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Baby Boum Sleeping Bag 0-9 Months

Baby Boum 0-9 months Cotty Patchwork Sleeping Bags – Bubblegum Pink
● Stitched patchwork design with lovely hand stitch detail
● Bubblegum Pink in colour
● 0-9 months size features chest poppers and side zip
● Aperture to front and back for car seat, stroller or highchair harness.

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Baby Boum Sleeping Bag 0-9 Months Reviews

Product Tested by: Louise Deuchars – Baby Corin 6 Months

Product Tested By Louise Deuchars – Baby Corin 6 Months

Louise Awarded the Babyboum sleeping bag 0-9mths 5/5

A positive first impression, the product looked to be good quality and well made. The product has been used regularly since I received it and I am very pleased with the quality. The zip is smooth and easily used and the fleece hasn’t bobbled despite repeated washing. My baby still likes to be swaddled for sleeping, but I have started using the bag or his naps in the hope that he will soon be using it during the night. He enjoys sleeping in it during the day. The material is nice and soft and seems to be very comfortable, especially round his neck which is quite sensitive at the moment. I would definitely consider buying this product in a larger size. I would recommend this product. It’s great for the colder weather as unlike most other sleeping bags it has arms which has proved very useful. I also like that it has a zip between the legs, we have also used the bag in the car seat because of this. Louise Deuchars – Baby Corin 6 Months 

Product Tested By Tilly Madison – Baby Molly 5 Months

Tilly Awarded the Babyboum sleeping bag 0-9mths 5/5

I was delighted to receive this product, it looked so lovely and I was confident that it would keep Molly comfy and warm when cold. This is outstanding quality, it washes great (we have done this repeatedly) and it still looks like new. The design of this is brilliant too; I love how it’s got sleeves that ensure the arms are kept warm and also holes for the feet at the bottom. Molly has slept really well with using this and I am confident that she is warm and safe too. She looks very comfortable in it and we had no trouble at all. It does seem initially expensive for a sleeping item but after testing and realizing the benefits and the quality of this, it is so worth it for you and baby. I will definitely be recommending this product to friends as it is a must have! I found this to be a fantastic sleeping bag that both Molly and I adore. Tilly Madison – Baby Molly 5 Months

Product Tested By Emma Butler – Baby Genevieve 5 Months

Emma Awarded the Babyboum sleeping bag 0-9mths 4.5/5

I was really pleased to get a sleeping bag with sleeves as I had been concerned at my daughter’s arms getting cold at night. Although the sleeping bag doesn’t look as thick as some others on the market, it seems comfortable and warm enough. It washes well at 40 degrees and has not shrunk unlike some other sleeping bags we have.  When Genevieve was first put in it at around 3 and a half months, it looked a bit oversized for her but the design meant I was confident she would not slip down inside it and it was fine after rolling the sleeves up. In terms of the design, it is great to have the sleeves to ensure her arms are kept as warm as the rest of her. I think the tog rating is 1.7 which equates to a normal sleeping bag tog of 2.5 because of the sleeves. The zip at the bottom of the bag is good for doing nappy changes in the middle of the night with minimal disruption, plus separating the legs out first thing in the morning so she can have a kick around on the play mat or be strapped into her swing seat before getting dressed for the day. This design would probably also enable your child to be strapped into a car seat in their sleeping bag, which could be handy for some people, although it is not something we have ever needed to do thus far. The downside to having the holes at the bottom for feet, however, is that a couple of times her feet poked through the bottom when the back of the sleeping bag got slightly creased up – not great when she only had a vest on underneath and nothing on her feet. This hasn’t been a massive problem so far as we make sure that the bag is pulled down properly at the back but as she gets bigger this could be more of an issue.  Genevieve seems very happy using a sleeping bag and prefers to have her arms out rather than being constricted in a swaddle type wrap. Since using a sleeping bag she has consistently slept for at least 5 hour stretches during the night. She was very comfortable in this sleeping bag in particular and probably slept better for having warmer arms. Her hands were certainly less cold in the early hours of the morning when I fed her, which was much appreciated by me! This sleeping bag is slightly more expensive than other ones in the marketplace, but I would be happy to pay slightly more for this one as it keeps her warmer all over. I will definitely be recommending this product to friends who have young babies over the winter period as it gives much greater peace of mind that your baby is warm enough.  All in all, I found it a fantastic sleeping bag, ensuring that my baby was kept comfortable and warm on cold winter nights. Emma Butler – Baby Genevieve 5 Months 


It’s great for the colder weather as unlike most other sleeping bags


Louise Awarded the Babyboum sleeping bag 0-9mths 5/5

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