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Aquaint® 100% Natural Cleansing Water for infant hands, skin and much more
Using electrolysis, science has combined Hypochlorous Acid (HClO), a ‘Natural Acid’ and a product of our immune system with water to produce AQUAINT®; a 100% natural water-based cleansing product that is safe for use on the human body and in the environment. First and foremost Aquaint® is a very effective cleanser for the hands and skin (and other surfaces) due to its water base, but it also has very powerful antibacterial properties due to the presence of HClO. Aquaint® kills bacteria by mimicking the human bodies ‘natural’ way of killing bacteria, germs and viruses that enter our bodies, which is generally significantly faster and safer than most products on the market. Aquaint®:Is Dermatologically & Clinically Tested. Is ideal for use on sensitive skin, and suitable for use from birth. Is safe if swallowed. Kills 99.9% of Germs & Bacteria, such as E.coli, Salmonella, Stapyhlococcus Aureas etc. Is water-based. Is alcohol-free. Is environmentally friendly. Has no odour, no colour, very slight taste, no stickiness and no residue, and is similar in properties to tap water, and therefore there is no need to rinse it off. Has a pH value of 5.0 – 6.5 (compared to 4.5 to 6.0 for the human skin), therefore it is completely human-friendly with no side effects, even on babies skin! When used as a cleanser can eliminate or considerably reduce bacteria generated smells. Is 100% safe and scientifically / clinically proven
Bronze Award Winner 2013 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 

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£4.99 500ml, £2.49 50ml Available to purchase online, NCT, Vital Baby, Boots

Aquaint® Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Alder – Sophie 1 year


Tested By
Sarah Alder – Sophie 1 year

Sarah Awarded
The Aquaint 4.7/5

Had not heard
of this product before and looked good quality and was keen to try out. The size was ideal to keep at home and loved
the trigger spray action. The travel
size bottle is ideal to pop in change bag of keep in bag when off on holiday or
days out. This is all natural so gentle
on my daughters skin. We used it to
clean face, hands and also ideal for cleaning change mat, highchairs and easy
to clean bottles and dummy when on the go.
Was also handy to clean toys.
Found it easy to use and seemed to keep everything clean. Quality is good and like the style of the
packaging. I feel this is effective and
worked well for us so for me good value.
We take the travel size with us always now as just so handy to give
anything a wipe. Have already
recommended and purchased more. Sarah
Alder – Sophie 1 year

Tested By
Marie Hold – Stanley 3 Years

Marie Awarded
Aquaint 4/5

impression thought it was overpriced but a handy size to fit into bag. Thought
the bottle size was very small but handy to take out with you. Liked the trigger spray as gave you even
coverage. I used this on my
child’s hands and it was very gentle. No reactions to it. Was handy when I had run out of wipes. I tried it on my son’s toy. But it took
quite a bit of spraying to get the cloth wet enough to give it a proper clean.
Ideal for a quick blast if something was dropped on the floor. Quality is good,
nice and neat and well presented. Not
sure the full size would last very long if used every day. If the cost was less might be tempted to
purchase as would be good in a changing bag for wiping hands or cleaning a
changing mat. If friends children were allergic to wipes I would
recommend. Thought it was overpriced not
something I would purchase for that price. But it was a good idea and ideal to
use instead of wipes. Handy to have if
your bag instead of carrying wipes. Marie Hold – Stanley 3 Years

Tested By
Clare Dartnell – Lucy 10 Months

Clare Awarded
The Aquaint 4.4/5

Liked the
look of the packaging, good clean style and natural so kind to my daughters skin. The bottle has a great spray action nozzle so
easy to spray and clean at home, in the car, at Caravan Park. The travel size is really handy to keep in
change bag and carry around with me when off in the car for family visits and
days out. We used this to wipe daughter’s
bottom, face, hands, change mat etc.
Mainly used at home and would
take the travel one out with us to ensure we always had a quick squirt to keep
as all clean and germ free. A good quality
product, easy to use and effective.
Price is a bit high but worth it.
We have purchased more and have recommended. Ideal for all the family to use at home and
on the move. No more sticky mess in the
car. Clare Dartnell – Lucy 10 Months


I feel this is effective and worked well for us so for me good value. We take the travel size with us always now as just so handy to give anything a wipe. Have already recommended and purchased more.                                                                                                                                                                         


Sarah Awarded The Aquaint 4.7/5

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