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Baba+Boo Potty Training Pants

Potty Training Pants
Practical for mum and fun for toddlers..winner!
Available in Animal Designs

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Baba+Boo Potty Training Pants Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanne Green – Malachy 3 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Green – Malachy 3 Years

Joanne Awarded The Baba + Boo Training Pants 4.4/5

These looked very cute and funky. Just came in a packet. No need for any other packaging really. One of the issues I had with this product was that I only had 1 of them. A pack of 4 would be a necessity. Loved the look of them. My little boy loved wearing them and running round the house pretending to be a bee. He even told the lady in the local bakery he was wearing ‘bee pants’. They appeared comfortable and my little boy certainly did not complain of them being uncomfortable. The material is very soft. I think they did help with toilet training, particularly in that he wanted to wear them so was quite happy forgoing his nappy. I think the main point is that they made toilet training more fun. My son absolutely loves them. At the point we were at with toilet training being eco-friendly was at the bottom of the list of priorities. However, it has to be a good thing not to be adding disposable pull ups onto the landfill. Not throwing them away also seemed to allow my boy to create an attachment to the pants! They were very easy to launder, just straight in the washing machine. Dried relatively quickly, which was useful as we only had one pair. Very well made, we had no issues with the quality of the product. Particularly enjoyed the detail on the pants (bee sting on the back). In some respects. If you were going to be buying pull ups then it would probably offer very good value for money. Not sure that they do anything very different from a normal pair of pants though, apart from the very funky and cool design. Would like to see a wider range of animals/designs on offer. As my son loves his so much, I probably would purchase. More to prevent arguments when they are in the wash. A different approach to toilet training that could be useful to those of us who have little ones who refuse to ditch the nappies. Joanne Green – Malachy 3 Years

Product Tested By Emma Le Leivre – Thomas 2 Years 9 Months

Emma Awarded The Baba + Boo Training Pants 3.4/5

Very bright and attractive to young children, my son was very excited about wearing his pirate pants which is always a good start when potty training. Not sure how they will be packaged for sale, but the pair I received where just in a clear bag. Although you will always need a few pairs to allow for ones in the wash, it may be worth selling some individually or in a smaller pack for people to try first, as I would probably be a bit nervous of spending out on a multi pack until I knew if they worked for me. I liked the bright colour and design, as did my son, although they looked a little like swimming trunks they were definitely preferable to nappies. They appeared comfortable, although they were a little tight around the leg, they obviously need to be, to help avoid leaking but maybe a bit more give in the elastic would be good if possible. Initially I still had to use disposable pants until he was over the main accident stage as anything else was just too messy, we tried not to go out at first and then when he started to get the hang of it a bit more the training pants were useful for soaking up dribble, my son seemed to hold it in for so long he would start to leak a little and the pants stopped me from having to change clothes so often, They were useful when going out, (especially to toddler groups as he sometimes got distracted whilst playing) as they gave me a little more confidence that if he did have an accident at least some of it would be soaked up. I did find that they tended to hold the liquid in but when you then went to take them off the wee all poured out so this could sometimes be quite messy. He did ask to wear his pirate pants quite often so I think he was quite happy in them and was always proud to show them off!! Being Eco friendly is important to me. However I would always tend to go with which ever product worked best and made my life easier as potty training is very stressful. I used a mixture of the two and tended to use the disposable ones in the early days when we had bigger, messier accidents and found the training pants more useful after the first few days when things were starting to improve. Easy to launder, they went in with the other laundry and washed well. Any major accidents were rinsed out before washing and they came up good as new after a machine wash. The material seemed to be of good quality, wore and washed well. They will in the long run work out cheaper than disposable pants if you can use just these, I found I only really needed to use them for a couple of weeks and now he is confident enough to wear regular pants however as I still bought disposable pants my overall cost would probably still be the same. If there is any way to make the legs slightly less tight to be more comfortable whilst still stopping leaks then that would be my design improvement? I would consider buy a few pairs for when I was going on short trips to the shops , toddler groups etc. once we had stopped having major accidents. Would recommend to others and state ideal for after the initial accident stage. Useful to assist with potty training alongside disposable and regular pants. They were a useful tool but not necessarily essential for potty training. Emma Le Leivre – Thomas Aged 2 Years 9 Months

Product Tested By Emily Jefferies – Lucas 3 years

Emily Awarded The Baba + Boo Training Pants 4/5

Arrived well packaged and looked bright and colourful. My son was certainly eager to try these on. I only received one pair and when potty training you always need back up while some are in the wash so would like to see packs of 3 or more on offer. Lucas really loved wearing these pants and he seemed very comfortable in them. These did help with potty training but could not use these independently as they did not cope with major accidents well. So we used these alongside pull-up nappies. Gradually as he got used to the fact he needed to use the toilet and especially as he enjoyed wearing these pants I could get him to wear them more often. Only problem was only had one pair so good job they washed well and dried quickly. We used these for trips to playgroup and when popping over to family for the afternoon. The fact he liked wearing them and felt more grown up did help in the latter stages of potty training. I am totally in favour of Eco products and do my best to purchase Eco friendly products to help my son’s future. These are fun to wear, do help but I had to still use disposable pull-ups in the early stages. A good idea, bit expensive for one, but my son loved wearing them so thumbs up from him. I would purchase more as you need more than one pair and have recommended due to the fact they do work on smaller accidents and Lucas loved wearing them which helps. A good idea, good to use as part of your potty training programme. Emily Jefferies – Lucas 3 years

A different approach to toilet training that could be useful to those of us who have little ones who refuse to ditch the nappies.


Joanne Awarded The Baba + Boo Training Pants 4.4/5

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