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The Baby Sensory Experience. Baby Sensory provides hundreds of sensory development activities that are great fun for parents and babies to share in the vital first year. The classes include fibre optic light shows, bubbles, bells, musical fun, baby signing, puppet shows, amazing light balls and so much more. Once you have experienced our parent and baby activities you will want to come back next week for more captivating experiences. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our testimonials page and read what other mums and dads have had to say about the Baby Sensory experience. The Baby Sensory programme consists of over 40 themed lesson plans, so every week you will share new sensory experiences with your baby. You can see pictures of a sample of the activities on our What We Do page or better still come along to one of our sessions and experience the classes for yourself. Many of the baby development activities are set to our own Baby Sensory music, which is available on CD from your Class Leader.

Each class includes a variety of different baby development activities plus a discovery playtime, during which your baby can enjoy our exploratory play area whilst you have the opportunity to meet other parents.

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Classes cost £35.00 for a block of 5 OR £60 for a block of 10 and a FREE taster session is available.Click online to find classes available local to your area

Baby Classes, Baby Development Classes Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Carolyn Watkins – Finnley 6 Months

Carolyn Awarded The Baby Sensory Classes 5/5

Was unsure it would be of benefit to my baby at first as I believed it was just going to be like when I play with my son at home. This opinion was changed on the first meeting of the other parents at baby sensory and has been good for my son’s development and socialising skills.  Different themes each week i.e. royal wedding, Easter mother’s day. Classes are up to date and fresh each week.  Favourite session was the royal wedding babies could get dressed up and had teddy bear wedding with balloons and bubble confetti, Finnley loved this.  Numbers were good, not too many people, and dads / family members were able to come too on the bank holiday sessions for a small cost.  The person leading the class was Excellent, cant fault her, Finnley watched her every session she was very entertaining. I thought the classes were brilliant.  Happy and tired out, he really enjoys the classes. You are able to feed or let him nap if needed during the classes and continue to watch so he is never hungry or tired.  I would certainly be happy to recommend.  Since attending the classed Idea’s for play time have improved.  The classes are very good quality, a lot of effort is made with the themes and the sensory play is excellent.  Yes great value for money.  It is an hour long class each week for 10 weeks, and you get the themed session along with baby play where you can socialise and play with toys at your baby’s age group.   Loved them as did my son, overall would recommend to anyone was a friendly atmosphere and the themed classes were a lot of fun.  Carolyn Watkins – Finnley 6 Months


Product Tested By Gillian Mitchell – Thomas 12 Months

Gillian Awarded The Baby Sensory Classes 4/5

I loved the idea of Baby Sensory.  After visiting the website I was particularly excited about the Baby Signing aspect of it.  My baby loves music and singing so I really liked the fact that this was listed as a high priority.  I thought it sounded like a class that would help my baby develop to his highest potential, which is my biggest priority.   I enjoyed the free playtime in the middle of the class.  The play areas were well thought out and constructed with different toys every week.  Far superior to any other baby group we have attended.  There were suitable toys for every age and development stage that was attending and it was a good way to find things that my son enjoyed playing with.  My favourite session was the Space Session as I felt it gave my baby new experiences that would not be possible to achieve at home.  A few classes felt too busy but numbers dropped slightly near the end.  My baby seemed more at ease during the quieter weeks.  The person leading the class was very nice but I felt she could have communicated with the babies more than she did. She also didn’t make it clear when it was alright for the babies to crawl into the middle and when we should keep hold of them.   I also felt that we could have been made to feel more welcome at our first session as we were left feeling quite confused when she launched into the song and signing without any explanation of the signs and how to do them.  He enjoyed the play sessions but sometimes got bored during the structured sessions as he had recently learned to crawl.  He could see the toys set out and wanted to go and play with them.  My son was tired and ready for a nap at the end of the class.  Yes I would be happy to recommend, and I have done, but only to parents with younger babies.  I think a baby aged between 3-8 months would get a lot out of these classes and I wish I had the opportunity to go when my baby was younger and less mobile.  I made my son a photo album based on a photo cube that we were shown.  He loves looking at it.  I love the concept of it and I liked that my son was able to get experiences that he wouldn’t have done at home.  I felt that it is not suitable for babies aged 8months plus, particularly if they are mobile. Frustration at having to sit still for so long caused some of the older babies to be disruptive. The play areas at Play Time were always excellent. Well thought out with a different selection of stimulating and entertaining toys every week.  I felt they were quite expensive for what you got.  Some weeks the structured sessions were very short and Play Time would be over half an hour long. Some weeks were excellent but there were a couple of weeks where I felt I could have done everything we did at home, particularly the weeks based mainly on action songs. There is very little baby signing despite it being heavily mentioned on the website.  An enjoyable experience for both myself and my baby.   I found the classes enjoyable however I felt that some of the activities were quite amateurish and could have easily been recreated at home.  I felt that we weren’t made to feel welcome initially and it would have been nice to have had the class format explained to us before it started, rather than partway through.  It would also have been nice if some sort of introduction to the rest of the group had been done.  The group felt quite cliquey and I found it hard to get to integrate with the other mum’s who were there initially.  The play time in the middle was excellent and much better than any I have come across at other baby groups.  I would have loved to attend these classes with a younger baby as I feel most of the sensory activities are aimed at non-mobile babies. I would definitely recommend these classes to parents with babies aged 6 months or under.  Gillian Mitchell – Thomas 12 Months


