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Baby Blanket Organic Cotton

A luxurious, organic baby blanket woven into a cellular weave to create a beautifully soft, flexible, and long-lasting blanket. Size 73 c 73cm

Designed for everyday use, it is machine washable and is suitable for a pram, crib or moses basket. The extra soft cellular weave moulds around your baby’s body to create a secure, comfy and breathable environment for your baby.

Made with only 100% certified organic cotton. Do not tumble dry.

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£19.95 Available to purchase online

Baby Blanket Organic Cotton Reviews

Product tested By Victoria Davison – Charlotte 11 weeks

Victoria Awarded The Little Green Sheep Blanket  5/5

A quality looking product – I loved the colour! I really thought the blanket looked attractive with its small ribbed design – it looked subtle and expensive.   The detailing around the edges is lovely and the corners of the blanket were rounded – making it look modern.  The neutral stone colour is beautiful and very versatile. It goes beautifully in my nursery! The blanket is a perfect size for my 11 week old.  I can wrap her up in it beautifully. I use the blanket all the time, as its lightweight but warm I find it’s excellent in her travel cot as it’s a breathable material and she doesn’t overheat but stays cosy!  I used it a lot out in the pram on some chilly spring days and she was always warm.   It’s lovely and slim so I always take it with me when I travel as it’s so easy to carry/pack.  The quality really impressed me – the blanket is made out of natural fibers and feels really ‘substantial’ without being too heavy or making the baby too hot (like other man made fibers).  Lovely and comfortable for my baby – it moulds really well to her, there is no draughty corners.  It’s really soft.  Even if a baby had sensitive skin I couldn’t imagine there would be a problem with this blanket as it made out of natural, organic fibers.  Again I was really impressed with how this item washes. I washed it at 40 degrees instead of 30 degrees as the instructions said! I also forgot to add fabric softener! The blanket stayed wonderfully soft and only lost a little of its shape in the corners but that’s probably because I didn’t follow the instructions properly. However, it is a negative that the blanket needed to be washed at 30 degrees. It didn’t need ironing, I just folded it well and it did not go harsh or scratchy like some other blankets do.  I probably would not have bought the blanket at its price tag but having had the opportunity to use it, I would definitely pay this amount for it, knowing that it is such a quality item.  Would recommend because its great value for money and it’s comfortable and warm for babies and washes so well.  Loved it – really really impressed with it!  Fantastic blanket, trendy, warm and expensive looking.  Victoria Davison – Charlotte 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Naomi Abraham-Bello – Leila 11 Months

Naomi Awarded The Little Green Sheep Blanket 4/5

Lovely packaging.  We received Beige blanket and personally. I much prefer bright colours and designs. However, it is unisex and would make a nice gift as not everyone likes bright colours and therefore a neutral colour blanket like this would be perfect.  My daughter is very long, but this still covers her perfectly and it is wide enough that I can tuck it round her to stop it moving in the night. The shape is a nice rectangle and it kept its shape after washing.  The thickness is great for the summer or as a receiving blanket for a newborn. Its light weight and unlike other blankets I have it can be folded up quite small and fits in my handbag in case it’s needed. It’s breathable (a bit like a cellular blanket) and lightweight. Not quite enough on its own for the winter though.  This is definitely where this blanket comes into its own. It’s so lovely and soft. I thought my other blankets were soft until I tested this one but you can really tell that it’s not a man-made fabric. I would describe it as soft, squidgy and springy! Definitely a comfortable blanket. My daughter gets very hot in the night but the blanket kept her warm enough without making her uncomfortably hot like other man-made fabric blankets sometimes do. I also rolled it up on occasion in the car for her to rest her head on when she slept.  It washes in the machine at 30 degrees, but as it’s so lightweight and a light colour I chose to hand wash it .It washed fine, kept its shape and didn’t need ironing. It dried very quickly after hand washing too.  I wouldn’t purchase this blanket at this price for myself as I need quite a few blankets and I couldn’t justify this price.  However, I would definitely consider it as a gift especially as the big box and the packaging makes it look a lot more substantial as a gift.  I will continue to use it as her primary blanket in the summer and as an additional blanket in the cooler months.  I would thoroughly recommend this blanket as in terms of softness, quality and comfort this blanket is far superior to others but I think many would be put off by the price.  A soft, lightweight blanket, perfect as a receiving blanket with superior comfort and quality.  Naomi Abraham-Bello – Leila 11 Months

Product Tested By Kelly Yardley – Leo 16 Months

Kelly Awarded The Little Green Sheep Blanket 3/5

Liked the packaging, but blanket not that soft/cuddly for babies.  The design was very plain and personally I would have preferred bright colours. Same size & shape as most standard baby blankets, but not as thick.  Good quality wool. Would be okay to cover him with in his pushchair if we were going outside but I wouldn’t use it for him to sleep with – not soft enough.  This blanket never caused any skin irritation.  It said was machine washable but was worried about it shrinking in the wash.  On the upside, it doesn’t require ironing!  I thought it was very expensive for what it is.  Personally I love our blankets to be really soft and cuddly and this was not soft and cuddly enough for us.  Very expensive and think there are more snugly blankets around.  Kelly Yardley – Leo 16 Months

Its great value for money and it’s comfortable and warm for babies and washes so well.


Victoria Awarded The Little Green Sheep Blanket 5/5

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