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B Kids Stacks ‘O Fun Toy

Sea creature character stacking and nesting toy cups.Multi-textured rounded surfaces promote tactile stimulation. The ideal toy at the beach and in the tub.
Suitable 9 Months Plus

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B Kids Stacks ‘O Fun Toy Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachael Ember – Louisa 11 Months

Product Tested By Rachael Ember – Louisa 11 Months

Rachael Awarded The B Kids Stacks ‘O Fun Toy 4.5/5

Looked good quality, bright and colourful toy.You can clearly see the product in the packaging. This toy has a wide variety of colourful shapes which can easily be stacked. Good size for small hands. Louisa loved these, we would have fun stacking them and then knocking them down and she also loved to chew on them. We would also take these in the bath as she loved to fill then up with water and then push them around. I had no concerns about Louisa using these as suitable 9 months plus. These are really sturdy and they certainly have been chucked around the house and still look good. A great toy to help with recognising colours, and also hand eye co-ordination. These are definitely good value for money and will last a long time, so long term playability. We cannot wait to take these along to the beach and use then to make mini sand shapes. So many ways to use these. I would buy this item and would certainly recommend. A really bright colourful, durable toy tha thas given Louisa hours and hours of fun. Rachael Ember – Louisa 11 Months


Product Tested By Nicole Gahan – Emma 9 Months

NicoleAwarded The B Kids Stacks ‘O Fun Toy 4/5

Looks like fun, but maybe my child won’t get so much out of it yet. Very well packed, secure, and you are able to see the entire toy without opening the pack. Excellent size for a young child, all pieces are big enough not to choke on, and small enough to hold easily. My daughter enjoyed playing with the different pieces, exploring them.  After a while she would get bored though, unless I was there to show her what to do with them. I think an older child would probably get more out of it, as my daughter at 9months is not able to stack them yet, or does not know how to use them as a shower etc. But I had no concerns regarding safety of the toy. Mylittle one liked playing with the toy, banging the different parts against each other and the bath.  She also enjoyed when I used them as a shower (each "cup”has holes in the bottom).  She loved trying to "catch” the water. But when playing by herself with them, she got bored quite fast. I think once my child is a bit older and she realises how to stack the cups up, and how to make a shower with them etc. She will begin to enjoy the toy a lot more. At the moment she finds food tin lids just as interesting as this toy.  She plays with it for a while, but then gets bored. For my child it is perhaps a little too complex still, at least without an adult to help. Just splashing water and hitting the bath with them is a thing she enjoys. Seems durable and good quality plastic. I think it definitely does offer value for money. It has many pieces and great variation for play. I would purchase this product and I would recommend. I give the product a fairly high mark even though it hasn’t been the most useful toy for us. I think if my child was a bit older, this toy would be a big hit. It has lots of potential for entertainment, play and creativity. All in all this product is better suited for slightly older children. It is a fun toy with lots of potential, but at least with my 9 month old baby, it was still a bit too complex to keep her entertained for more than a brief moment. Nicole Gahan – Emma 9 Months


Product Tested By Davina Chaps – Henry 12 Months

DavinaAwarded The B Kids Stacks ‘O Fun Toy 4.7/5

Arrived well packaged. A lovely box of colourful cups for Henry to explore. The packaging would stand out on the shop shelves and you can clearly see what the product is. The stacking shapes are supplied in a variety of colours and you get 8 shapes in all and one with a little ball on the top that will turn. Henry loved the colours and the size of these stacking shapes was easy enough for him to hold. Really strong durable plastic and needs to be with Henry! The stacking shapes also have numbers in the bottom of the cup like shape so you can teach numbers, colours. Henry just loved to stack these all on top of each other in the living room and then knock them down; he just loved the sound and had a ball. They were also great fun in the bath as the bottom of each stacking piece has holes in it and Henry would laugh as the water came out. A really versatile little toy which offers so much play value. No concerns about age suitability as perfect for Henry. He would also put the cat biscuit in some of these and carry around the house! Really well made. Great play value and helps with colours, numbers, creativity and hand eye co-ordination. Fantastic value for money. I would certainly purchase this toy and have already recommended to lots of mums at my play group. A real winner in our house. Thank you. Davina Chaps – Henry 12 Months




I would buy this item and would certainly recommend. A really bright colourful, durable toy tha thas given Louisa hours and hours of fun.


Rachael Awarded The B Kids Stacks ‘O Fun Toy 4.5/5 

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