Product Tested By Laura Kelvin – Isabella 6 Months

Laura Awarded The Baby Sensory Classes 4/5

I thought it was a great idea – was especially keen on the signing aspect as I thought it would allow me to communicate with my baby prior to her being able to talk. Thought the sensory activities would be great for her development as she was at the right age for this.  I liked the variety of instruments, toys and games as it meant Bella was exposed to a volume of things that would have been far beyond my budget to provide, plus it meant I could see what she liked and disliked before making an expensive mistake at home. I also enjoyed songs that involved dancing/moving the babies – as mine was small she found this stimulating as she couldn’t move herself that much at that point.  Our favourite session is  a toss up between the Space one and the Music one – the space one has great fabrics and items to look at and play with so very stimulating, but the music one was great for my baby in terms of being able to join in more and interact as the bells, maracas and batons to hit the chime bars with were small enough for her to hold and manipulate to make sounds which I think she got a real kick out of and were of course different to regular rattle and electric music toys at home.  The number of people at each session varied, some weeks it was a bit of a squish which could interfere with the activity and was a bit overwhelming for the babies, other times it was a bit quiet. I think it was just right when there was enough space for you to sit cross legged, though this could have been achieved even on busy weeks by expanding the mat area.  Think it might also have been better to do the noisiest activities with fewer people and more calm sensory activities when it was very full.  I thought the lady leading our classes was up-beat and really believed in what she was doing. I don’t think she devoted enough time to us in the first session as newcomers in terms of explaining the format or learning the songs, and I think she could have done more to help us integrate with the (established group) e.g. by introducing us, and getting everyone else to say their names and kids names (which I’ve experienced at other groups) – the free play was a good time to get to know other mums but not everyone finds it easy to just go up to strangers and start talking especially if the others all know each other.  Yes Isabella did enjoy the classes. I think she was the youngest in the class she was in (most were 8mths+) so got more and more out of it as the weeks went by. By the end she was much more animated and vocal, and definitely got more out of it once she could sit up properly.  At the end of each session Isabella was tired and hungry! 🙂 It was sometimes a bit long/overwhelming for her but some of it was to do with her age and how effectively I managed to fit her naps/food around the times – I was not in the swing of a decent routine at that point, also only just weaning so not dropped a feed or stretching longer between feeds at the start. The older babies (as mentioned most were 8mths+) seemed fine all the way through with a few getting tired towards the end, but Bella would sometimes fall asleep DURING the session!  I would be happy to recommend these classes.  Since attending these classes, I give Bella as many different textures to play with as possible and waft fabrics over her which makes her squeal with delight (inspired by the parachute games at the classes), I give her everyday objects to explore and use to make sounds (like the treasure box and pots ‘n pans drum kit), I bought some puppets, and am going to make some ribbon toys. The best thing I got from it was the Say Hello To The Sun song – this still makes her stop in her tracks and listen to me, can help to get her to sleep and can soothe her when crying 🙂 The quality fluctuated depending on how organised the leader was – when she was on the ball they were great, well structured and one activity led onto another and before you knew it was playtime. However sometimes they didn’t seem to flow very well or the leader wasn’t prepared, some sessions started late (however I think this may have been due to hanging on for late parents), some seemed to be uneven i.e. normal or long first half then normal or long play session then quite short second half. I appreciate it can be hard to keep a reign on activities where babies are concerned but I think it could have run a little more smoothly, even if it was a case of filing a gap with a verbal activity or freestyle dance with the babies while she assembled the next activity.  I think they are a little pricey considering how much of the session is free play and some sessions the activities seemed quite short, however the quality and variety of toys was great and I especially liked how it the layout changed every week and incorporated that week’s theme. I was disappointed at how little signing was done though as this was the part I was looking forward to the most, and we only did basic signing on a few songs.  Great experience, babies can get a lot out of it and gives mums a lot of good ideas in terms of how to encourage the babies’ sensory development. I think it is a little pricey, and personally if it weren’t for the trial I would not have signed up – but if money is not an issue, it’s a good opportunity to meet other mums, pick up great songs/activities that can be used at home, and try out a very wide range of toys and equipment. Laura Kelvin – Isabella 6 Months

