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Baba+Boo is the name of our gorgeous boutique which sells beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories for your little ones. A fully fledged baby boutique, we specialise in fashionable reusable nappies that are made up of a waterproof outer layer and 2 microfibre inserts. Our nappies come in a range of funky prints and we also stock our own range of purpose-built for swimming and bathing. We have potty training pants in our collection too. We ensure that you are prepared for every situation in which your child might need it.But it is not just mums or dads who will love our nappies; your little tots will adore them too. They are available in a huge number of fun designs which mums love and recommend to all their friends. Our reusable nappies are the best selling items out of all the products on our website; a popular choice for parents who want to look after the environment as well as their little loved one. However, we have plenty of other baby clothing to choose from – which co-ordinates with our well-loved cloth nappies. You are also going to love the great styles we have for bandana bibs and our adorable range of leather baby shoes. If you plan on taking your little one to the pool or beach, our reusable swimming nappies are great!

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Baba+Boo Cloth Nappies Reviews

Product Tested by: Zoe Kennedy – Thomas 2 Years

Tested By
Zoe Kennedy – Thomas 2 Years

Awarded The Baba and Boo Cloth Nappy 5/5

absolutely loved it!! Way more convenient. I have been using reusable nappies
on all 4 of my children for the past 8 years.
I still do use disposables occasionally e.g. if we are on holiday but I
much prefer reusables. I have 4 children so I have a lot of wash loads each
week…one more is no big deal. It makes me shudder to think how many disposable
nappies are being thrown away every day! Beautifully soft. I loved the fleecy
texture of the inside of the nappy….so so soft. Way more soft and luxurious
than my own. These are Lovely. Much softer than the reusable nappies I
currently use on Thomas. Mine have a separate waterproof wrap which isn’t
nearly as soft and lovely as this one. And I love the design. On warmer days I
didn’t even put shorts or trousers on him – I just loved the look of him
running around showing off his nappy!! It looks beautiful and very comfy. He
didn’t seem to notice he was wearing a different nappy and there was no pulling
or tugging so I take that to mean he was comfortable. I like that there are so
many poppers on the front of the nappy so it can be adjusted width ways as well
as length ways to fit. I generally change his nappy every 3 hours and we had no
leaks. I used both inserts and we had a dry night each time. This nappy did not
leak. This is something I find reusable nappies are much better at!! I have
very vivid memories of leaky (poo) nappies all up the back of my little ones if
they wore disposables but this has never once happened with reusable nappies
and we had no leaks with this nappy either. This did not look bulky, and this is one of
the things I really loved about this nappy.
In the past I have tended not to put my girls in trousers when they wore
reusable nappies as their bum looked massive!! Or their trousers simply did not
fit on them. But this nappy isn’t bulky
at the sides at all so trousers fit perfectly.
So much better. Very easy. And
quick to put on too. I use disposable liners which just sit inside the nappy –
it takes seconds. Very easy to launder and I use a 60 degree cycle and hang out
to dry or tumble dry if it is raining. The disposable parts are easy to
dispose. If I am in a changing room or close to a loo I just flush them but if
I am not then I put them in a nappy sac and bin them. It is very important to
us that we use Eco friendly product.
This is why I have always used reusable nappies. Millions of nappies are thrown away everyday…it’s
shocking…so I guess I feel I am ‘doing my bit’. I just wish more people knew
how easy to use these nappies are. People often screw up their faces when I
mention I use reusable nappies. It is such a shame. Definitely value for money. I am still using
the same nappies I bought for my eldest 8 years ago!! We have saved a fortune!
And we will use them for baby no. 5 in Feb too! I wish I could swop my whole
stash here for these! But yes, I definitely would purchase more. I have always tried to promote reusable
nappies so yes I will recommend! This is a very beautiful product and so soft as well as
eye-catching. I think if people realised
how easy to use these nappies are then more would try. A beautifully soft nappy
that I have loved using on Thomas. Zoe Kennedy – Thomas 2 Years

