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Baby Art My Baby Touch Double Print Frame

Baby Art. My Baby Touch Rounded Double Frame is a special way to create a lovely keepsake of this very special time of life with a picture and both prints of your baby’s hand and foot.   Safe for baby   Easy to do: no baking, no other material required, all included in this kit!   Many trials allowed before drying   Very quick: only 2 minutes to create a perfect print

£19.99 Available online Preciouslittleone and Amazon or click onto to find local stockist

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Baby Art My Baby Touch Double Print Frame Reviews

Product Tested By Lucy Little – Leila 1 Year

Lucy Awarded The My Baby Touch Double Print Frame 5/5

It was in a lovely neat little box, well packaged and clearly labelled.The box was neatly packaged, the appearance was good and it looked lovely quality. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, and it was great that it was quick to do. The kit supplied was really easy to use; there was minimal mess which is brilliant when you’re trying to get such little hands to hold still. I really liked the fact it was quick and easy.This was one of the reasons I loved this product, so often I’ve tried to do hand prints at home and they are instantly ruined when the child moves or the print doesn’t come out correctly so it was amazing that there was the option to repeat until happy with the results. It looked really effective and great quality. Really happy with the end result, it looked great. I love the fact you can have the photo in the middle and really emphasise the age they were at the time of imprinting, it’s a lovely reminder. I will cherish this always absolutely lovely. Excellent quality, really well made and would make a great gift for someone. Currently with the price that is on offer (£15.95) I think that is great value, if it were to go a little higher I think that would be a little too expensive. I loved being able to re-print until happy with the end product. I would purchase as it’s a lovely keepsake for remembering your child at that stage and I think would make a lovely present for others. I would definitely recommend as a really lovely product. Very happy with the overall experience, the product is well priced, well packaged and easy to use. As I’ve said earlier, I think the biggest selling point for this product is that you can re-print as many times as needed, this makes it a really positive product. The frame is well presented and the instructions are clear and easy to follow and don’t take too much time to do. Lucy Little – Leila 1 Year

Product Tested By Catia Coixao – Sophie 12 Months

Catia Awarded The My Baby Touch Double Print Frame 3.8/5

The product comes very well packed in a nice looking and good quality box. The picture of the product at the front of the box looks appealing and I thought if it works it will be an amazing keepsake. The colours are unisex. Good quality packaging making it looked an expensive product. It was easy to open and the product inside was well protected to reduce the chance of breaking. The instructions are very easy to understand and follow. I did find the kit easy to use/follow. Very straightforward to do. In my opinion is good that there is the option to attempt as many times as we want but unfortunately after trying a few times and not getting the result I was expecting I just accepted I couldn’t get a clearer/deep print like I was expecting. I kept trying for a few times to obtain a clearer/deep imprint and I found that I had to press my daughters hand/foot hard down to get this, my daughter was not happy, and after a while I gave up and accepted that I couldn’t get a clearer imprint. Unfortunately I wasn’t very impressed with the final result, the imprint wasn’t very clear and I had to go near the frame to see it. I placed a picture of my daughter in the middle, and an imprint of her hand on one side and foot imprint on the other side. I might change it for 3 pictures in the future. I am not sure yet about this being something I will cherish. I will decide with time if I will keep the imprint as I am not 100% happy with it. If I remove the imprints I will replace them with baby pictures. The quality of the product is good but unfortunately does not give the end result of a professional imprinting service and that is reflected on the price. In my opinion it doesn’t represent good value, because at the end I did not get the end result I was expecting so I would rather pay more for a professional imprinting service. What I liked the most is that I could have as many attempts as I wanted.I would not purchase as for us I was not happy with the final result. The product looks and feels good quality but unfortunately does not give a nice clear imprint. Good quality feel to the product, straightforward to use, the downside was I had to have a good number of attempts until baby was not happy because I kept trying to get a clear imprint by pressing my daughters hand and foot. Also to end I did not like the cooper colour, is not a nice soft colour for baby, I prefer the normal soft colours, yellow, green, blue and pink. Catia Coixao – Sophie 12 Months

Product Tested By Sara Shahbazi – Sophia 8 Months

Sara Awarded The My Baby Touch Double Print Frame 3.5/5

Lovely packaging looked very professional. Set a high expectation of the finished product. Looked good-better than other similar products. Very simple instructions at first look but if you follow them in order it’s not clear that you need a square cut of the print-it means your first go is almost always wrong! The kit is good as you can have multiple goes but my daughter was less than happy at doing it several times. It would be better to have some words explaining the steps as well as the pictures to minimise the amount of times you need before you start to perfect the technique. It was definitely a bonus to have the option to have many attempts at obtaining imprint. You have to press pretty hard to get a good imprint which upset my daughter. I ended up with an average imprint as I didn’t want to upset her any more. Once arrived it did look good in the frame. This is a really nice product and end result good. However small babies do not open their hands so it just wouldn’t work at newborn stage when you would like to have both the hand and foot print. This advice should be given in the instructions with a guide as to at what age you’re likely to get an open hand print. I would say it is a lovely keepsake. Lovely idea but better in theory than practice. For £25 you can get this done at a studio with paint by people who know what they’re doing and don’t make it uncomfortable for the child. It should be cheaper for an at home kit. I really loved the frame as lovely quality. Difficult to make and as above the price would put me off when I can (and have) done similar at a pottery studio. I think it would be good for people who specifically don’t want to go to a studio but I think the price would put people off. Frustrating instructions as they don’t explain clearly enough the steps you need to take. As a result you end up having multiple tries which upset my baby. It could be improved with the instructions made more clearly but I think the price should be lower and the multiple tries element made clearer on the packaging for people to understand why this product is different compared to others. Sara Shahbazi – Sophia 8 Months



I think the biggest selling point for this product is that you can re-print as many times as needed, this makes it a really positive product. The frame is well presented and the instructions are clear and easy to follow and don’t take too much time to do.


Lucy Awarded The My Baby Touch Double Print Frame 5/5

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