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Baby Dan FlexiFit Metal Safety Gate

The most innovative, flexible Safety Gate, with a new unique ultra-flexible installation system. One of the most popular stair gates from the Baby Dan range.Width: 70.5 cm – 109 cm Height: 73 cm (plus fittings). Simple to fit and with double safety mechanism to open Gate opens either way. Quick release fitting allows it to be taken away and installed in seconds without the use of any tools.
Fittings rotate to allow gate to be mounted at an angle. Screw fittings included. Complies with the safety standard EN 1930-2000

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£28.99 Wood - £26.99 Metal - Available to purchase online

Baby Dan FlexiFit Metal Safety Gate Reviews

Product Tested by: Mairead O'Connor- Baby Ben 9 Months

Product Tested By Mairead O’Connor- Baby Ben 9 Months

Mairead Awarded The Baby Dan FlexiFit Safety Gate  3.9/5

I thought I would have to have a white metal gate so was pleasantly surprised that this came in wood which also matched my wooden floors. Website is very easy to get around and contains all the information I required. There was no wasted packaging as with some products so this was great and more environmentally friendly with less rubbish to get rid of. I did not think the instructions were that good as they were Not very clear and we had to just make our own way in the end. Following the instructions the installation seemed impossible.  Once we put those aside and went with our own common sense it became a lot easier. It seems very safe and secure. It is quite stiff to open which can hurt your thumb when you’re in and out of it all day but it does prevent children getting out themselves. I am happy with the quality. The design of the product itself does not need changing but the instructions need looking at as it puts me off buying another in this range. Very good product but with terrible instructions. Mairead O’Connor- Baby Ben 9 Months

Product Tested By Krishna Topan – Anya Aged 1 Year 3 Months

Krishna Awarded The Baby Dan FlexiFit Safet Gate 4.1/5

Great product – beech finish makes it look nice. Website is really easy to navigate and easy to find a gate which will suit you by using their criteria.  Website is fast with good descriptions and pictures of products. The gate was packed in a box but there was no foam or protective wrapping around this to stop the wood scratching. The instructions are really difficult to follow and make installation harder than it actually is. Following the pictures on their own is easier than following the written directions.  The English directions are at the front and the pictures are at the back so difficult to follow the two together. It takes ages to follow the directions.  There is minimal drilling required. Anya could not move the gate whilst trying to get up using the gate for support.  It is very sturdy once installed. The gate opens wide on either side which his great.  The mechanism is a bit difficult at first but easy to use once you are used to it. Excellent product.  Is sturdy and looks good. However, I think that instruction booklet could be provided with fold out instructions to make it easier to use with the English instruction at the front of the booklet. Am getting one for the stairs. I think that other people will like this product too. There is no bar at the bottom of the gate which is good as you can’t bump into it. Once installed it’s a great product. Krishna Topan – Anya Aged 1 Year 3 Months

Product Tested By Laura Piper – Jasmine Aged 10 Months

Laura Awarded The Baby Dan FlexiFit Safety Gate  4/5

Very pleased when this arrived and the colour suited my decor perfectly.  Website is very easy to navigate, very informative and host of safety items for the home.  Packaging secure and minimal, but item very well protected.  I did have a few problems with the instuctions, not as clear as they could have been.  However, eventually we worked it all out! Once in place certainly seemed secure.  It was a bit stiff at first to open, but hubby oiled it and then worked a treat.  Certainly kept Jasmine safe and stopped her venturing into areas she should not.  Quality is good and design user friendly.  Good quality product, kept Jasmin safe.  Have alredy recommended to my cousin and showed her how to use it so plain sailing.  Very happy and thank you.  Laura Piper – Jasmine Aged 10 Months

Very Good Product and effective.


Mairead Awarded The Baby Dan FlexiFit Safety Gate  3.9/5

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