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Baby Change-N-Go

Baby Change-N-Go is a portable diaper changing station that hangs from public bathroom stall doors/walls and then folds up to fit in your diaper bag/backpack/stroller when not in use. 

Suitable from 0-2.5 yrs old, 40lbs and under
Available in Black, Blue and Pink 

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$99.00 Available to purchase online

Baby Change-N-Go Reviews

Product Tested by: Tracy Gray – Finlay 8 Months

Tested By
Tracy Gray – Finlay 8 Months

Tracy Awarded
The Baby Change-N-Go 4/5

It was big.
There was a lot of packaging before you got to the product. The packaging gives
you loads of pictures and information about the product. The quality of this
product is good. It’s not going to fall apart. It’s made with good material. It
was easy to set up, as there were no fastenings holding it together when it
isn’t in use. So when you are going to use it, it just unfolds itself. I did
not find this easy to use when travelling.
I found being confined in a toilet with my changing bag and my son was
difficult, it was too cramped. You can transport this but is a bit bulky. Easy enough to wipe clean. Did not really make life easier when changing
baby as I like to have lots of room as my son likes to wiggle. Personally I
think this product is very expensive. I will leave it in the car, just in case we
need it. I found myself in a situation
before I had this product , when I went into a McDonalds and I went to the
disabled toilet ( where they have a baby changing facility) to change my son
and the toilet was out of order and they
didn’t have any other means of a baby changing table. So I was stuck. In this
instance this product would have come in handy. For me, I found that the baby
was too high up as I am only 5’3 and to change the baby in the toilet itself,
it was just too cramped. I like the idea of this product, but I think it’s a
bit too big to be carting it around with everything else, for that one occasion
where it might actually come in handy. I think the idea of this product is
good. It is more of a luxury item than a necessity. Tracy Gray – Finlay 8

Tested By
Michelle Lyons – Xander, Logan & Willow – 7, 4 and 8 Months

Awarded The Baby Change-N-Go 3.8/5

this product seemed like a genius idea – when I received the product to test
I’d literally only just been to a family party where there was no changing
table available so it would have been invaluable that day! It is a great travel
changing that hangs up for use and has convenient pockets for nappies and wipes
to keep them easily to hand, and a harness to keep baby safe. The packaging is
compact with little wastage and instructions are clear and cover everything
needed. The pictures are clear and it is
easy to see what you are getting inside. The product is well-made and feels
sturdy. Right from the start it was easy to see how to use the product,
even without looking at the comprehensive instruction booklet. I found
unfolding the product for use very simple, as well as folding it back again
after use. During use the product is simple and efficient. My only issue is
that sometimes there really isn’t anywhere to hang it for use, or you’re
hanging it over a divider wall where there is somebody else using the toilet
next to you and the hooks hang over their side. That’s only minor however, and
it beats kneeling on a dirty floor or attempting to balance a squirmy baby on
your lap! The pockets for nappies and wipes are brilliant – easy to get to what
you need and keep them stashed for later use. My only real bugbear with this
product is the size and weight of it. It is a brilliant product but very heavy
and bulky by its very nature. Admittedly my buggy has a small basket on the
bottom but it barely fitted into it and it was too heavy to hang off the
handles with a changing bag and my older boy’s school bag in case it created a
tip hazard. Ideally this could be used to replace a regular changing bag as
there is space for nappies/wipes, but all the other gear you need to take with
you when out with baby makes this a little impractical. It seems easy to wipe
down after use, but I’m not sure how it would cope with a particularly messy
change. This would make life easier for many parents if they were regularly
faced with no changing facilities. However, its weight and size would make it a
pain for me to take out on a regular basis on the off-chance there wasn’t a
facility to hand. It would be great on a family day out though. The RRP of this
product is quite high for what would be, for me at least, only occasional
usage. However, it is clearly very well thought out and made to a high
standard, so for those that could see a regular need for such a product I dare
say it would be worth the money for them. It would stand the test of time too. I
will continue to use this product on the odd occasion such as day trips out,
but I doubt I will start carrying it around on my daily business. I would only
recommend this product if I could see the person had a genuine need for this,
and most families wouldn’t need this regularly. The Baby Change n Go is a
brilliant idea and it has been executed well. The quality is evident in the
product, but unfortunately the need for safety and quality has made it rather
too heavy for regular use for me. I wanted to like this product so much as I
thought it was such an amazing idea, but I found in practise it just wasn’t for
me in every day usage. However, for those that could see themselves using
something like this regularly it has been very well done, and could well be one
of the best buys they make. For me, however, not an essential. Michelle Lyons –
Xander, Logan & Willow – 7, 4 and 8 Months

Tested By
Jennifer Dobson – Matthew 8 Months

Awarded The Baby Change-N-Go 3/5

impressions were that it was a good idea for being out and about, and being
able to change the baby in a safer environment. It was very detailed packaging
which broke down all the benefits of the box and made it relatable to its use.
But didn’t like the use of the word diaper (not UK term) and it felt a little
bit like scaremongering into using the product which I didn’t really like – it
felt quite negative in some of the wording. It would have been useful to know
which 3rd party did the testing, so it felt like a product which had
backing. It felt like it had been made
of very good quality materials, which would be friendly and kind to a baby’s
skin. But without feeling to enclosed. Honestly it was hard work, it was too
large for my mummy bag and my mummy bag is huge. So it either sat under the
pram or in the husbands backpack on the week. I found it quite stiff to get the
hooks off and this made changing the baby way to stressful compared to a change
table. Compared to a change table I didn’t find it that useful, I find most the
places we go have really clean baby facilities, or if we are in the middle of a
woods it’s just not an appropriate product. It easy within reason to transport,
but it weighs more than I’d want to carry in my bag and was just too big for my
mummy bag. The part where the baby is was easy to keep clean but it looks quite
battered on the outside where it was put in the pram. In no way did this make
it easier, it was horrible to pack away bearing in mind you are already in a
confined toilet space, with an unhappy baby who has just been changed. Personally
I did not find this item beneficial for my needs and would not consider it to
represent good value for money. My baby isn’t that big but I felt quite nervous
about using it on the back of some of the doors, maybe it’s just better suited
to young babies. Good idea but completely overdone and overpriced. Jennifer
Dobson – Matthew 8 Months





I think the idea of this product is good. It is more of a luxury item than a necessity. 


Tracy Awarded The Baby Change-N-Go 4/5

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