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Baby Elegance Soother & Steriliser Set

This little steriliser includes one soother and not only can be used as a perfect little pot for carrying around that extra soother it is also a steriliser that you can pop in the microwave-  and heres how its done:ü      You simply fill the base half way with water and put the soother facing nipple down Close the lid and place it in the microwave for 30 secondsü      Carefully remove the little steriliser from the microwave taking care as it will be hot and may release off some steamü      Open the lid, drain the water and as soon as the soother cools down its ready to be given to your baby.

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Baby Elegance Soother & Steriliser Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Clare Barnett – Lily-Grace 5 Months

Product Tested By Clare Barnett – Lily-Grace 5 Months

Clare Awarded The Baby Elegance Soother and Steriliser 4.9/5

Nice compact soother, in a steriliser case which is handy to carry around. The packaging was rather plain, but was practical.  The soother/steriliser had no real instructions for use on the packaging or contained within the packaging.  The idea of a soother with a portable steriliser is a great idea and when soother not in use the steriliser case was ideal to keep the soother in and keep it clean for next use.  Nice, tidy little unit, ideal for handbags or changing bags. I did try other soothers and they all fit in nicely. I had no problems with leakages. I found the unit very sturdy. I found that the sterilising time was reasonable as with any sterilising equipment. Just loved this product. Excellent value for money. I will continue to use. I would also recommend as this is excellent value for money and a handy little device.  Great product made life so much easier when out and about with a soother that needs cleaning constantly. Clare Barnett – Lily Grace 5 Months


Product Tested by Carol Bright – Sophia 4 Months

CarolAwarded The BabyElegance Soother & Steriliser 4.5/5

Fantastic idea.  Packaging not very eye catching, not sure I would have noticed it on a stand with dozens of other soothers. Instructions clear and precise. Really good time saving idea, particularly for very young babies who are immediately pacified by soothers, any parent who has tried to calm a baby whilst waiting for a steriliser to run its programme will appreciate it! Size is just fine.  Doesn’t take up much space and not sure how it could have been made any smaller.  I use the standard version of the Avent soother, which fits fine, but I also have some of the larger Tommee Tippee soothers which will not fit in.  This was portable and did not leak in my bag when taking out with us.  I feel it is durable but probably will wear out eventually with repeated use.  This took no time at all to sterilise – brilliant.  I think this is such a great concept and works well. Very good value for money.  Although I think that as babies get older and are better at keeping the soother in their mouths, the need for a quick sterilising product becomes less.  Also, I think most parents probably try to get older babies to take a soother less and less e.g. only at nap times and so I do feel for many parents the initial usefulness of the product has a limited life span.  I would recommend particularly for young babies, and parents who are out of the home a lot.  Great time and stress saving product.  Fantastic concept, easy to use, would definitely recommend.  Carol Bright –Sophia 4 Months


Product Tested By Lee Timble – Alison 5 Months

Lee Awarded The Baby Elegance Soother and Steriliser 4.6/5

Good design, good quality and neat compact item. Handy to use at home and on the move. Packaging ideal for item.  Instructions clear.  A handy item as beneficial to have a soother with portable steriliser unit with you at all times.  Fitted perfectly in change bag and took on vacation with us.  Our other soothers fitted fine.  Never leaked while on our travels.  Good design, durable and effective.  Sterilising process was normal and effective.  Good value for money.  One of those items you find you did not have but now you have one realise how valuable it is  .Handy portable soother with steriliser, great for all new parents. We will continue to use as works well and already recommended as a great little item to have. Worked well, superb concept and definitely made it easy to keep soother sterilised and safe for Alison. Lee Timble – Alison 5 Months


Great product made life so much easier when out and about with a soother that needs cleaning constantly.  


 Clare Awarded The Baby Elegance Soother and Steriliser 4.9/5

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