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Aquaint® 100% Natural Cleansing Water for infant hands, skin and much more
Using electrolysis, science has combined Hypochlorous Acid (HClO), a ‘Natural Acid’ and a product of our immune system with water to produce AQUAINT®; a 100% natural water-based cleansing product that is safe for use on the human body and in the environment. First and foremost Aquaint® is a very effective cleanser for the hands and skin (and other surfaces) due to its water base, but it also has very powerful antibacterial properties due to the presence of HClO. Aquaint® kills bacteria by mimicking the human bodies ‘natural’ way of killing bacteria, germs and viruses that enter our bodies, which is generally significantly faster and safer than most products on the market. Aquaint®:Is Dermatologically & Clinically Tested. Is ideal for use on sensitive skin, and suitable for use from birth. Is safe if swallowed. Kills 99.9% of Germs & Bacteria, such as E.coli, Salmonella, Stapyhlococcus Aureas etc. Is water-based. Is alcohol-free. Is environmentally friendly. Has no odour, no colour, very slight taste, no stickiness and no residue, and is similar in properties to tap water, and therefore there is no need to rinse it off. Has a pH value of 5.0 – 6.5 (compared to 4.5 to 6.0 for the human skin), therefore it is completely human-friendly with no side effects, even on babies skin! When used as a cleanser can eliminate or considerably reduce bacteria generated smells. Is 100% safe and scientifically / clinically proven
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2016 

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£4.99 500ml, £2.49 50ml Available to purchase online, NCT, Vital Baby, Boots

Aquaint® Reviews

Product Tested by: Lucy Wilson – Georgina & Emily – 3 years 10 Months & 1 Year 10 Months

Tested By
Lucy Wilson – Georgina & Emily – 3 years 10 Months & 1 Year
10 Months

Lucy Awarded
The Aquaint 5/5

impression was that it was expensive to buy. Attractive packaging. Good size
and lasts a long time. Trigger spray
makes it very easy to use. I was only sent a large size so can’t comment
on the travel size bottle. Very
effective for dirty hands and faces. I used the product for cleaning
everything! Even the potty. First impressions were that it was expensive, but
after using it and realising it lasts a long time and it is so handy as safe
and can be used on pretty much anything it is good value for money. I would purchase and definitely
recommend. Excellent product, so handy
and safe. I will be buying this product. I will look out for the travel size
too. Lucy Wilson – Georgina & Emily – 3 years 10 Months & 1 Year 10

Tested By
Tom Jenner – Peter & Emily – 3 Years 6 Months & 11 Months

Tom Awarded
The Aquaint 4.2/5

My first
impression of this product was that £1 per 100ml seems quite expensive for some
water with added Hypochlorous acid, but then again I’m no expert on the cost of
acid. Then I looked harder. The labelling was ‘friendly’. It has a happy baby
on the front which is always a good sign and having read through the list of
benefits the product offers (featured clearly on the front) it sounded too good
to be true – 100% natural and safe to spray directly on your baby whilst still
killing 99.9% of bacteria? Wow! I was given the 500ml bottle. This is a really
handy size for the kitchen as it’s not unwieldy to use whilst cleaning a
highchair around a tornado of baby hands full of spaghetti/mashed potato/other
mush. It’s not a great size for taking out and about – I gather there’s a
smaller size available for this – but it balances well in the hand and doesn’t
topple over when put down. The pump handle is comfortable to use, close enough
to the neck that it’s not a reach to pull it. It’s easier to control than a
push down pump top would be. Slightly rounded edges would be nice to make it
more ergonomic. I didn’t get a travel size bottle. We tried this on our own skin first,
then tentatively on our child’s hands rather than face. She didn’t have a
reaction to it so we tried it on her face too and it was fine. Did the acid
water clean as well as normal water does? Yes. Did it kill 99.9% of bacteria
whilst doing it? I don’t know. It’s bound to kill more bacteria than tap water
though so I guess I can say it was effective, but who knows how effective
compared to another anti-bacterial cleaner that I wouldn’t allow in direct
contact with a Childs skin. I didn’t use it for cleaning toys very much,
but gave it a try and it was fine. I’d normally use a baby wipe to clean a toy
if it needed it, but they can leave a bit of a residue which this didn’t. Seems
good but as mentioned I can’t comment on the anti-bacterial properties, which
is the key (and only) selling point, as it does the same job as tap water in
terms of making surfaces look and feel clean. Assuming it is killing bacteria
then yes, I think represents good value, as the single bottle has lasted us a
long time. I would purchase this and would recommend. It’s well packaged, cleans well, but I have
no evidence it is killing more bacteria than tap water so I just have to take
it on faith which I’m not usually inclined to do. Sceptical at first, pleased
that it was safe to use directly on skin, remain unconvinced of cleaning
effectiveness beyond appearances. Tom Jenner – Peter & Emily – 3 Years 6
Months & 11 Months

Tested By
Graeme Lowe – Zak 3 Years

Awarded The Aquaint 4/5

packaged, marketed towards parents and children. It’s a large bottle which
would last for ages. It looks attractive on the kitchen side. It’s a normal
spray top which makes it easy to use, difficult for small hands which makes it
child safe. I only received the main bottle not a travel size one to review. I found the liquid was too runny to be good
for hands. When I sprayed it on my child hands they had to rub them together
quickly to stop it running off. Foam sprays are easier for this use. The
product worked well for cleaning tops, toys, surfaces. It’s
easy to spray on surfaces and wipe off. It’s a good quality product, well
packaged and good blurb about the ingredients and uses. It’s a very large
bottle so would last for a long time; however it is a large cost on my weekly
shopping. I don’t use these types of products as they are alternatives to
regular hand washing and cleaning. It’s a well-designed product but I feel it
could be a smaller size bottle at a cheaper price point. Good product, nice
designed bottle. Liquid is too runny for hand and face use but good for
cleaning toys and tables etc. Graeme Lowe – Zak 3 Years

Excellent product, so handy and safe. I will be buying this product. I will look out for the travel size too.                                                                                                        


Lucy Awarded The Aquaint 5/5           

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