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B.sensible Single Sheet waterproof bedding

A New Dawn in Bedding.  As soft as silk, cool as linen, warm as wool and infinitely more absorbent than cotton.  2 in 1 fully fitted sheets-no other sheets or mattress protector required.  Waterproof-comfortable for the skin & helps regulate body temperature.  Breathable – Hypoallergenic-clinically proven to be suitable for those with sensitive skin, asthma, eczema & rhinitis.  A natural barrier against dust mites etc.,  Eco-friendly.  Available in a wide range of colours including white.  Guaranteed for 10 Years.

Available in wide range of sizes to suit cot, single, double and Kingsize beds.   

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B.sensible Single Sheet waterproof bedding Reviews

Product Tested by: Martina Owens – Erin 4 Years

Product Tested By Martina Owens – Erin 4 Years

MartinaAwardedThe B.Sensible Single Waterproof Sheet 5/5

High quality item. Packaging described item accurately and gave full care instructions so the purchaser would be well placed to decide if this item was suitable for them. Very clear instructions. The fabric surprised me. Even though it had a waterproof backing, you could not tell this from the upper fabric. My daughter had no complaints. My daughter has a 3ft single bed mattress and this fitted well. We did not really have accidents, but I have given this full marks as I don’t think anything would get through the sheet to the mattress due to the backing. The upper fabric is very soft and the sheet is well made. I have washed and line dried it and it washed well. I think the quality and the fact that itf eels like a normal sheet make it worth the money. The design is excellent and I would purchase this product. I would certainly recommend this product. This is a very good quality item that is comfortable and good value for money. Martina Owens – Erin 4 Years


Product Tested By Karen Crosbie – Dylan 3 years

KarenAwarded The B.Sensible Single Waterproof Sheet 4.9/5

Great packaging, lovely and soft not like the usual waterproof sheets you get. Although the packaging was great, loved the box and the bag that it came in.  I also re-used the bag to put other sheets in etc. Very simple and easy to use and wash. The sheet didn’t feel like it was waterproof, it was soft and it was still warm to lie on and didn’t make any noise when you moved on it.  Excellent!  Fitted the mattress fine, although there was a little gap at the side where the waterproof material starts but didn’t matter as it didn’t affect it in any way. We did have a few accidents and there was no spillage onto the mattress so worked excellently.  Thought everything about it was fantastic and was thinking about buying one for my oldest son’s bed also just in case of any accidents! I thought the product was over priced but when I used this and saw how effective it was it is a good investment. Design is just perfect. I would consider purchasing as it was great quality and comfortable, it would also do my other son’s bed in case of accidents. Wouldd efinitely recommend and already have. Comfortable,easy to wash, easy to use and great quality! Karen Crosbie – Dylan 3 years


Product Tested By Mary Daniels –Lauren 5 years

Mary Awarded The B.Sensible SingleWaterproof Sheet 4.8/5

Upon opening I was very impressed with the softness of the sheet, worried that the rubber backing would come away from the sheet with washing.Was a nice touch that it came in a blue cloth type bag, gave impression of luxury item. It’s a sheet, did not need much apart from clear washing and drying instructions. I think it was a lot more softer than most of our sheets, I would buy one for my bed. As for the rubber backing you would not know it was even there, I fell asleep one night and did not even notice the difference from any other cotton sheet. Fitted extremely well, it’s a different material around the side, which would cover deep mattresses or shallow ones, great design. The mattress was completely dry, has been washed 4 times in th emonth and still as good as new. Very impressed, expected maybe staining, but none, the backing seems to be attached as when I first received it. At the moment I would say almost certainly worth £25 it is a quality item, and if you have an older relative that has a few accidents it would be ideal sheet that they would not notice different treatment due to roughness of other mattress protectors. Will probably buy one for my dad. As well as family members with babies. Would certainly recommend. Slightly more expensive than buying sheet and separate protector. Softness in a sheet that is protecting the mattress without you knowing it was even there. Mary Daniels – Lauren 5 years



This is a very good quality item that is comfortable and good value for money.


 Martina AwardedThe B.Sensible Single Waterproof Sheet 5/5

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