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Cream Aron Baby Blanket –Rejoice, traditionalists – an Aran baby blanket that doesn’t scratch! Made in the proper fashion on the fabulious West coast of Ireland, in glorious Aran knit but from soft, soft merino, this is a gorgeous heirloom blanket that everyone will envy. Thick, soft, drapey and beautiful in cream, chilli red and soft squashed raspberry – what more could you ask for?– Price £45

Pink White Ginham or Blue White Gingham Blanket – A scrumptious gingham blanket in our softest lambswool. Quite the perfect gift and totally snugglesome. Price £25.00

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Atlantic Baby Blankets Reviews

Product Tested by: Sonia Shaft – Ellie 3 Months

Product Tested By Sonia Shaft – Ellie 3 Months

Sonia Awarded The Atlantic Blanket Cream Aran Baby Blanket £45 4.5/5

I love the Aran style and this blanket looked luxurious and was eager to try it out.  This is a good size blanket and was ideal to put in Ellie’s cot.  I would have the sheet on first and then put this blanket over the top.  Kept her warm and snug and loved the feel of this.  We also used it in the pushchair and was perfect to keep her warm when out on longwalks by the sea.  Also ideal to take in the car to wrap Ellie up if she got cold. This is lovely and soft, warm and looks amazing.  Never caused any skin irritation either.  A really good quality blanket that will last a long time and a good size.  Washing not as easy as you have to hand wash so takes time and then dry flat so as not to lose shape.  This takes time and when blankets get dirty you need something you can wash quickly and dry easily.  However, saying this it was luxurious and we love this blanket.  Do not use it everyday as really for special occasions now due to washing issue.  This is expensive but the quality is superb.  Would make a perfect gift for any new parent.  We will continue to use this blanket as such good quality.  Will recommend to others but will highlight this has to be hand washed.  I have already purchased another one for friend who has just given birth and it was very well received.  The website offers a wide range of blankets for all occasions and a wide range of prices. If you are looking for a high quality blanket and willing to pay the price tag then do look at these as worth the investment.  Sonia Shaft – Ellie 3 Months.

Product Tested By Joanne Jacks – Louis 6 Months

Joanne Awarded The Atlantic Blanket Blue Gingham £25 4/5

A lovely well-presented blanket in Blue Gingham style which looked superb.  This is soft to the touch and was looking forward to trying this out. A good quality soft, thick traditional blanket.  This is not as big as most blankets but was sufficient for our needs.  However, would like to see this available in larger sizes as will last a bit longer.  Used this in the Cot and would also take with us when going out on trips.  This is a lambswool blanket so you have to be careful how you wash this item.  I have washed this a few times and must admit it has not maintained its original quality.  Although I may have been washing this incorrectly.  This is easy to launder as wash at 30 and dry flat to maintain the shape.  This is expensive for a blanket but the quality is wonderful.  I would not purchase this as an everyday blanket but nice as a gift.  I have had many people comment about the style and the quality and recommended the website to quite a few friends.  Will continue to use and would recommend as alovely gift for new baby.  Lovely style, soft and gentle on Louis’s skin and keeps baby warm.  Joanne Jacks – Louis 6 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Rowley-Hill – Maddison 2 Years

Michelle Awarded The Atlantic Blanket Pink Gingham £25 3.5/5

This looked a warm, thick traditional baby blanket.  Loved the design too.  I think the blanket could be quite a bit bigger; it only really fits a mosses basket. The blanket is very thick and is very well made.  The blanket was fairly soft but after a few washes it seemed to lose its softness. This blanket never caused any skin irritation.  I washed it on a 30 degree wash; however, there are no washing instructions on the blanket so I’m not sure I was doing it right. Might be worth putting washing instructions on the blanket in the future.   Personally I do not feel this blanket is good value for money as not as soft as other blankets I have used. The blanke tis not very big and I would not really want to use on a new-born baby as not as soft as others I have used.  Very disappointed with the size and feel of this blanket. Michelle Rowley-Hill – Maddison 2 years

We will continue to use this blanket as such good quality.


Sonia Awarded The Atlantic Blanket Cream Aran Baby Blanket £45 4.5/5

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