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B.sensible Double waterproof bedding

A New Dawn in Bedding.  As soft as silk, cool as linen, warm as wool and infinitely more absorbent than cotton.  2 in 1 fully fitted sheets-no other sheets or mattress protector required.  Waterproof-comfortable for the skin & helps regulate body temperature.  Breathable – Hypoallergenic-clinically proven to be suitable for those with sensitive skin, asthma, eczema & rhinitis.  A natural barrier against dust mites etc.,  Eco-friendly.  Available in a wide range of colours including white.  Guaranteed for 10 Years.

Available in wide range of sizes to suit cot, single, double, Kingsize & Super Kingsize beds.   


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B.sensible Double waterproof bedding Reviews

Product Tested by: Sally McCabe – Baby Charlotte 10 Months

Product Tested By Sally McCabe – Baby Charlotte 10 Months

Sally Awarded TheB.sensible/Sauvinet Double Tencel Fitted Waterproof bedding 4/5

Looked really nice when I opened the bag it came in.  I liked the packaging not sure about the name, a bit condescending maybe!  Instructions very easy to follow. The item we received was much too big, we had the double size but the area designed to cover the mattress was very large.  Although it was very big it was easy to fit.  The mattress protector is noisier than a normal sheet but is much more comfortable and quieter than a normal mattress protector.  This certainly protected the mattress from baby sick and urine.  This item certainly gave me confidence as I knew I could leave my baby in our bed with us at night, whereas normally I would move her into her bed incase she was sick or her nappy leaked, both of which happen quite often!  Easy to wash but takes a very long time to dry.  The mattress cover feels lovely to lie on.  With the one we received we noticed some holes in the waterproof fabric, however this has a 10 Year Guarantee so just call up the company and they will replace item which is brilliant service.  One other point was after the 1st couple of uses the material seemed to stain much more than a normal bed sheet.  While the mattress protector performs as it should you would have to buy more than 1 to allow for washing time so it would be quite expensive. One suggestion would be to make the top fabric easier to clean so it doesn’t stain.  I would suggest it as a comfortable alternative to a separate mattress protector. I really liked the product and quality very good, and great to get an item with such a long term guarantee. The drying time during the winter could be an issue.  Sally McCabe – Baby Charlotte 10 Months


Product Tested By Beverley Childs – Molly Aged 3 Years

Beverley Awarded The  B.I.B: B.sensible/Suavinet Tencel fitted waterproof bedding (Double) 5/5

Great colours and patterns. Looks expensive and came in a lovely canvas bag.  Instructions are Very simple and straight forward. Easy to follow.   I had the Double and it was a perfect fit.  This is very easy to put on as just like putting a fitted sheet on. The material is so soft and smooth and fitted on bed perfectly and felt so comfortable.  This delivered 100% protection for our mattress.  It did what it was suppose to do. I did need to change the protector sheet when my daughter had an accident, but it made so much of a difference being able to put a clean sheet straight back on with the mattress being dry.  Very easy to launder as just put in wash with other items and washed and dried well.  Very good quality and very comfortable.  Absolutely superb value for money.  The pillow cases are slightly on the large size even for my feather pillows. I found that they either slipped down or off most nights. A quilt cover in this material would be the perfect way to complete the bedding set.  Now we have tested this item would love one for my daughter’s bed.   Most definitely recommend this product as effective and works.  I love this product, it has made night time sheet changes a lot less of a chore and my mattress no longer smells of stale milk or urine.   I wouldn’t be with out this product now.  Beverley Childs – Molly Aged 3 Years


Product Tested By Wendy Hurst – Luke & Jenna Aged 5 & 4 Years

Wendy Awarded The B.I.B: B.sensible/Suavinet Tencel fitted waterproof (Super king)  5/5

I thought it was really good, wasn’t quite sure what to expect and how it would work.  I loved the packaging; it came in its own bag that could quite easily be reused for a shopping bag or something.  The instructions were very precise and clear of how to look after and wash the sheet.   I thought it was a perfect size, I have a super-king bed and it is hard getting sheets to fit the bed. The mattress protector had more than enough room to tuck it under the mattress.  The mattress was very easy to put on as it had elasticated corners to hold it in place.  The mattress proctor has like a very soft sheet top that is not only comfy to lie on but it keeps you cool as well.   Definitely protected our mattress.  My children often sleep in our bed and I have lost count the times that they have wet the bed, which then in turn seeps through to the mattress. I can honestly say since having the mattress proctor it has kept the mattress dry.  Using this gave us great confidence at night as I felt that this would keep the mattress dry which in turn stopped the children waking up and having a disturbed night.  Very easy to launder, it fitted into the washer really easy and was very easy to dry.  I thought it was a very high quality product, especially the top sheet of the proctor it was very soft.  I thought it was a bit pricey, but sometimes you have to pay for quality.  I think they have designed it just right. Yes I would purchase this item because I know that it will protect the mattresses.  Will definitely recommend as I was very impressed with it; it did exactly what it should with added comfort.  I was very impressed with this not only was it comfortable to lie on it protected my mattress as well.  Comfy as well as practical.  Wendy Hurst – Luke & Jenna Aged 5 & 4 Years.

I would suggest it as a comfortable alternative to a separate mattress protector. I really liked the product and quality very good.


Sally Awarded The B.sensible/Sauvinet Double Tencel Fitted Waterproof bedding 4/5

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