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B Kids Go With me Mobile

Nap time always includes a visit from these wonderful, soft stuffed happy animals for infants.Attaches to any crib, this item is great for keeping toddlers’ minds active and satisfied.Strong baby-proof construction.
Suitable from Birth – 5 Months

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B Kids Go With me Mobile Reviews

Product Tested by: Kelly Campbell – Lexi 3.5 Months

Product Tested By Kelly Campbell – Lexi 3.5 Months

Kelly Awarded The B Kids Go With me Mobile 4.5/5

Very colourful and attractive and cute looking.The wind up musical part I felt was a little flimsy, I felt that if I wound it up too much it would snap. This was very easy to set up. Very simple and straightforward to attach to cot. It is very secure too.When this arrived it certainly did stimulate her development. She has now started to reach out and hit the toy attachments and is getting bored quicker so age range of 0-5 months is perfect. This mobile comes with detachable toys and on the box handle is a plastic ring to attach toys to. I nearly threw it out as instructions were in pictures and not words so didn’t realise it was part of it.The toys are portable but I wouldn’t take the whole mobile. However if going on holiday it would be easy enough to take. My daughter loves it when music is on and watching animals go round. The music is very loud to soothe her to sleep. It stimulates her too much. I think an improvement would be to add a switch just to have the movement and no sound would be good. We will definitely continue to use this mobile. I would also recommend. A good product, well made, colourful and loved by my little Lexie. Kelly Campbell – Lexi 3.5 Months

Product Tested By Charlene Sarjeant – Amelia 4 Months

Charlene Awarded The B Kids Go With me Mobile 4.4/5

Looks like a good product, bright attractive colours. Very good quality and looks like it will last. Very easy to assemble. This was also very easy to fix onto the cot. Once attached this is secure. My daughter was only interested for a limited amount of time. However, I feel this is more down to my baby’s personality rather than a reflection on the product. You can remove the toys from this mobile, but personally I would not wish to remove them. This is an easy item to take on your travels. My daughter would be entertained for about 5 minutes at a time and she did like this mobile. Presently my daughter will only go to sleep when she is in my arms. Personally I feel usage will be limited as this is suitable from 0-5 months. A good quality product, well made, reasonably priced but not right for Amelia. Charlene Sarjeant – Amelia 4 Months

Product Tested by Dil Hurst – Ruby 5 Months

Dil Awarded The B Kids Go With Me Mobile 4/5

Bright and colourful, easy to assemble. Didn’t feel as sturdy as the current cot mobile I already have. Extremely easy to put together. This is also extremely easy to attach to the cot, and once in place very secure. This mobile does stimulate my baby although the tune it plays is very short and on a constant repeat. Could do with having a couple of different tunes. This mobile also comes with detachable toys but unfortunately as they are cloth toys they get very soggy as she is permanently putting them in her mouth. Not really wipe clean. This is a good mobile to take on your travels as it can easily go in an overnight bag/case without taking up much room at all. Ruby does like this mobile but prefers her other mobile as has lights and a range of tunes. This did soothe Ruby for a short while but it doesn’t hold her attention as the music is very loud and fast paced. I spend a lot of time visiting family and will definitely take it away with me to put on the travel cot. As my daughter prefers her own mobile for the cot at home I probably wouldn’t use it on an everyday basis. Personally I think you could probably get more for the same amount of money with a different mobile. Bright, colourful and very easy to assemble. Not battery operated which is a plus point; you don’t have to worry about batteries running out. However it could probably do with a volume control and a tune that isn’t so fast paced which would make it easier for the child to sleep. Dil Hurst – Ruby 5 Months

 good product, well made, colourful and loved by my little Lexie.


Kelly Awarded The B Kids Go With me Mobile 4.5/5

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