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Aquasolari Bed Pad

Because they can be machine washed and used time and time again, Aquasolari bed pads don’t just mean you can relax and look forward to one comfortable night’s sleep – they mean you can sleep soundly night after night. They couldn’t be easier to change – you simply un-tuck the special wings that sit under the mattress and the whole pad lifts off, leaving the bed beneath nice and dry. Then all you have to do is pop the pad into the washing machine to make it fresh and ready to use again.
Now anyone can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, night after night, thanks to the amazing Aquasolari washable bed pad. Providing protection for both you and the bed, the bed pad features a unique absorbent layer that can effortlessly soak-up 2 litres of fluid. As well as a soft ‘upper side’ it has a special vinyl back which ensures that the sheet stays just as dry as you do. And better still, the bed pad can be washed and re-used over 200 times.
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Aquasolari Bed Pad Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Booth – Izzie 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Booth – Izzie 2 Years 6 Months

Sarah Awarded The Aquasolari Washable Bed Pad 5/5

A well-constructed bed sheet perfect for potty training toddlers, the absorbent cover definitely makes changing the bed in the middle of the night quicker and easier!!  Packaging is perfect to keep so you can fold the sheet away after you have finished using it. The packaging is clear so you can see what you are buying and is eye catching. Clear instructions meant it was easy to use and put on the bed. I think that the size of the mat is perfect for all ages, even for my fidget bum!  As the sides are fairly long they go under the bed well and tuck in well too.  Maybe the addition of  Velcro would help the sides stay together. This did affect comfort when sleeping, due to the size she was pretty much on the complete mat, so didn’t seem to notice too much. I found that removing the mat was so quick and easy when it was wet that it caused fewer disturbances during the night which meant that our little girl could go back to bed relatively quickly. Due to the size it fitted well in our washing machine,  I did have to remember not to put softener in but as I used cloth nappies this wasn’t too much of a problem. Although the material seemed hard when first opened, it seemed to soften over time and washing.  Definitely a product I would recommend to friends. I think it is quite an expensive product and not something I would necessarily have looked at purchasing for £39.99, but have found it useful to have and the fact I can reuse it definitely has big bonuses. Now that I know what the product is like, I would definitely look at purchasing it; it is a good reusable product. I have other friends who are currently potty training and have told them about the wet mat and they have been interested.  I have scored this product with a 5, as it’s been very useful to have; I originally looked at the disposable mats before receiving this product to try and definitely think this is a brilliant idea and has been well thought out. Easy to use and install on the bed, a fantastic product for use with potty training and other mishaps. Sarah Booth – Izzie 2 Years 6 Months


Product Tested By Karen English – Holly 3 Years

KarenAwarded The Aquasolari Washable Bed Pad 4.7/5

The package was quite large which I wasn’t expecting but the mat seemed good quality much better than others we have used. Nice sturdy package not flimsy, instructions on pack were clear. Instructions were clear, giving usage options and clear guidelines about the capabilities of the mat, although seeing the image of a jug of water being absorbed on the packaging did give me the idea to test to its limits. At first I was concerned that it wasn’t big enough as we have always used full mattress covers in the past but actually it was a great fit and just the right size to give confidence in its effectiveness. We have a cabin bed so the mattress needed lifting to put the mat on, this applies to any bedding though so this was as easy to fit as anything else we use on the be.   Looking at the design I can see it would be easy to use on a normal divan or low sided bed frame. When used above the bedding my daughter was aware of the mat but not uncomfortable, when we used it below her bedding she never mentioned it at all so I can only assume she didn’t even notice. We only needed the waterproof powers of the mat on a few occasions as my daughter has had very few accidents (typical when I’m testing a bed mat?!).  On the occasions we had accidents, the mat was easy absorbent enough to ensure my daughter wasn’t lying in a puddle (eugh!) and it was easy to remove meaning bed change was quick and my daughter was back to sleep in minutes, so yes the comfort and sleep of the whole family was greatly improved. We have washed other waterproof  mats and they seem to stay wet for ages after washing sometimes gaining a foist like smell, this mat fitted easily in the washer and dried as quickly as other bedding. The mat is soft and thick offering comfort and is very absorben.  We have bought expensive mattress protectors from leading brands which have seemed cheaply made and thin and ‘noisy’, this mat wasn’t like that. In honesty when I saw the rrp of this product I was a little put off.  I probably wouldn’t pay that much for something that’s going to potentially be wee’d pooped and puked on!  But having tested it and put it through its paces  I really think its better value for money than others we have tried.  Before this test we were using a big brand cover which didn’t absorb water it simply stopped it going into the mattress.  We’ve now bought 2 of those in 7 months and at £15 each I feel it would have been better use of money to pay the higher price of this and not have to replace it as frequently as the cheaper ones. I would purchase this item and certainly recommend. A little more expensive, but good value for money, easy to use and more comfortable than all of the others we have used. Karen English –Holly 3 Years


Product Tested By Rachael Penfold – Ronnie 4 Years

RachaelAwarded The Aquasolari Washable Bed Pad 4/5

Looks good quality. Packaging was very good and you could clearly see item. Instructions clear and precise. As my daughter shifts around a lot in bed at night the pad only covers a section of  bed, I think a bigger or full sized version would be better. We had to get the mattress off the top bunk to put it on properly. Once in place this is far more comfortable and offers good protection. A lot better than a plastic mat. My Daughter seemed fairly comfortable during the night but she does fidget a lot. Easy to wash took a bit of a while to line dry. The quality of this product is excellent and very well made. I think the price of this item is too expensive for the amount of cover, you would need more than one to change if the bed gets wet and if your little one wets a few times then you could be spending a lot of money to keep yourself covered. I would recommend as this is good quality and effective but would outline the price of this item. Good idea but too expensive as you would need to have one or more for spare in case of wetness through the night. Rachael Penfold – Ronnie 4 Years


I originally looked at the disposable mats before receiving this product to try and definitely think this is a brilliant idea and has been well thought out. Easy to use and install on the bed, a fantastic product for use with potty training and other mishaps.


 Sarah Awarded The Aquasolari Washable Bed Pad 5/5


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