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Baby Elegance Zippy Sheet Cot – Cream

Zippy Sheets….at last a sheet that fits completely and securely around your mattress!!! This Sheet will fit a cot size up to 70cm wide and 130cm.Made from 100% jersey cotton!Zippy Sheets aresafe, simple and easy to use!Your mattress is placed inside the sheet and zipped up using a child friendly zip!! It couldn’t be easier!!!!!

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Baby Elegance Zippy Sheet Cot – Cream Reviews

Product Tested by: Katie Roberts – Logan 20 Months

Product tested By Katie Roberts – Logan 20 Months

Katie Awarded The Baby Elegance Zippy Bed Sheet 4.2/5

Looked and sounded very practical. Very plain packaging, I wouldn’t be drawn to it on a shop shelf.  Quality good, feels nice and gentle.  Simple to follow instructions.  Although it sounded easy to fit, it wasn’t quite so easy in practice.  Took time to fit it over the mattress, I think it is easier if there are 2 of you, one to hold the mattress and the other to pull the sheet over.  Normal Sheets are a lot easier to attach over the corners. Once the bed was made the sheet stayed in place no matter how much fidgeting went on in the night/morning.  Laundered well, still soft.  Didn’t turn bobbly after the first wash.   Good Quality.  The zip pulley was broken when I received it but the zip still worked and the sheet material was nice.  Would be nice if there were more colour options.  £15 is a lot for 1 sheet.  Would be better if there were 2 in a packet.  Now that I have used this item I would consider purchasing buying it. I would recommend as it stays in place and cannot be pulled off. Very practical for toddlers as they cannot pull the sheet off or if they move in the night it stays in place. Katie Roberts – Logan 20Months


Product Tested By Keri Stephens – Lucy 13 Months

KeriAwarded The Baby Elegance Zippy Bed Sheet 4.3/5

My initial impression of the product is that it seemed well packaged and high quality but expensive for what it is. It didn’t seem to be over packaged and waste of materials which was good. Packaging was neat and tidy. I think the RRP is expensive for 1 sheet.  Instructions were very good.  Clear and easy to understand. Found the product easy to fit but similar to fit compared to normal sheets.  It does seem to fit very snug around the mattress which is good for safety of my child as she is not at risk of pulling the sheet off from the mattress.  I find the sheet stays very securely fitted and as my daughter moves so much during the night the sheet stays exactly how I fitted it compared to other sheets which have quite a lot of movement and creasing during the night.  It washes well and comes up as good as new the first few times of washing.  On its fourth wash you can tell that the shee tis not new but it has not lost any quality.  I think the quality of the sheet is really high and I was very impressed.  I think the RRP for the sheet is quite expensive and I am unsure whether I would pay this for 1 sheet when there are lots of sheets on the market.  The zip which is the biggest selling point is good but I do find it expensive.  I was impressed with the product in all areas but I do find it expensive and probably out of my price range.  I would recommend this product as I was very impressed. Very easy to fit and good product especially the fact that my daughter moves quite a lot at night and the sheets stays very securely fitted.  Keri Stephens – Lucy 13 Months 

Product Tested By Victoria Murray – Olivia 2 Years

Victoria Awarded The Baby Elegance Zippy Bed Sheet 4/5

Smaller than I expected, it’s a stretchy material so is smaller than the mattress.  Packaging Basic, nothing special, gives all the info needed on the sheet. Quality of the sheet was OK.  Instructions good and very easy to understand what to do with this product. Very easy to put on.  Its far less hassle than bending over the cot and tucking the sheet in, a very good idea indeed.  I did like that the zip is concealed so my daughter couldn’t catch herself on it if the sheet was to move slightly during the night.  Once in place did not move an inch, unlike normal sheets Olivia hadn’t pulled it all out by morning!!  Was very easy to wash and came up fine each time.  The quality of the product is excellent.  I think £15 for one sheet is fairly pricey as a two pack of cot bed sheets I can pick up for 10 to 12 pound.  Although I can see why the price would be set because it’s technically double the amount of material for a cot bed sheet normally, but it’s not as if you could turn the sheet over and use the other side if say there had been an accident during the night.  I love the product but would not purchase based solely on the price.  I would definitely recommend.  This sheet was great not having to redo the sheet every morning!!! Victoria Murray –Olivia 2 Years


Very practical for toddlers as they cannot pull the sheet off or if they move in the night it stays in place. 


Katie Awarded The Baby Elegance Zippy Bed Sheet 4.2/5 

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