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Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion

The Babocush is a completely new and innovative solution, providing safety and comfort for your baby and peace of mind for you.

– Holds your baby just like you do
– Gentle vibrations and heartbeat sound
– Relieves gas, colic and reflux discomfort
– Also great for babies who don’t suffer with these issues
– Strengthens neck, back and trunk
– Encourages stress-free tummy time

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Price: £139.00 Available Amazon, Harrods, Jojo Maman Bebe and online

Bizziebaby bronze Award Winner 2020 Baby Chairs category 

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Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion Reviews

Product Tested By Elizabeth Green – Juno 6 Weeks and 2 Days

Elizabeth Awarded The Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion 5/5

I was excited! I had never tried anything like this with my previous children. Very smart packaging. Personally genius. All of my children have loved being on their front so for me this was ground breaking. Instructions easy to understand, covered everything safety wise. Brilliant design! Comfy, stylish but most of all secure. It’s very soft too and washable! Which obviously is needed as my little love tends to throw up a fair amount at the moment. She has indeed found it comfortable to lie on. It took a little while for her to get used to it. At first she wasn’t keen but I think that’s more to do with the fact she just likes to be on me so once she got used to it she seems pretty comfy. It gives me a chance to get up and move about without her stuck to me. She did relax. She calms down pretty quickly once the vibrations are on. She tends to fuss as I put her in but once she hears the heartbeat she is fine. When I try tummy time on a play mat etc. I am very worried she will bang her head so whilst she is so young this is an amazing way for her to have tummy time. The adjustable harness was extremely easy to use. It’s all pretty obvious how she is meant to be strapped in. If we are having a hard time minding her we end up strapping her in. Within a few minutes she burps, I suppose it helps as she is relaxed whilst in there. The cover is simple to remove, cleans up as new and is simple to place back on. I would use this about 2 times a day at least. I mainly used in the living room so I can tidy up. Fabulous. Well worth the money. A very sturdy harness, firm cushion, very well made cover that hasn’t misshapen once washed. My daughter loves it and seems to find it very comfy. Elizabeth Green – Juno 6 Weeks and 2 Days

Product Tested By Louise Hall – Twin Girls 2 Months

Louise Awarded The Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion 4.4/5

The product arrived well packaged and on taking it out of the box I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and sleek it was. Lovely fabric, lovely colours (it fits in well in the nursery) and seemingly easy to use. As a concept it wouldn’t have been something I would have considered with my first born. I am an avid baby wearer and believe baby should be in arms if that is where they want to be. However, I have just had twins and this suddenly became much more appealing. Having now used it, I think my first, single, baby would also have benefited from it, particularly for its use for tummy time. The instructions were easy to use. They were needed too as I couldn’t figure out where to put the batteries until I read the instructions. It looks great, lovely neutral colours and is soft and sleek. The straps are easy to use and secure baby in place really well at various weights (I tried it when babies were sub 6lbs up to nearly 10lbs and there was plenty of room for larger babies). Both babies seemed happy on the Babocush, they looked and felt secure in the straps and were happy to lie in it for some time (this varied across use). One baby seemed to really enjoy the vibration and heartbeat- we even got a few little burps. My other girl preferred the sound or vibration off and liked to stretch out and work on her neck muscles. One of my girls enjoyed to stretch and lift her head. The other liked being on her tummy but as more of a comfort. The harness is great. It feels like your baby is really safe and secure. It is adjustable for babies of different sizes and really straight forward to use and adjust. It’s a great device to add to your babies varied positions. I plan to use it for a time each day to give my girls some time on their tummies. The shape of the cushion makes it easy for babies to stretch and strengthen their necks and trunk. I felt their airways were clear, even for the few moments they were face down. I have not cleaned it but it was straight forward to remove and replace the cover. I tried it without the vibration and sound when my babies were newborn (actually babies were 4 weeks premature) and started using again after 6 weeks. I used this rested on the arm of the sofa in my living room so that I could pop baby in after a feed while feeding the other baby. The product is good quality and looks incredibly comfortable. I like and plan on continuing to use the product but I’m not sure I could justify spending so much money on a product for babies that is definitely nice to have but not essential to their care or development. I would absolutely recommend this product to others for its use for tummy time and its comfortable and safe design. The Babocush for me is a soft, safe and comfortable cushion for my babies to spend some time on each day. It’s a great addition to the swings and mats of the baby world, giving baby a place to stretch or snuggle up whilst safely on their front. I found it great for tummy time and it did also help with one baby to bring up trapped wind while on vibrate. Overall our experience has been positive. It took me a while to figure out where the batteries go and I was a bit confused about where to use it (i.e. what to prop it up against as I didn’t have the adjoining seat). But once up and running my girls both enjoyed their time on the cushion. Interestingly they both seemed to use it for something different- one liked to be still and calm and benefited from the vibration (helped with trapped wind). The other liked to stretch. Both had had enough within about 5 minutes each time but were very happy and comfortable in that time. I think it’s great to have a product that doesn’t involve baby lying on their backs, it’s great to have the option of entertaining baby in a new way. Louise Hall – Twin Girls 2 Months

Product Tested By Sophie Laydon – Theo 7 Weeks & 2 days

Sophie Awarded The Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion 4/5

I was very pleased when this arrived the box was very well presented. I think the concept is brilliant. The instructions were just so easy to follow.  Design is very good and appealing to the eye. Theo wasn’t overly keen on lying on his front on the cushion we persevered a few times but he got really upset. He did like the heartbeat sound as he did like it more without the vibrate and just the heartbeat. My son did not like this for tummy time but we will try him again as he gets a little bit older.  The adjustable harness was very easy to use.  I do agree with the concept of this and the problems it can avoid, maybe it would have worked better if I had bought the rocker as well. This was very easy to wash Theo was sick on it a few times and it was easy to remove and wash. I used this about 10 times.  Mainly used in the sitting room. This is an excellent quality product. I would say this is good value if you buy the rocker as well.  Our bouncer didn’t seem very well suited. I would recommend this to friends and family as it is such a good concept. I did use this to get some wind up for Theo. My overall experience is very positive, I can see this really working but I would recommend that this be bought with the rocker as I feel like I didn’t get the full advantage of it. I will continue to keep using it as Theo gets older to see if he adjusts better to it. Sophie Laydon – Theo 7 Weeks & 2 days







Fabulous. Well worth the money. A very sturdy harness, firm cushion, very well made cover that hasn’t misshapen once washed. My daughter loves it and seems to find it very comfy.


Elizabeth Awarded The Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion 5/5

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