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Baby Blooms Baby Bouquet

Hand-made baby bouquets created from specially designed BabyBlooms garments, an ideal gifts for both mum and newborn baby.

Baby Blooms Small Bouquet contains a selection of garments interspersed with velvet leaves, silk foliage and delicate silk roses and freesias -1 x reversible hat -1 x Pair of scratch mittens – 5 x pairs of socks (all garments are size 0-4 months). The arrangement is delivered in an attractive presentation box with gift card, inside the outer delivery box.

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Baby Blooms Baby Bouquet Reviews

Product Tested by: Karen Finch – Baby Twins Katie & Abbie 1 Month

Product Tested By Karen Finch – Baby Twins Katie & Abbie 1 Month

Karen Awarded The Baby Blooms Bouquet 4.6/5

I was very excited to open it and was not dissapointed when I saw what it was. I loved it ! The website is very user friendly. The items are clearly priced and well photographed. The Bouquet was well packaged, it comes in cardboard box then bouquet is in another very sturdy box with a clear lid.  It also has a lovely ribbon around the inner box so you can lift it out of the cardboard box easily. The actual box the bouquet sits in has an inner seat which  the bouquet sits into so as not to fall and get damaged in transit. After it could be used as a keepsake box for your new babies bits. I have never received a bouquet like this before, but my friend had made me a similar gift which was in the shape of a 3 tired cake.  I kept the bouquet in tact for at least 10 days before unravelling some of the items. I didn’t want to spoilt it as its so pretty. The quality of the items are fantastic, the mittens are the best I’ve seen and the matching hat is great, they are both made of stretchy material and will fit any size (although my babies are small because they were very premature and only just fitting them now). The socks are beautiful with a little BB motif on the side. All of the items are practical, the socks are a little big for my newborns but that’s ok they will grow into them !! The hat is handy on a windy day but I wouldn’t use all the time, and the mittens are always very handy. Every item is good quality and very easy to wash.  They come up like new!  Because of the material the hat and mits stay in shape. Excellent quality.  The Flowers are made to a very high standard and items of clothes are very good.  We always want more for our money but this is a well designed and crafted bouquet and the detail put into these gifts are wonderful. I think the actual design is fantastic. It is very well put together and would not come apart in anyway.  Maybe different items could be used such as a flannel, or put a dummy in a flower rather than 5 pairs of socks.  It would be good if there was a list of items you could have in the bouquet and pick the items for yourself.  I would buy this for my friend who is due in September and I cant wait to find out what she is having so i can order a blue or pink one.  Would recommend this product without hesitation.  Everyone who has seen the bouquet has commented on how lovely it is. I think this is a lovely gift and anyone would be thrilled to receive it, although I would like to specify what gifts went into the bouquet if I bought one. Any mum would be thrilled to receive this gift it is beautiful.  Karen Finch – Baby Twins Katie & Abbie 1 Month

Product Tested By Sharon Erdman – Baby Gabrielle 2 Months

Sharon Awarded BabyBlooms Small Blue Baby Bouquet 4.5/5

I was impressed – it looked very pretty, was nicely presented and packaged.. Easy to use website, lots of interesting and different products which would all make good presents. Photography on the website is good, and the products look good quality.  Excellent packaging, good quality box that suggested a good quality product.  I was advised of the item I would be reviewing and it was well presented and looked beautiful when arrived. I think I would have been puzzled at first if I did not know in advance what this item was.  I was so excited that I did unravel one flower straight away, others after a few days. The items were all good quality, soft fabric.  Fantastic socks – they are the only ones that my Gabriel has worn since receiving them. I have had 3 babies and lots of baby sock experience and these are the only socks I have ever had that have stayed on. Good quality all round. It looks lovely as a bouquet and the items are attractive and practical. The clothes are obviously not worth the price alone, however in terms of the impact as a gift it represents good value. I would consider buying as a gift for new parents – particularly for those who may have "everything" ie all the usual presents. "As a third time Mum I have received many baby gifts, but was genuinely excited in opening and discovering this one, and have enjoyed both looking at it and using it.  Must add Fantastic baby socks!  Sharon Erdman – Baby Gabrielle 2 months

Product Tested By Sheena Ernst – Baby Gordon 3 Months

Sheena Awarded BabyBlooms Small Blue Baby Bouquet 4.7/5

I was absolutely blown away – it looked stunning.  Never seen anything like this before.  Website very easy to use, navigate and easy to order online.  Great ideas for special gifts. Everything about this is Excellent – packaging, gift box and the product itself.  Did not really want to touch this as it looked so stunning socks made to look like a gorgeous bouquet.  Who ever throught of making clothes into bouquets is certainly onto a winner.  The quality of the socks are tops and fitted Gordon perfectly.  You would not look to order this for the clothes, but the impact of sending such an unsual gift with a variety of baby clothing items on offer.  Put this altogether and then the impact of the bouquet arriving and the quality of the clothes in my eyes good value for money. My sister is expecting in the New Year and I will order this for her baby shower.  A WOW impact item, unusual gift, and made up of quality baby clothing.  A must on mum to be lists!  Thank you.  Sheena Ernst – Baby Gordon 3 Months

Everyone who has seen the bouquet has commented on how lovely it is. I think this is a lovely gift and anyone would be thrilled to receive it.


Karen Awarded The Baby Blooms Bouquet 4.6/5

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