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Australian Organics Conditioner

As part of the process to achieve healthy hair and scalp, we use a formulation developed with mild cleanses usually only found in professional salon products (no SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates) together with Plant Proteins and Organic Plant Extracts (improves lustre, moisture retention and manageability), Almond Glycerides (water soluble, powerful humectants that silken, moisturize and improve manageability), Horsechestnut Extract (improves blood circulation to the scalp), and Provitamins.At the molecular level, our provitamin mix strengthens cells and assists new cell generation. Hair is made of structural proteins called keratin, which are long chain molecules composed of eighteen different amino acids. Vitamins are organic compounds necessary for normal functioning of the body. The lower molecular weighted provitamins are small enough to penetrate cells for substantive moisturizing, thereby adding body to each hair shaft. The higher molecular weighted proteins affix themselves to the outside of the hair shaft forming monomolecular layers that provide a cushion effect for added hair bounce and promote shine and silkiness.

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£3.99 100ml - Available to purchase Holland & Barrett,

Australian Organics Conditioner Reviews

Product Tested by: Jane Belsham

Product Tested By Jane Belsham

Jane Awarded The Australian Organics Conditioner 3/5

Looked like many other bottles of conditioner and was looking forward to trying this out.  Came in a good size bottle which was easy to hold.  Easy to apply the conditioner.  Worked reasonably well, but was not as effective as my existing conditioner.  This is just a personal opinion as when trying out new conditioners you need to try them first and see if they are good for you and your hair.  If you like natural conditioners then this is worth trying out.  A good quality conditioner but on my hair type was not as effective as my normal conditioner.  Also always worth reading the ingredients to make sure you like the smell of the conditioner as well as this is also important.   Good size bottle, ideal for home use.  Would be nice to see travel size available as always good to have smaller bottle to take on your travels.  Price is standard with most natural conditioners.  Jane Belsham

Product Tested By Clare Merendidis

Clare Awarded The Australian Organics Conditioner 4/5  

Simple packaging and design.  Product was very easy to apply and easy to use bottle.  This was a relatively good conditioner, but sometimes hair remained a little tangled.  Absolutely loved the fragrance of this conditioner and left my hair feeling nice and soft and smelling great. Personally felt that maybe the design was too simple, almost no effort made. This is also ideal size to take away on holiday and natural so another bonus. Certainly good value for money.  Only one suggestion make the packaging a bit more exciting. Liked the product, will certainly continue to use and recommend to friends.  The content of the product and effectiveness was very good, the packaging let it down.  Clare Merendidis.

Product Tested By Kate Patane – Olmeo Aged 1 Year 6 Months

Kate Awarded The Australian Organics Conditioner 4/5

Arrived nicely packaged.   This conditioner was very easy to apply and an effective conditioner to use. This is a natural conditioner which was good and had a very nice aroma.   Would leave hair feeling nice and soft after applying.   Bottle is standard design and would be ideal to take on your travels as well as use at home.   This is good value for money and a good product.  I did not find it effective for my hair as have oily hair but my husband used this conditioner and absolutely loved it.   I cannot get over how my husband guarded this product.  I haven’t seen him do that with conditioner and shampoo before.    He really liked itKate Patane – Olmeo Aged 1 Year 6 Months

The content of the product and effectiveness was very good.


Jane Awarded The Australian Organics Conditioner  3/5

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