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B Kids "Rollabout" Ball Top Toy

The B Kids Roll About Ball Top is a traditional toy that children will love! Simply push the bright button down on the top and watch the two layers of balls spin. The balls are different colours with various patterns, creating a kaleidoscope of colour as they race around. This is a highly visual toy and rewards the child with a cascade of colour from a simple action. Suitable for children aged from six months.

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B Kids "Rollabout" Ball Top Toy Reviews

Product Tested by: Lana Harris – William 8 Months

Product Tested By Lana Harris – William 8 Months

Lana Awarded The B Kids Rollabout Ball Top Toy 4.5/5

This looked really bright and colourful when arrived and something that would entertainWilliam. Packaging was good and loved the bright colours which attract babies’ attention. This is a lovely classic toy and just push on the top to see the colourful balls rattle and spin around. William had so much fun watching the balls just travel around and he loved the sounds too. He would smile and clap his hands. We would help him push the top down to get it to spin, but it did kee phis attention. It was good to help him learn how to push down the top to make this spin, and I am sure it will entertain him for a while yet. Also the balls are all so colourful so helps us to tell him colours. He will not remember them yet but it certainly entertained William.This is a classic spinning toy which children just love and the colours are vibrant and attractive. We have used this at home and taken to grandparents to keep him occupied. This is also well made as it has been thrown all over the place and still in working order. Great toy, robust and good value for money. William loved this. I would purchase this item and certainly recommend. A highly colourful classic spinning toy which is easy to use and entertaining for baby. Lana Harris – William 8 Months


Product Tested By Susannah Priest – Lilly 12 Months

Susannah Awarded The B Kids Rollabout Ball Top toy 4.6/5

Looked colourful and would be a nice toy for Lily. Packaging good and age suitability clearly marked on the box. Lilly loved the colours and attracted her to it straight away. A classic spinning toy which is simple but really does entertain your children. Lilly would sit on the floor with this and keep pushing down the top to watch the balls spinning around. The main part of this toy is clear plastic so children can easily see all the brightly coloured balls inside and watch them spin around. This does help with hand eye co-ordination. The button at the top was easy for Lilly to push down and she loved the sound the spinning balls made. Helps them remember colours and a very simple toy that amazingly keeps Lilly occupied for ages. A classic toy that will always be a winner. Very well made, colourful, and entertaining. Good value for money and Iam sure Lilly will continue to use this for a while yet. We really loved this, such a simple. I would purchase this item and recommend. Lilly has enjoyed this toy so much.Thank you. Susannah Priest – Lilly 10 Months


Product Tested By Clarence Ryan – Billy 9 Months

ClarenceAwarded The B Kids Rollabout Ball Top Toy 4.6/5

Arrived well packaged. Bright and colourful and looked good quality.  A standard spinning toy.  This is very easy to use,  just push down the top button and enable the balls to spin around inside. Age suitability ideal as suitable for 6 months plus and I had no concerns about Billy playing with this toy. The balls inside the top are made up of lots of wonderful vibrant colours which Billy enjoyed watching them spin around. This does help with developing motor skills and picking out all the vibrant colours. It is also very robust as Billy has an older brother who enjoyed making the balls spin and he was fairly heavy handed, but this stood up to continual use and survived. A very simple toy that did entertain Billy. We would sit together and watch this spin and I would shout out all the different colours. The balls do rattle inside the spinner and Billy did enjoy the noise they made. I think this is a really good quality toy, certainly stood up to both my boys. Will entertain for a while, but a classic toy they will go back to. The price is good and I would purchase this item. Billy enjoys his spinner toy and plays with it every so often. Would make a nice gift too. A good quality spinning toy which has certainly entertained Billy. ClarenceRyan – Billy 9 Months


A highly colourful classic spinning toy which is easy to use and entertaining for baby.


Lana Awarded The B Kids Rollabout Ball Top Toy 4.5/5

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