Tested By
Michelle Henderson – William 6 Months

Awarded the Baba and Boo Cloth Nappy 4.5/5

I received my Baba and Boo Cloth Nappy I was very impressed with the packaging,
it was nicely presented. The nappy looked very cute and felt very soft. I was
very excited to try this nappy out on my Son. The instructions on how to use
and washing instructions were easy to follow. What I was doing that day
depended on whether it was convenient to me, i.e. going out for a full day I
used disposables as I didn’t feel confident to carry a used reusable nappy
about. Very soft on my Sons bum, I am very impressed even after a few washes it
is still as soft as when I first used it. William loved having this usable
cloth nappy on, he looked very comfortable and because its summer he only wore
this nappy with a t-shirt. This nappy
fitted him very well. William is a very
chunky little boy and this nappy fits round his legs very well as well as his
waist. After a few problems I have finally found the right fit to keep my boy
dry it’s all about trial and error the first few times. I haven’t tried this
nappy out on a night as William is a very heavy wetter. This nappy leaks if I
don’t fit it round his legs properly and I leave the nappy liner sticking out.
After checking it all out William stays dry for about 2 hours. Also if I put
tight clothes on round his nappy it seems to become less absorbent. This nappy
is bulky under clothes but I really don’t mind. I really like cloth nappies. This
nappy is very easy to put on I find the popper system the best so far. I find
it a little fiddly to put the insert into the pocket, but I would still
recommend this system. After reading the care instructions I find it very easy
to launder. Its just 1 extra wash with an extra rinse. Nothing too difficult. I
love the idea that none of the parts throw away you wash them all then re-use.
Hate the idea of nappies taking 500 years to rot away at a land fill. After
working it out these nappies offer a better value for money than disposable
ones. The setup is expensive but long term it works out far cheaper. I am now a
part time cloth nappy user but hope to go full time when I am able to buy more
cloth nappies. I would definitely recommend this product. I love how it reduces
nappies on landfills. A few friends already comment how amazing this nappy
looks. They now are cloth nappy users. Overall I love the cloth nappy I am 100
per cent converted. Loved trying this cloth nappy out. It looks very cute on
William and he loves it too. Michelle Henderson – William 6 Months

Tested By
Mrs S Furqan – Mohammad 4 Months

Furqan Awarded The Baba and Boo Cloth Nappy 4/5

looks nice and did what it says but washing 3 times every time especially when
your child is very young is hectic. I
would say it all depends upon your situation. In my situation I would prefer to
use disposable nappies so I don’t need to keep washing these each time used. I was pleased with
the absorbent power as its dry and my son is heavy wetter. I left it on as I do
normal reusable ones and it stands out very well. The texture of the outside
cloth cover is nice and soft. This
looked fine on my son and he looked comfortable. It doesn’t suit us because my kid is very
demanding and I don’t have time to wash it 3 times. So I am afraid it doesn’t
suit my baby or me in this situation. As I said earlier absorbent power for
this nappy is really good. I was surprised to see that a reusable nappy can
stay as long as you’d like top famous brand nappies. Again during the night it
did the job very well because of its good power of absorbency. We never had any
leaks with this nappy. It is bulky under
clothes since you need to wrap it according to the size of the kid. This is
really easy nappy to put on. Once you figure out how to use all the parts of
this nappy it is very easy to use. It is
easy to wash but sometimes has to wash more than once. I do like to use Eco friendly products
whenever I can. Although this did work
well I do not think this is good value as you would need to purchase a large
amount and take into account all the washing.I would recommend using this product
to others because I know this product is really good and they can afford it on
this price. This is a really good effective nappy but too pricey. Mrs S Furqan – Mohammad 4 Months

I have always tried to promote reusable nappies so yes I will recommend! This is a very beautiful product and so soft as well as eye-catching. I think if people realised how easy to use these nappies are then more would try. A beautifully soft nappy that I have loved using on Thomas.


Zoe Awarded The Baba and Boo Cloth Nappy 5/5

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