becoming sore. They are gentle and
easy to use with clearly labelled packaging and have a nice consistency.
They are strong and I didn’t experience any ripping or tearing which was
fab. I also thought the packaging made them very easy to dispense. Would
highly recommend. Amanda Dickerson – Frankie & Charlie 2 & 1 Year

Product Tested By Jessica Howard – Charlotte 2 Years

Jessica Awarded
The Aqua Wipes Value Pack 3.6/5

We were initially pleasantly pleased by the packaging although a
little surprised by the plastic bag (in hindsight I don’t know why as there
would be no other way of keeping the wipes clean). The packaging was neat and compact which meant that it would fit in
all our bags.Until we were asked what we thought of the instructions we
didn’t even realised there were any instructions. They are hidden and very
unclear. These wipes are
fantastic at getting things clean. However they are far too wet which meant we
were having to dry things after using them and my little girl commented on how
wet they were. Furthermore, when we pulled one out we were getting up to 5 at a
time which is a waste of wipes.These were fantastic when using for nappy
changes. We didn’t have a single one break.These wipes were fantastic at
keeping my little girls face and hands clean, however I have marked them down
as in my little girls words “mummy my face is soaking wet”.We used these wipes on multiple
occasions during the day. I mainly used
these for wiping faces. It is important
to me they are biodegradable, natural and organic. However, it would be good to
understand how long it takes for them to biodegrade. These are a
fantastic wipe and they ensure everything you wipe is clean.Due to the number of wipes that come
out every time you pull them out these would not for me offer good value for
money. The thing I like most about these wipes is the fact that they are
biodegradable and natural. I feel happy in the knowledge I am not wiping
chemicals onto my babies skin. I wouldn’t buy these wipes at this moment
due to the fact that so many wipes are lost every time you use them.
Furthermore there is no information how long these take to biodegrade which
makes me worried that they would take a long time to biodegrade. My experience
with these wipes is that they feel nice on the skin and they never leave any
stinging. However they are far too wet and this leads to multiple wipes coming
out of the packet when you only want one. Not only does this lead to wasted
wipes, but mid nappy change you are stuck with lots of wipes that you can’t
untangle. I love the fact they are natural and biodegradable but I would like
more information on this before being happy with this product. Jessica Howard – Charlotte 2 Years



Nice simple design of the packaging which makes them look natural.Loads of moisture in each wipe which makes nappy changes easier. I’d definitely buy them in the future as I like how kind to babies’ skin they are.


Alice Awarded The Aqua Wipes Value Pack 4.7/5

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