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Baby Elegance Bath Thermometer

Keep the temperature of your baby’s bath right with this little thermemeter. It can also be used in your baby’s nursery to ensure they are sleeping in the right temperature.

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Baby Elegance Bath Thermometer Reviews

Product Tested by: Elizabeth Brindley – Bailey 4 Months

Product Tested By Elizabeth Brindley – Bailey 4 Months

Elizabeth Awarded The BabyElegance Bath Thermometer 4.3/5

I thought the product was a good design as if my child was slightly older he could have played with it. Great design as older babies can use it as a bath toy.  It gave an accurate temperature the same as others I have purchased. As my little boy cannot really sit up in the bath as I don’t have a rest he could not play with it but will be able to play with it whenI purchase a seat for the bath. I keep all the bath toys I have in a box along with the thermometer and it dried out everytime I used it which is every day. This thermometer was really easy to read. Definitely good value for money as it can also be used as a toy. I will continue to use this as my little boy will be able to use it as a toy at a later date. I would recommend because it is accurate and can be used as a toy. Great product. Great for bath play and checking temperature. Elizabeth Brindley– Bailey 4 Months


Product Tested By Joanna Simms – Millicent 9 Months

Joanna Awarded The Baby Elegance Bath Thermometer 4.5/5

Looked a good quality thermometer when arrived. Like the design and the fact it was in the shape of a bear as attracted Millicent’s attention. The design is good as safety aspect use as a thermometer and also child can role play with this item in the bath. I am very conscious about keeping the bath water at correct temperature for Millicent and I found this gave a good and accurate reading each time. This was easy to keep clean and dry ready for use next time. You can also use this in nursery to check room temperature but we already have one in the nursery so this was used for ensuring bath water was correct temperature for Millicent every evening. This is very easy to read.  At this price very good value for money and I would purchase and have already recommended. Good quality bath thermometer, gives accurate reading and pleasing to the eye as in shape of bear. Joanna Simms – Millicent 9 Months


Product Tested By Pippa Selby -Erin-Poppy – 14 Weeks

PippaAwarded The Baby Elegance Bath Thermometer 3/5

Cute design, easy to use, lightweight and easily portable. This is small and lightweight and liked the bear design. It took a long time to get what appeared to be an accurate reading.  Once placed in the water, the thermometer would react very slowly to the temperature, and would have to be run under freezing cold water so that the water could be re-checked.  Often, a very cool bath would read as very ‘hot’.  A very time consuming product. Erin is young so at an age where she was reacting to it that much.  Would be better for all ages if it had some sort of sound/light function that younger babies would react to.  It has a large hole in the back (where it can be attached to the bath) where water collects, hence making it difficult to dry out.  Reads as most conventional thermometers, with added temperature descriptions by the side; ‘cold bath’, ‘warm bath’, ‘hot bath’.  This would be very useful if the reading was more accurate. I would trust my instincts over this thermometer, due to the problems listed above.  However, for the price, I would not necessarily have expected it to be more efficient.  A product which was time consuming to use for its intended purpose.  Pippa Selby –Erin-Poppy 14 Weeks

Great for bath play and checking temperature 


Elizabeth Awarded The BabyElegance Bath Thermometer 4.3/5

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