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Baby Einstein Stage 2 Mealtime Set

"Baby Einstein Stage 2 Toddler Mealtime set” The perfect gift for your growing baby,  Designed by a feeding specialist, includes the eat & discover™ plate, bowl and utensils (fork and spoon). Bold colors and patterns keep your child engaged during mealtime. PLATE FEATURES: Steep sides make scooping food easy for baby and you. Dividers keep foods separate BOWL FEATURES: Steep rounded sides make scooping food out easy for baby. Non-slip ring on bottom of bowl keeps it in place. UTENSILS FEATURES:Tines on fork are safe yet effective at stabbing food. Shallow bowl on spoon makes removing food easy for baby. Easy grip handles promote self feeding.

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Baby Einstein Stage 2 Mealtime Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Product Tested By Amarjit Myers – Baby Milan 9 Months

Product Tested By Amarjit Myers – Baby Milan 9 Months

Amarjit Awarded The Baby Einstein Stage 2 Mealtime Set Top Marks 5/5

Very colourful, attractive to look at.  The Baby Einstein ‘branding’ is quite prominent, and an attraction. Packaging shows of the plate and bowl, and the colours and numbers on them. Very strong, good quality tableware for toddlers. The bowl has a non-slip bottom which is very useful when feeding. Not too deep or too shallow – just right.  Certainly helps to make mealtimes happy as very colourful and my little boy loves looking at all the colourful letters and numbers. The weaning spoons are a great idea. My toddler has started copying me and tries to feed himself with his spoon, while I feed with the larger spoon.  Good for distraction, as well as encouraging feeding himself. When you take into account you are receiving bowl and spoon for only £9.99 then superb value for money. Only criticism is that you can’t put the bowls in the microwave (they are melamine), so food has to be heated elsewhere in another bowl and then transferred to the bowl/plate.  I quite liked the design and can’t think of any improvements.  Will continue to use definitely.  My toddler loves the bowl and plate, and spoons, and I can see it getting lots of use for a few months to come.  Ideal weaning set for feeding a baby right up to toddler and beyond.  My 3 year old loves the bowl and plate too! I love Baby Einstein products, and this doesn’t disappoint. It is very important that the products are BPA free – particularly after recent stories about the harm it can do.  Lovely tableware for toddlers; colourful, bright, fun and practical. Amarjit – Baby Milan 9 Months


Product Tested By Lisa Lear – Baby Chloe 11 Months

Lisa Awarded The Baby Einstein Stage 2 Mealtime Set 4.4/5

Firstly, the packaging would catch your eye if you saw it on the shelf amongst other products. The packaging told you everything you needed to know and important information (e.g. dishwasher safe on top shelf and do not microwave) is clearly found on the base of each plate/bowl. The plate and bowl is of excellent quality. The writing on the utensils is coming off but Chloe is always chewing on them so that’s not surprising.  I do not have a dishwasher, I wash by hand and the colours are still bright and attractive. The best thing about the bowl is that it is weighty so if Chloe knocks the bowl, the food doesn’t go flying everywhere.  She is still too young to feed herself with utensils so I can’t comment on how practical they are for baby use.  The only thing I didn’t like about this product was it can’t go in the microwave so you can’t just quickly heat it, which is ideal for some baby’s meals. Chloe loves holding the spoons and they are always in her mouth.  It’s a good distraction and I suppose she thinks she is feeding herself.  I don’t tend to use the spoons to feed her because I prefer bendy plastic ones because the food fits on the spoon better and it’s easier to get food out of the bowl. However that’s just my preference, there is nothing really wrong with the spoons. Chloe might prefer the spoons when she learns to hold her cutlery. The best thing about this product is the plate; I love the 3 different areas so food doesn’t get all mixed up together. We will definitely continue to use the weaning set.  I’m sure it will become more popular with Chloe the older she gets. I would mainly recommend the plate because of the 3 different compartments for different foods and also, the bowl for the weight.  Lisa Lear – Baby Chloe 11 Months


Product Tested By Joy Irwin – Baby Micah (8 months) & Isaac (2 Years)

Joy Awarded The Baby Einstein Stage 2 Mealtime Set 3.9/ 5

This is a colourful set; it looks good and is really sturdy. The clear packaging allows you to instantly see the product well. The bowl, plate and spoons are of good quality, and felt really sturdy in my hand…. most plastic bowls feel light, but this one felt good to hold, a bit of weight in it and the rubber base helps it stay put when little hands are trying to swipe at it! The design and colours were great for my older son at age 2! It was great to keep him interested in the food. I didn’t think it was useful that Micah held a spoon while I was trying to feed him – I spent most of the time trying to get the empty one out of his mouth!  However, the spoons were good starter spoons, durable yet gentle for tender gums.  Very useful while teething! The spoons were a little too shallow now Micah is eating lumpy food.  I would say they are more suited for starter weaning, as the spoons don’t scoop up enough for Micah (8 months) but they are handy for teething.  The bowl and plate are great value – my older son loved the plate with its 3 sections, it kept him interested and he went round the plate in a circle, eating one from each section – great for a fussy eater! The spoons were too shallow to allow for any long term use but they are good for first weaning stages and then can be used during teething. The plate and bowl are great, especially the plate with its 3 sections. The spoons make good soothers for teething (maybe even keep them in the fridge).  The bowl is sturdy and durable – great with its nonslip base.  The plate is fantastic for a toddler – mine went around the 3 separate sections in turn, taking something from each…Veg…Potato…Fish.  Great for getting a fussy eater interested.  All the items clean easily and well…so far (even with hand washing) – they haven’t stained.  Joy Irwin – Baby Micah (8 months) & Isaac (2 Years)

Lovely tableware for toddlers; colourful, bright, fun and practical.


Amarjit Awarded The Baby Einstein Stage 2 Mealtime Set Top Marks 5/5

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