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Babasac – Sleeping Bags for Babies

Babasac® is a brand new range of sleeping bags for babies – with inner layers that easily zip out, creating a 2-in-1 multi tog baby sleeping bag.
Zip finishes at bottom for easy night changesSaves having to purchase summer weight and winter weight sleeping bags2.5 tog and 1.0 tog in one bagFully tested to British Safety standards BS8510:2009100% cotton outer and lining.

Available in 3 sizes

Award winning

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Babasac – Sleeping Bags for Babies Reviews

Product Tested by: Zoe Wall – Harry 11 Months

Product Tested By  Zoe Wall – Harry 11 Months

Zoe Awarded The Mamascarf Babasac 4.7/5

I thought this was a great style, lovely looking product; well-made.  The packaging was excellent and so were the instructions.  The quality is lovely but I did find that on the thinnest tog, the zip part seemed to dig in. He did enjoy sleeping in the sleeping bag,  however he is 11 months and is of a normal height and he is almost too long for it and this is 6-18 months.  It is easy to change the layers within the sleeping bag to change the thickness once you know how.  I think this is a great idea;  if you were on a budget, you could buy just one grow bag and use it through the winter and the summer.  It offers excellent value for money and I would recommend it to friends on a budget.  It is a great design and good quality and style looks great.  With a few tweaks, could end up being a must have buy! Zoe Wall – Harry 11 Months

Product Tested By Michaela Braisher – Alexa 6 Months

Michaela Awarded The Mamascarf Babasac 4.6/5

My initial impression of this was that it was very pretty to look at, soft material and lots of room.  Packaging was minimal, just the plastic around the product which was good.  Very simple instructions, not that any are really needed!  This product didn’t look or feel ‘cheap’ like lots of other sleeping bags can.  It also washed really well and kept its shape. Unfortunately my daughter didn’t like it;  she wouldn’t settle with it on and would kick about trying to get it off!  She would only fall asleep after lots of fidgeting/crying/kicking.  I very much doubt this is anything to do with the product as she’s just one of those babies that don’t even like a blanket over her.  It looked comfortable to me.  It was really easy to change the layers within the sleeping bag and didn’t take long to unzip/zip the panels in and out.  I loved the idea that it would be suitable for both warmer and cooler temperatures eliminating the need to have more than one sleeping bag.  Whilst I appreciate the fact that it is multi-tog and can be used all year round, it is very expensive and I know that I could purchase 2 different tog sleeping bags elsewhere for less than the cost of this.  If cheaper, I would definitely consider buying this for another child,  just not my fussy wriggly one!  I know that for some it would be a struggle to pay out this amount for a sleeping bag. If it were cheaper I would definitely recommend. It is soft, washes well and looks good just a little expensive.  Michaela Braisher – Alexa 6 Months

Product Tested by Sarah Walsh – Milo 3Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Mamascarf Babasac 3.7/5

First impression product looked Good.  Looks well-made and the design looks high end. Packaging good as you can see the material and design of the product and feel the thickness. Instructions clear and easy to follow. The Babasac is obviously well made. I did find my baby slept better when using this sleeping bag. My baby did enjoy sleeping in this sleeping bag. However the zip around the chest and back area creates a ridge which doesn’t seem comfortable. Not very easy to change layers as the zips are hard to get done up and undone and they are in an odd position. I haven’t seen any others like this, so in that sense it is innovative. Personally I do not feel this offers good value for money. It would be cheaper and less hassle to buy two sleeping bags with different tog levels. I really like the look of it, but unzipping it just to get my son in and out was a rigmarole and the smaller poppers for newborn were too small but the other size was too big. Sarah Walsh – Milo 3 Weeks









 It offers excellent value for money and I would recommend it to friends on a budget. It is a great design and good quality.


Zoe Awarded The Mamascarf Babasac 4.7/5

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