Product Tested By Helen Dean – Rachael 1 Year

Helen Awarded The Baby Sensory Classes 5/5

From our very first free taster session I was incredibly impressed with the Baby Sensory programme. The session is divided into 3 blocks of approximately 20 minutes each. This helps keep the session focused and adds variety. We enjoyed so many varied activities – playing instruments, action songs, signing, lights, bubbles…. It is also a great chance to meet others, interact and catch up. It is very difficult to identify a favourite session as we have enjoyed all the activities immensely. I think some of the favourite activities within the sessions have been action songs, using musical instruments, the light shows and the puppets. The sessions have always been well attended and the numbers attending have varied during our time as we have attended the 0-6 month class and the 6-13 month class. The venue was good and so there was always plenty of space. Laura is always very friendly and approachable. She takes a genuine interest in you and your baby as individuals. Her caring approach and a genuine belief and passion about the classes and their benefit are so apparent. Her knowledge of babies and childcare is extensive. Throughout each session she will explain what the activity is and how it is benefits your baby. She interacts with both the parents and the babies. She takes great care to ensure that everyone is included. She has thoroughly enjoyed every class. The huge variety of activities held her attention throughout the sessions. She has particularly enjoyed the ‘Say Hello’ song that started each session and clearly recognised this as the start and unfailingly smiled broadly. We have been attending since she was 4 months old and are now about to leave as she has reached the upper age limit. Throughout this time she has been interested and engaged. Although she is now crawling her enjoyment has no way been impaired. She was always happy but often tired at the end of the session and would usually be fast asleep before we got to the end of the road! Yes – absolutely! I have recommended it to several friends, so much so we decided to book a Baby Sensory 1stBirthday party. My daughter may not remember her party but she very obviously thoroughly enjoyed herself. The theme and activities for the party were my daughter’s favourites and chosen by us. The classes give you ideas for activities to do, songs to sing and things to make at home. I have come away from the sessions thinking about what we have experienced and it has influenced some of the toys I have bought and made. The quality of the classes was always excellent. The activities were clear, fun, interesting and beneficial. These classes represent excellent value for money. There is so much going during the session and all the equipment is varied, clean and in perfect working order. Baby Sensory has changed our lives for the better! It has given my daughter the opportunity to have experiences that would be very difficult to re-create at home. She has had the opportunity to play with and explore a variety of different types of equipment as well as having the chance to interact and socialise with other babies so early on in her life. It has given me the opportunity to meet other parents with babies of a similar age. I am disappointed that there is no Toddler Sense in our area because we are coming towards the end of our time at Baby Sensory and we will miss it so much. Helen Dean – Rachael 1 Year




It is an hour long class each week for 10 weeks, and you get the themed session along with baby play where you can socialise and play with toys at your baby’s age group.   Loved them as did my son, overall would recommend to anyone was a friendly atmosphere and the themed classes were a lot of fun. 


Carolyn Awarded The Baby Sensory Classes 5/5

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